Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The tests of life

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Life in it's own beautiful or notorious way is both optimistic and pessimistic in its own right. It's a test that stands tall on all the little test we give in life, through our student life or after that.
This test of life may be difficult, but it prepares us to stand tall against all odds that are yet to come.
But once again , we do fall and do crumble below the weight of the new difficulties, thinking that tomorrow may never our surprise, a new tomorrow rises and shines again, amidst all odds and evens out everything , to lay for us a fresh start.

 So my dear friends, there may come a day when you may fall, or a day that hits hard on you...never ever give up. However big a test of  life may be, life never gives up on us, until and unless we are called back to our maker. There is always a better tomorrow or a day eager to be rectified...There are people for whom we matter a lot, more than we may realize. All said and done the biggest mistake in life may just be to give up on it, instead of standing up with all the strength and  bearing the brunt. Then a new day rises, with a big glowing sun, soothing wind and a chance to perform better in another test of life.

Don't ever give up and waste away this life of yours, it's a precious gift, so precious that every birth gives out a cry of relief , when held by the unstably stable, yet precious and soothing hands of life.