Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It just takes a few words to break or mend a heart

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There are three kind of people in this world, well not three actually,there are many other kinds. But in this post I'm going to discuss three kinds of people, A, B and C.

A is that category of people who think that they can say anything to anyone and walk away with it. They can hurt you with their comments, they can be as liberal with their taunts as possible.

B is that category which puts its head down and listens to what A has to tell them. They listen to the taunts, unable to say anything in return, maybe out of respect or otherwise, and later they shed a tear or two and forget everything, only to remember all, after a fresh attack.

C is a very interesting category, though close to B they try to form a bridge between A and B. They justify all that A does and console B of it being a passing phase, but the reality is that this phase never passes and returns with renewed energy.One things very interesting about this category is, that they console B and tell them not to react to A's actions, but if something even slightly similar happens to them they're all out with wroth for a person who plays a role of A in their life.....the matter might not be similar at all.

Well all that's very complex, life itself is very complicated at times, so let's just keep it simple.
All that I want to say is, ones pain is ones own.No one can understand it and no one can ever imagine as to how much pain an individual is going through.People tell you to end it all, because ending might just be an easy option for them.We blame people of overreacting, without realising what all is going inside another human being. Justifications are given and people are consoled , but a heart knows its own story... A story that can never be seen, heard or felt by anyone else.

Things happen to you because you let them happen to you.
You react, you're one notices the person who caused the reaction.
You listen and you keep listening for the rest of your life.

Life comes with a lot of queries, decisions, a few answers and a lot of hesitations. But what matters is your belief in yourself and God, the one who definitely makes life easier for you....much easier than you thought it could ever be.

Monday, October 31, 2011


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Life is the most precious gift of God. We human beings get scared at the name of death, such is our love for life. We bless each other a long life, when we're happy with someone we truly wish that the person has a great life. Such is our love for life that when faced with danger our first thought is to save our lives, when breathing our last we still wish to cling on to whatever life we have at hand and pray that the life after death be blessed with heaven.
The relation between life and us is like a fertile ground for a plant, if there's no earth, there's no plant ..nothing at all. It's very easy to ignore life, but very difficult to let go of it....
I just need to ask those people who take life casually and call it names, If it was possible and they were asked to donate their life to someone and embrace death...would they be able to do that???????? Why don't we understand that it's important to realise the value of life before it's too late!!!
There are many sources of thanklessness...ways to shamelessly waste ones life..and there are people who not only embrace such ways but also can't think of living without them.The ways that lead to the tunnel of suffering and pain.....Drinking, Chewing tobacco,Smoking,Doing Drugs.. And many other things that maybe some of us cannot imagine.
Smoking and Chewing tobacco have become as casual a habit as having food. Though food gives us energy, the former wastes away the good effects of everything healthy.
We plan our life with our families, marriages take place, our lives are taken forward by our kids, but why do we forget that if we are not Healthy, we are knowingly murdering our health, what good can that bring to our family, the people we love more than maybe our life??
A Wife watches her husband smoke, she knows he has a drinking problem, she pleads, she begs but to no avail and finally those pleadings resound in the ears of the man when there's no way to go back...he succumbs to his habit.. God forbid that happens to anyone, because nothing can be more painful then losing the people we love.
What would a smoke give you, what would a shot do, when it gives you problems in giving a comfortable life to people who love you, Your bad health will give them pain, your habit will give them pain, your sufferings are yours but what about those who suffer because of you!!!
It's time for change, it's time to realise that life is greater and more important than addictions...
Yes it is true that life is not a bed of roses, but don't try to blur your sorrows in the shackles of smoke or other harmful addictions, since life can be made rosy, but the thorns reaped by bad habits leave a wound that cannot be cured.

