Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Need to Move on....

"No one can go back and change a bad beginning, but anyone can start anything anytime and create a successful ending."
After reading this quote today I thought, how exciting it would have been if we had come to this world with a pencil and an eraser...a special eraser that would have given us the power to erase, a day or a moment in life that we would never like to think about ever again, certain misunderstandings that we would like to erase and set them right with the special pencil....everything would have been so easy...but then as every discovery has a demerit, this too would have had one.." no lessons for the future"..."no regrets what so ever"....leading to ultimate self destruction, because sometimes it's very important to recall, all that went wrong and to promise oneself that it would never be repeated, so that by the end of our life, peace, happiness and contentment become our constant companions.
We want things the way we want them to be, but least do we realise that it's very important to let life flow the way God had willed it to...we humans can work hard and do our best, our mistakes make us learn the difference between right and wrong, each day in our life becomes an important lesson for us, our endeavours make our destiny unfold like a soft flower that wants to capture the maximum amount of happy rays of the sun.
Life and everything that happens during its course is important...we need to move on....learn from the past mistakes and hope while working hard to carve out a great future ahead...what would happen or has happened ..."had to happen"....we need to move on.
Life is like a perennial river, it cannot afford to stand still and stagnate...the moment it does..it's the end of it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Carved Imprints

What happens when all of a sudden while walking on the set path of life, you feel as if there should have been another set of footprints right next to you, then one fine day you meet someone who might give you company , but then the problem arises that this someone doesn't completely fit into the frame you had carved out in your mind, right from the day you just started walking on the path..........
How different is reality from the world that thrives in our heart and flashes on our minds eye..
One fine day there would be someone who would just click and woof there would be stars, clouds, and the universe would start dancing around trees........lol!
We and our dreams and the way life moulds them into reality. Maybe we don't get the exact copy of what we want in life.
Maybe life just changes its mind and blesses us with something even better :)
You never know!!! ;)

While walking through my dreams,
I saw a flash of light...
Someone peeped in and settled in my mind.
Someone I knew I had been waiting for long..
then why is it that it still looks, like a shadow unknown?
As dreams got dipped, in the morning of my thoughts,
a faint smile appeared and gladly took me along,
and then I saw what I had overlooked it seemed...
A fresh ray had set in.....it was a new dream.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Winds of Change !

The winds of change are blowing,
I can feel the change.
The sun is out for a reason,
I can feel the change.
A knock can be heard, at the door of my life,
something has changed or something just might!
As I looked out eagerly, I got a big surprise,
Life was walking my way, with its arms open wide :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Behind a tough exterior..

As I drove through the fog, objects became visible on coming closer, it was like walking through a row of white curtains, after passing every curtain something new is revealed. Life is just like a drive through thick fog, very dense indeed, it brings you face to face with facts that you were never familiar with. Though we are human beings it becomes very difficult for us to understand another human, but as time passes we get to know people well.
We meet many people in our day to day life, of which some are friendly and some seem really rude, but one thing that's common between every human being, is that somewhere everyone has a soft corner, but since we function on the logic of face value , we are never able to explore the softness behind certain tough exteriors..is it that they look tough or is it we who are blinded by wrong perception. I remember watching ", home alone"in which the protagonist was scared of a man who looked like a wicked fellow, his cousins used to narrate all sorts of stories about the man, but by the end of the movie we get to know that the man was a very kind soul, someone whom the boy instantly took a liking to, after he got to know how kind the old man was.
Whatever the reason may be , but the best part is not to pass judgement , you never know when life proves you wrong .
All of us are puppets in the hands of situations that make us react the way we do. Humanity is a beautiful puzzle and we never know when a part gets connected and clicks the right chord inturn simplifying the puzzle of our life :)