Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Darkness that never ends!

Human beings have been blessed with the most beautiful emotions, the best that God could shower upon a living being....God made us human and we learnt to be humane. We learnt to love while in our mothers womb, a stage when no one knows who we are or would turn out to be. We learn to cry when we see someone in pain, because it reminds us of the fact that it hurts when tears roll out.....then one fine day we mould into an independent who has learnt everything and has witnessed the most amazing emotions in's a stage where we make a choice ...and some of us choose....choose what we think is right, forgetting about every tear that might roll out....every face that would cry out in pain....every sight that would be severely gruesome.....but we choose and declare that what we do in life, would be the best....At this stage we just keep ourselves in mind and turn inhuman......Though we started our journey as a human being, our choices place an extra i,n, and make us what God never wanted us to be!
Burning people alive, placing bombs in a kids playground, dowry deaths, concentration camps, a poisonous gas leak....are just a few examples planted by "things"that cease to be human..I'll call them things coz they lose their ability to think and feel....they are as stony as rocks...sans everything that one can ever imagine to be human.
Do people really get what they want by being brutal....or is it the ashes of their own burnt psyche that they keep on preserving till the very end.
We write our own destiny and it's we who destroy it....
God sent us as a part of's our fault if we choose to be someone totally different...a self made disaster.
All those who think that by giving pain they can get what they want....I just have one thing to say...ashes can never build homes, they can just darken the horizon with an ugly tomorrow!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Did your heart go "twing!!"

Twing!!!! Have you heard this sound before???? Don't tell me you haven't!!Everyone does...see it goes like twing!!! and you see stars and planets and ...well loads of other utter nonsensical stuff....but you do!! "Twing" is the sound of your heart that has approved of something :)
It reminds me of the people that we come across in life..some end up ringing a twing, others well fuse it for good! Hence it's important to listen to ones heart coz it might drive you in every direction possible, but does take you to your desired destination!
Every "twing"in life has a memory intact in it's rhythm....Do you remember when you heared it really loud!!I'm sure you do!If you still haven't....someday you surely would...
Sometimes when everything is so indecisive, you just pray that things settle down and your heart shows a green signal and you know what!
So the next time your heart goes twing...remember you've reached your destination!

I heared a loud twing,
and guess what, it was my heart..
maybe it was mounted on a spring I thought or just dancing to the glory of God,
and then I realised this sound was for things,
That happen to us on earth...
the things that make us happy, the things that build heavenly abodes,
and yes I guessed it was indeed the case,
life stores a twing for every heart..
Every heart has its day ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Cure for Almost Everything!!

Many days had passed but S was nowhere to be seen, I enquired about here but no one knew where she had gone. I was worried coz a few days back she was anxious about her son, and how he refused to eat anything and was underweight.
Today when she entered office, she was full of life, freshness and all the adjectives that would make a person look well...blooming :)
"You know what!we visited our village, it's just beautiful!,"exclaimed S with a big smile on her face. So the secret behind the whole ordeal of thoughts was that she had taken leave to go to her village, where her inlaws used to live a long time back and which now is left with their mango farms, ancestral home and a few of her relatives. The way she described her village was just amazing.....lush green trees, narrow streams flowing near the houses, hills with step farms of varied colours and trees laden with fruits! The freshness of her village had, it seemed swept all her worries away :)
It's amazing how nature has an effect on us, both internally and externally. Internally we feel happy, non-crappy, full of life and the happiness within makes us glow twice as much!
Remember the time when you were in a bad mood and then the weather changes, it begins to rain and how your mood swung to the positive side of's called the natural effect!
Have you ever witnessed the time when a gentle breeze tends to bring down all the mangoes on the trees, or the time when in order to have green chile or a vegetable you just had to go to your garden and pick one up and the time when paper boats could be placed in the stream that ran next to your house, the time when everyone sat to cut the home grown vegetables and cooked them together, having a hot meal with a cold shower of rain beautifully dancing with the winds outside your window......
I know most of us didn't witness all this, coz we live in a concrete jungle that runs on a machinic life.
But nothings impossible, though we can't make a stream run next to our house, we can plant saplings to keep our surroundings lush green...and our trees would then invite the rains to dance along with them and trust me, we would be a party to it :)
When I asked her how her son was doing, she said he eats while we narrate stories of lakes, trees, jungles and the happy animals....I know it for a fact, nature has a cure for almost everything!