This is what a loved one says to another

You brought cheer to my life, Everything was new..
You brought happiness abound, I believe in you,
You smoked and said it kept you happy, But why wasn't I happy too?
You promised I'd be happy, Promises were broken and so were my prayers for you,
I still hope and I still long, to bring you out of the smoky storm,
There will be a day, when you will understand,
what my heart goes through when I see smoke in your hands,
They say it's true that love alone can bring one out of the deepest hallows,
I plead to you to quit at once before my heart breaks beyond recognition.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's in the name?

My name is who I am,
and I love you.
Don't make me change who I am and what I am,
Don't make me be named someone I cannot relate to.
Will it change the way I love you or the amount?
Will it change the way we feel or don't?
Will it change what you mean to me and what I mean to you?
Will it change the love we share so true?
Change can be brought but at what cost, when it sounds so new , to me and to you.
I am the person you know, my soul is what follows you,
it carries your name your love , your care, it is soaked in the love so true.
What's in the name, but it's a part of me,
it's a part of who I am, my identity.
Don't make me change , as change began and happened,
At the moment...the very moment I started loving you.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Favourite Things

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"I simply remember my favorite things And then I don't feel so bad."
("My Favorite Things" is a show tune from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "The Sound of Music".)

Isn't it true, that whenever we think of our favourite things, the stress and confusions in life, gives way to thorough delight and peace. Yes, it's important to remember the good things in life, coz the glass is not always half empty, it can be half filled with hope and unquenchable desires, that play on our lap, ever happy, ever changing, like the many faces of the moon.
Sometimes life comes to a halt, the fragrance around us changes into a stale smell that lingers around us, but when such a thing happens, it's very important to look outside the window and breath afresh, as the world longs for one , who can spill the beans of happiness wherever they are ...that's why it is said, be in a good company, and be a good company. Sadness is a temporary phase, stuck to the walls of our eye lid, we just need to flap them and let the day light uncover the beauty of the world around us...
Just simply remember your favourite things in life and all the bad will turn into a phase growing towards all the good in the world.
Life is an exam, a difficult one for that matter, one does not need to look around for clues to solve it, Just look within and you'll find all your for peace within, it is the inner peace that would result in the outer calm and happiness.
Life is beautiful, just rub a few favourites on it's lamp like surface and it'll lighten up with beautiful memories, gearing you up for a great future ahead!

My Version of the song "My favourite Things",

Grand ma and grandpa and stories of castles,
Love in the air like the rain in great flashes,
Two little boats sailing right down a stream,
These are a few of my favourite things.

Big warm hands, that soak all my fear,
White spread of sheets soaked in mornings so clear,
Bright blue big sky with kites in early springs,
These are a few of my favourite things.

Friends full of stories from here and from there,
Bright moonlit nights and those foggy winters,
Cold lazy mornings and mothers pleadings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

When the clouds dark,
when the wind blows,
when I'm feeling sad...
I simply remember my favourite things........and life doesn't seem, so bad!!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Sometimes life just seems so empty,
as if all the roads have come to an end...
But still the heart looks forward to a start,
As there's always a beginning to an end :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's amazing how God creates life.
Humans are formed as a part of the union that made the World what it is today..........It's amazing how just a small sac develops into a baby and then a mature thinking man or a woman.....
It's amazing how life is created and the circle goes on. beautiful as the word, is the feeling hidden behind it....every woman longs to be a mother one day, coz the feeling is just out of this world...Holding a life and feeling the changes as God continues to mould it within, it's just divine.
I often say this and wish for it too, that may God bless every woman with a chance to become a mother....coz those who long for it and have to go through a long wait.....their feeling, their anxiety, thier concern ,can never be felt by anyone of us...and I do pray that none of us go through it ever as time seems to crawl at a slower pace, when the anxiety and yearning for something reaches its peak.
A strong belief in God, the determination to hold on to a life and help it grow within, an unconditional, selfless,dedication towards every change and pain that comes along with it, to make way for a new life, the condition of being unable to hold ones tears back when a soft breath is given in the warm hands of the woman who then is nothing but an epitome of love and care is what..........we call Motherhood.

Blessed are those who have experienced the divine intervention and loads of prayers for many mothers-to-be!

