Sunday, November 29, 2009


There was a little girl,
With soft, brown eyes,
and rosy little cheeks.

Her mother used to tell her,
after every filling meal,
thank God my girl, for he is the one,
who gives us everything to eat.

A believe so strong had been engraved in the little ones heart,
She thanked God whenever she ate to the contentment of her heart.

once it so happened, that the mother went away on some work,
she didnt realise that back home she was leaving a hungry girl.

the girl woke up from her sleep,
and rubbed her rosy cheeks,
and called out to her mother,
who was no where to be seen.

The girl cried that she was hungry and wanted to have some food,
no one was there to hear her call, no one to serve her food.
then she remembered what mother had said and prayed to God in a jiffy,
and there came a delicious plate, filled with the tastiest delicacies.
The little girl opened her eyes and thanked God for his blessings,
she enjoyed each morsel in the plate and was as happy as she could be.

A worried mother returned back from work, thinking how hungry her daughter must be,
she hasn't had a thing since early morning, oh how terrible it must be.
She opened the door and found the child playing with her toys,
happy she looked, a contented soul and flashed a beautiful smile.

I am sorry my child, that in my hurry, I left you hungry at home,
tell me what would you like to eat, it would be made in a go.
Oh thank you mom, but today, I directly asked God for food,
since you were not there to take it from him,
he gave it to me without you.

Such was the faith of the little girl that she made a miracle happen,
a shocked mother could not understand what her child had eaten.
She bowed down in prayers and thanked the Lord for all his wonderful blessings,
Its faith and a strong one that got their life going.

So my friends, its important to believe and keep the belief alive,
God is there to watch over us, throughout our blessed life.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Have you ever felt like, drilling someones mind and filling it up with some sense till the brim, so that the next time they can differentiate between right and wrong.
I have....
Early in the morning, when a senseless being brought his car from the wrong side and stopped in front of mine and then gave me a big stare.....
Yeh! The common stare that women drivers often get after being seen through the global perspective that says "women cannot drive". Let me tell these people that there are bad drivers in both the categories both male and female, so they can stop blowing their trumpet...and what's that sans audacity, sans shame, sans everything STARE for...firstly you commit a mistake and then you portray as if the whole world is wrong except for you....from when did the govt. give permission to drive on the wrong side??????
We all make mistakes, there is something called an apology which if difficult to be poured out can be seen through the looks..... but no..... why should one even look apologetic when one has the universal, "I am the King" kinda "stare"....Sorry but that stare just makes me think of one thing, "brake those headlights!!!"
Oh God!!! May be I'm just over reacting, thanks for bearing with me friends but this is quite a sorry state when one comes to think of it. Thousands of people are killed in road accidents, a majority is killed because of someone elses fault, because such people don't take driving seriously...I see kids on bikes, driving at top speed......the people who are to be blamed for it are the ones who allow their kids such liberty, they don't even understand that this liberty can cost an innocent his/her life.
We blame the government for everything that goes wrong, but do we have a count of how many time we break the laws made by the same government for our own good.
Every person takes up a big responsibility in their hands when they drive, a responsibility not only for their safety but for the safety of all those who are there on the it other cars, pedestrians, animals or anything that they encounter...if they can't drive responsibily, I request such people not to drive at all!
I still remember what my friends grandma who too was a great driver told her when she started driving,"think that you are the only responsible person who has to save herself and everyone else on the road, drive with such a thought in your mind, you'd be alert and won't let problems come your way"...but again when others are so irresponsible that like superman they come out of no where and land in front of you and gave you that, "Oh! God!She doesn't even know how to drive kinds look" what do you do....Well nothing much..JUST STARE BACK AT THEM....Grrrr....Hmmmmffffff!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Right Parametre

Beauty is what lies within, deep inside. Many people think that they qualify in the art of analysing what being beautiful is all about, all of us know what the common analysis says, but today I'd like to explore what true beauty looks like.

A dirty child, sitting on a pavement, with her mother working on a construction site nearby, the child unaware of her surroundings, picks up a piece of rock that she finds and starts scribbling something on mud, a faint smile appears on her parched lips, which lights up, contagiously making the onlooker smile.......that's called beauty. A light that makes one so transparent that the other can see our soul smile with all its heart.

A person crossing a road, comes back midway and helps an old woman cross. The old woman holds the strangers hand confidently and completes the task successfully, which otherwise would have been a gruelling affair. The smile of gratitude that appears is a sign of understanding beauty thats amazingly humane.

