Thursday, January 1, 2009

The voice within

The voice within,
is a voice confined,
distant , compost, yet the most defined.
I hear it sing to varied tunes,
sometimes sad , sometimes joyful and sometimes, just in tune.
It sings aloud, and tries to break free, and then tries to retain the lost harmony.

Times have passed,things have changed,
but the voice within has remained the same,
when asked the reason, it proudly declares,
I am your soul,
untouched ,
unaltered ,
and will always remain unchanged.


Subuhi said...

Wish You and your voice a very happy new year...
MAy you you hear your voice the loudest amidst the din and the chagrin

Ayesha Parveen said...

Beautiful writing as usual. The voice deep within us is indeed the best guidance we can get. I am adding your blog for following. A very Happy New Year to you. Best wishes.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks both of you, wish you all the very best and a very warm welcome Ayesha!