I often wondered who you'd be, how you'd be and where you'd be.
Tender, soft, loved and cared for,you would be my destiny....
A tender tear will roll down my eyes, as I'd see you curled in your new born dreams,
Nine long months you'd be playing within, making me experience the lovely treat.
Your father will tend to all your wishes that you'd ask for when you would be within ...
Choclates and cookies and all those goodies I'll call them my cravings but you'd be enjoying them in glee.
All the kicks will never be missed, until you're ready to be with me.
And when finally you'd be in my hands with clenched fists and closed eyes , I'd beg you to wake up and tell me your dreams....
As I'd long to see you smile, you'll hold my finger real tight....and then I'll sing and will bring you close to my heart.....and you'd smile and sleep in peace.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The sun shone on her face and penetrated deep into the unknown depths of her mind. She felt warm and comfortable. Minutes passed away easily and the clock ticked as usual. Life was perfect, with a strong belief that there was someone who loved deeply.
But what is it that was missing????
There were sounds that were still ringing, raising an urge to find more explore, to develop , to raise ....
Alas the unquenchable thirst of man, always pushing us to find more.....But after all, that's what keeps us away from stagnation..........Our pursuit towards new unexplored horizons.......

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"The Greatest Emotion!"

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Words express emotions,
Some big, dark, some hued;
But there are emotions that transcend the limits,
that a writer can ever muse....
The emotion of love is deep after all,
deeper still when one tries to express it at all....
It's a bond that runs deeper than blood,
it makes senses meet and for togetherness it yearns........
There's no day of love, no hour nor week,
it surprises us each day, each hour , each week.....
Love is what brings the daylight alive,
and spreads its spark, in the darkest of nights......
Love is that which soaks in tears,
running from one and taken in by the other.
Love is what makes one sing,
the brightest of tunes, the melodiest of hymns...
Hymns we sing to thank the Lord,
for making us experience the greatest emotions of all.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sometimes we fall short of words ......... too short to describe what we feel.........
the ink leaks ...............and the thoughts refuse to be poured with ease.......
waiting on unwritten crumbled sheets...

Monday, January 10, 2011

“Judicious praise is to children what the sun is to flowers”

Once I was strolling in the by lanes of Daryaganj, a place full of the best known publishing houses. With creativity in my arms, my art files and folders, I strolled through the thick fog and crisp winter chill. I stopped by an old building and tried to recognise it, yes, this is the publisher I came to as a little girl, with rough sketches that weren't up to the mark. Now, as a final year arts student, I was hoping for the best to come my way.
I entered the door and furnished the guard with all the answers for which he raised innumerable questions."Is she still working here",I thought, I wished to meet her again. A flash back ran through my minds eye. Nearly eight years back, I had come to the same place with my sketches and my father holding my hand. I wanted to see them in a book and one of my friends told me , that to get my pictures in the book, I need to meet a publisher. My father knew that I was an artist in the making and therefore he never discouraged me, and brought me to the gate of the world, I had always dreamt of entering. As we entered the building, we were directed to the room of some Miss Komal, whom we had to meet to discuss my work.
Any other publisher would have laughed at my work, but she looked at it with a lot of interest. Finally she smiled, looked up and said," You know child, you're a great artist in the making, but like every diamond needs to be polished, you too need a little more practise in your work, your work would sparkle like a precious jewel in a few years time and then you can come to me, for I'd be waiting to publish it ".
That day my work wasn't accepted, but I came back with such words of encouragement, that gave me a new direction, towards achieving my aims.
Today as an artist, I have come back to the same place, convinced about the fact that I would make a place of my own in this world. I didn't meet Ms. Komal, but after submitting my work , I was contacted in a weeks time...My work was appreciated and was finalised for the next children's book, I was also offered the post of the art editor.

Encouragement plays a very important role in our life...never discourage anyone, for you never know when people achieve what seems to be "impossible".

“A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success”

The picture is courtesy google and this is a pure work of fiction.