A little kid, ready to embrace the night, caressed by the innumerable stories poured over by an angel that brought him in this world,what can be more beautiful for the child than the source in whose affectionate cradel his imagination leaps with joy.

A heart filled with love, closed to what others think about its exterior, happy with itself, climbs up the pedestal of positivity, is indeed an epitome of true beauty, coz its thoughts reflect on the mirror visible to all.

Yes, true beauty is what thrives within, it's what makes us feel beautiful, its about the way we feel...true beauty cannot be analysed by what people think about us, it can only be measured by the way we feel about ourselves and others, it reflects in our endeavours and paints our life in the mutiple hues of happiness.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Children's Day!!

I often think, what would it had been like if my parents would'nt have been there for me. My mom brought me in this world,My dad held my hand and taught me how to walk , they taught me the value of education, of love, of peace and most importantly the value of respect, respect that I should give others and respect that I would get in return
On this Children's day, my mind feels restless at the thought that, what would it be like without parents, what would it be like for the kids who are left alone when they are very young and are not cared for at all.
Life is a teacher, the wisest teacher from whom one can learn a valuable lesson each day.A lesson that would help us learn to respect and value those who have always been there for us and love and care for those who have no one to care for them.
How difficult is it to smile when we look at someone, we never know whose heart we would touch by doing so, healing innumerable wounds that must be within them.
Its not difficult at all to spread love and happiness among those who have nothing and no one to call their own. It doesn't take long to wipe a tear when it comes rolling down from a bleeding heart, coz the moment you wipe it, you help someone smile.
It doesn't take long to say "I care" , be it anyone, even someone with whom you spend most of your time, sometimes small words lead to the strongest bonds.

On this children's day I send my love to all the kids who have been brought down on the soft feathers of angels. May their tears be wiped by a loving heart and may their life be full of happiness and contentment.
May a beautiful smile settle on their lips to adorn them forever.
God, where there is darkness, help us to spread light!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dance in the Rain :)

" Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning to dance in the rain."
What do we do when we go to the market? We buy things that we need. Can anyone force us to buy anything we don't want to? No one can do that, because we know that the things we do not need would be an unnecessary burden for us, a total waste of time, money and efforts, isn't it?
Life my friends functions on a similar pattern, like we can't choose what all a market would have when we go out for shopping, in the same way we can't choose what life has in store for us, but like we can pick the good things in the market, thinks that we need, things that would be of use , in life we can pick the things that make us happy and by doing so we can make our life worth each while. Unnecessary stress, negative thoughts and apprehensions are a burden, they make us feel heavier and stop us from enjoying our stay in this world.
Like unnecessary things make our shopping bag heavy in the same way unnecessary negative thoughts pull us down and stop us from living life to the fullest.
It's a fact that we all face tough situations in life, but it's important not to be bogged down.
Cheer yourself up, do something special for the people you care, think out of the box and make life stress free, afterall we do enjoy dancing in the rain ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dum Spiro Spero

"Dum Spiro Spero-while I breathe I hope", hope, what is there in this word that hangs on till the last breath?What is there in this word that makes one lose it and then regain? Why do we hope till we can hope no more? Why do they say that it is hope that holds the world together?
We hope and pray and pray and hope, every end leads to a beginning, and then again its hope that leads us to the things for which we had been hoping. Hope is the chord that grips us from the start and holds on till the very end, and its when we stop hoping that there appears a blackout called a deadend. Its just impossible to imagine what life would be without hope, coz its hope that takes us further in life and hope that does'nt let go.

There was a bird, a tiny thing that used to sit on a tree,
A cozy nest, a safe abode and everything else she pleased,
Though she had a lot in life but no one was there to share,
She used to sing a song of hope each day with sadness and despair.
Then one day she sang and sang and sang with all her heart,
A prayer it was, a prayer of hope, a prayer to soothe her heart,
She heard a flutter on the branch across, and stopped singing in disbelief,
There he was, a hunk for sure, with beak as red as it could be,
He smiled at her and shook his feathers and threw the smile across,
With charming looks and husky voice, he announced his love for her,
Though I can't sing so well my dear but happy I would be,
If you can sing the rest of the song with me on an evergreen.
A wish fulfilled, a life complete, thats the way of it goes,
for the ones that never say no................ not even to a dying hope.
From then they sang a happy song, a song of a wish fulfilled,
They did'nt let go of the song of hope which gave them a new beginning :)