Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's do something NEW!!!

Life and its continuous journey makes me realise, that monotony emerges if we do not try discovering new avenues and exploring new things in life. We live life and each day has something different in it, though it seems to be the same if we do not take an initiative to bring out the newness in it.
Don't tie yourself to a rope of self restrain, specially if it's about something that makes you happy...yes some invisible strength should be available at all times, to pull you back from the things that lead you astray...but not when good things pull you towards them.
Do you like dancing ....however aged you may feel, however much your mature senses might pull you back, just break free and enjoy yourself.
Do you like jumping into a puddle that!!You won't believe how happy you'd feel!
Do you cry while watching a movie...don't be scared that people would comment..just let the tears'll make you feel lighter!
My mother loves looking at the moon, it makes her happy..something that I've inherited from her..... I never knew this about her, she never told anyone, In order to present herself as a mature person she never expressed her excitement..but one day when I shouted out.."mom look that's such a beautiful moon!..her eyes twinkled with the glow in the sky, she got to know that she wasn't the only one who loved to stare at the night sky and now every time she spots the moon in the sky..she shouts out...."Sana look, isn't that moon just amazing!"(dad and my bros have got used to our exclamations ;))
It's good to be a mature human being, our responsible behaviour should never take leave of us, we can be a responsible mother, a great daughter, a good father, an amazing worker, a serious boss...but when it comes to making our day special by presenting it with something new, we should let our hair loose once in a while...or as many times as it makes us happy.... dancing to the rhythm of life, indulging in things that make us happy... There's no harm in being happy and doing things we love the most!!
Don't just lead a monotonous life and keep complaining about it...God has blessed us with the power to choose...make a happy...spread happiness!
If God's willing, I would love to turn into a great grandmom, watching cartoons with all the kids around me and dancing to the tune of things that make me happy...I'll teach them to be happy souls and to learn the trick of giving a new zest to life by doing what they love the most!!

In todays world where stress has grown roots into our life..let's hold a spade each and let's throw out the weed called depression that is happily sinking into our present, inturn affecting our future....
Let's grow seeds of happiness for ourselves and for those around us!! :)

I wont be able to post anything new for sometime...But I'd be back soon with more posts and loads of things to share!!:)
Till then take care all of you!
Be Happy and Keep that smile on !! :)

Let's join hands to plant a Beautiful Tomorrow!!!
Starting Today and Continuing Forever!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Do we need a Paint Brush.......

Beautiful paintings attract our eyes and draw our attention towards them....the colours, the lines , the meaning behind each stroke, everything leaves you zapped.....we all have a misconception that only great artists have the ability to create such terrific, breathtaking works...but how many of us know that God has hidden an artist in each one of us...someone who doesn't need a paint brush, or a canvas to create beautiful landscapes...our mind can do the needful!!Surprised!!

God is the greatest artist and what's great about his work is that he colours our imagination and leaves an enchanting effect on our senses, making each one of us, an artist of a different kind....
What happens when we see a beautiful landscape...our mind captures the image and hangs it on the walls of our minds eye, and when we recline on our chair...long after we believe that the memory must have faded away, our mind starts painting a beautiful picture of the very sight that left us's then that we become an artist, painting inwards and creating pictures that smear our senses with delight.
That's why it is said that it's important to observe.

Observe what goes around you...observe the little baby of a construction worker, you'd be taken aback by the innocent, moist eyes.
Observe the route that you take to your office everyday...did you ever notice that the trees on the side paths struggle to freshen up the air around you?
Observe the light rays of the early morning sun and the dew that settles on the is it that everything turns greener than ever.
Observe the faces of people stuck in a traffic jam...don't they seem similar....all of them running a race without knowing what life is all about!
Observe the silent corner of the joggers park, the squirrel that runs around, the birds that keep chirping ... you'll notice that each one of them is working hard to make your day better!

Observe and paint a picture in your mind...a picture that represents your life, the way you want it to be.....Believe me no other piece of art would seem better.
Fill colours of happiness and peace in your life... coz each one of us can work on a beautiful masterpiece, that would be a blueprint of our aspirations towards a beautiful tomorrow!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Stomach that moulds life!

Rajan was getting ready for school, he was looking forward to it. The day before it had been a hard day for him, masterji had not been very kind....not kind enough to let go of his incorrect sums...maths was always a mystery to him, but he took it up as a challenge, a challenge to do his best to stay in school as long as possible, since his stomach fought a tough battle of patience and longing for the sumptuous mid day meal that was distributed in school everyday.
All his friends, kalu, meera, kabir, junaid, suresh, all of them had joined school for the same reason.
The lessons on the history of the nation did interest them, the various stories of the great warriers came as a boost for their not so easy life...Like brave warriers they too fought with their hunger and celebrated their victory when the mid day meal was served.
The dinners and breakfast at home were a rare sight, their mothers got their meals in the houses they worked for and sometimes saved a little for their kids and spouse and their fathers were labourers working day and night with a cloth tied to their stomach to stop the hunger pangs...they too were lucky to be given something to eat when the owner felt generous was not a bed of roses for Rajan and his friends, coming from poor families, their happiness rested in the school corridors.
It was late in the afternoon, Rajan had not had anything to eat since day before, he was extremely hungry and was waiting for the midday meals to be served...the wait got longer but there was no sign of the food lorry.
Time passed......The break got over..... masterji came in the class and started a new lesson.....weakened by his hunger, Rajan, with innocent drooping eyes asked his teacher...masterji aren't we getting food today?"
Masterji looked at him, and a shadow of sadness covered his my boy didn't you hear the news.....the cooked meal program has been disrupted due to shortage of food grains, there are some problems going on. Rajan cried out, " what problems masterji!"...his teacher had a worried look , "you won't understand kid, the HRD ministry and the Department of Food and Public Distribution are locked in a payment spat...."
Rajan," no masterji, I understand it well..." those people are unable to understand my hunger!!!!"
With tears in his eyes Rajan started flipping the pages of his was the reason why his father had allowed him to study and food would be the reason for him to drop out of school to earn his bread....
After all what would alphabets do if one doesn't have the strength to understand them????????

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's not just one life

It was twelve in the afternoon, her son had come back from school, Zeba was completing the daily chores...She could feel it coming, the pain was knocking her senses but she was determined to make arrangements before leaving...She ironed the clothes of her little one and packed them in a bag...the books for the next day had to be sorted out...there were medical papers that had to be taken out and placed in her handbag..
There was a knock at the door, the maid had come to take her son to the neighbours house, an old couple who were happy to help...."take good care of him Kamla, and get him ready for school tomorrow on time...I'll be back soon."
The maid looked a bit puzzled but nodded in agreement.
Everything was in order , she kissed the little one and sent him on his way, locked the house and holding on to all the strength and patience that was left in her she reached the hospital on time.
The hospital was just a few blocks away and she had got conveyance arranged beforehand.
As soon as she got down from the vehicle the last string of her courage just broke and she was instantly taken to the ward...... a new leaf of life was turned over....she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl...
A smile of satisfaction smeared her face as she saw the little one as a sign of her victory....while her husband fought on the front, she braved her life daringly...fighting and winning over another battle...the battle posed by life. She knew that he would be proud of his fellow soldier...

It's not just one life that sacrifices itself for us, but there are numerous chords that work as pillars of strength...while one ensures that we sleep in peace, the other takes care that her brave companion has a happy home to come back to...