Thursday, April 30, 2009

If you love...Let them be

Have you ever noticed how a handful of sand just slips away if you hold it tightly!However much you may try, it just makes its way out.
Relationships are just like sand, the more you try holding on to them, the more they start running away from you and the more space you give them , the more beautifully they are nurtured.
Space is a very important factor in any relationship in this world, be it with your parents,your friends, your love interest...anyone for that matter. You can't suffocate the other person and try to own them just because you want them to be with you. The fact is the more close fisted you become, the lesser you possess.This is indeed a fact.
I have seen people who are extremely possessive about their relationships. Its great if you care for the person, sometimes it just feels amazing if someone reminds you that they are there, and would be there forever.......but on the contrary if you impose your presence on the other one and scare them with your love(lol) I think that becomes a bit too much.
Relationships are like fresh air, they bring in a lot of peace and calm in our life,therfore the best way to enjoy them is to let them be...not by drifting away, but by being there like a support system that one cannot do without,taking you away from the solitary confines and giving a new meaning to life:)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A special lesson

Her eyes had several questions that she wanted me to answer, life had not been fair to her but she was told that she's special to God, that is why he has blessed her with abilities that are a bit different from other people, theres nothing wrong with her, its just that shes differently abled.

She and many like her, may or may not be a part of the mainstream but are very much a part of the world in which we reside, its just that in todays fast paced life , while we are trying to run, they are trying to keep up their pace, but, when we stop by and try to listen to them, we get to know that they are the finest teachers in the world....they teach us to be thankful for whatever we have, instead of just cribbing all the time.

I remember the time when in school, we were taken to a home for our differently abled friends.As I was standing confused as to how to start a conversation, I felt a hand tenderly slipping into mine, I turned back and saw the most innocent smile in the world, till date whenever I close my eyes and go back into the fine memories, I can see the same innocent smile, as if its trying to fill my life with contentment. That hold taught me, how to trust people and more importantly how to trust your own self, specially when the going gets tough.
Another valuable lesson that I learnt was how to be contented with what we have. My friends in the home looked like the epitome of contentment, though life was tough for them, there was no sign of remorse,instead one could feel how thankful they were for every move they made.Their smile,their cheerfulness, everything seemed to be a blessing for them, it was as if they were saying, "cheer up!Whats there to be sad about!"

I indeed felt quite small infront of them, because inspite of having blessed with so much in life, I had not been thankful enough!

Being differently abled is all about being thankful, its all about being contented and happy with life,its about trying hard until one succeeds, its about spreading love and yes a lovely smile, its about trust, its about life that needs to be cherished, its about unspoken words that speak volumes.

That day when I went back, I thanked and noticed everything that I had never valued before,including the flower that had grown in my garden for adording my abode with its immense beauty.I moved my fingers and thanked God for giving me the ability to move, I hugged my parents and thanked them for being by my side.

This took place a long time back, but the effect of that one meeting was so strong,that it inspires my life till date. My special friends never asked me for anything, but when I left I could read the message in their eyes, "do come back..we'll be waiting".

Blessings are like air, they reside in everything, its just that our thankless eyes never end up noticing them, and even if we do , we take them for granted.

There are innumerable things that are special about them , they have indeed come to this world, blessed with the rare qualities of love and kindness and a message to spread the same, something that we mainstream herd have to learn to imbibe.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It happens to all

Clogged in the safe haven of ones mind,
Are the thoughts like bright sunshine,
into a tussel that would never end ,
who would pour in first, second, until the end.

As I sat down to solve the problem,
my thoughts churned out like a soothing sensation,
All that they took was a bit of patience,
to mould themselves into something new , different ...alas a brand new creation.

(dedicated to a fellow blogger:))

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dat'z Life!

Life, I am really left amazed sometimes, can it ever run straight???????…there always have to be loads and loads of twists and turns to it ……most of the times it’s shooting questions at you and sometimes it just answers them aswell. Weird! But I don’t know why I feel as if such twists and turns in life just keep the flavour intact. The flavour that makes you relish each moment as it comes, but then sometimes you find that it has become a bit salty but when you stir it well and let time create the magic spell , you’d get the taste back.
So that’s life, a bit sweet , a bit tangy, but most of the time just uuuuumazn;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Dark Shadows of illegal Money transaction

We tend to forget that “happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have , but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have”…..and yes, protecting it in the best possible manner. But inspite of all this knowledge, sometimes it just so happens that in order to extract more , we lose what we already possess , falling into wrong hands, which comes to us in the name of guidance, and in reality is nothing but pure fraud. It eventually takes us towards the wrong path. Everything that seems to be a good idea, doesn’t have to be the best, it can also be the worst that leaves you with grief and nothing else.Some such thing happened with someone, which left the person shattered and has surely left a clue for all of us to follow i.e. to…..”wake up, before its too late”. The person who is being mentioned is the sole earning member of his family, with innumerable duties to cater to. His ailing parents need consistent medical help and a sister who he had to marry . Life was showing brighter days for him, as his hardwork was paying off and had resulted into a secure financial state…..which was for obvious reasons his ultimate need . But unfortunately time had a different tale instore. Its true that we humans have the power to write our own destiny and its our shortcomings that destroy it aswell. Our habit of making the wrong decisions often leads us towards personal loss and some such thing happened with our friend aswell. He had saved a certain amount of money and was ready for any kind of unexpected expenditure that may come his way…….but not for long. He thought that it would be better if he could save his money or deposit it in a scheme so that he gets it back when needed. Though it’s a wise decision to save but definitely not through an illegal source. He came across people who sweared about their authenticity and told him that they were connected with some big names and if he deposits his money with them through chit fund committees , it’ll be in secure hands and he would get it back whenever he needs it. So the calamity struck and he got trapped. He kept on depositing his savings with the thought that he would get it back when needed. Time came when his family needed the finances on a certain important occasion. As had been promised , he went back to withdraw his savings, but as fate had it for him, he was shoved off from one person to another. Tired of running around for his own money he at last understood that the large sum that he had saved had gone to the dogs………………there was nothing left in his hands except for hopelessness and despair. You must have heard a story , where a father asks his son to earn money (in order to teach him the value of hard earned money as he had turned into a spend thrift), when after a lot of hardwork the boy comes home with a penny, his father commands him to throw it away………taken aback and angry at his fathers insensitivity, the son questions him back,”how can you ask me to throw my money away after knowing well enough, that I have put in a lot of hardwork to earn it!”, The father smiles back and replies, I know son and I am happy that today you have realised the value of hard earned money, therefore from now on , think twice before spending it pointlessly. Yes indeed, we can’t waste our money pointlessly and would never like it to be lost in vain, but then why do many of us indulge in things that instead of helping us , drown us into a big loss. Illegal Money transaction is definitely not an option for investing our hard earned money. Do we even realise what we would do if each penny that we earn, goes into the drain and that too because of our foolishness. There are innumerable recognised government organisations and banks for saving money, then why does one have to fall for a trap? “It is in your moment of decision, that your destiny is shaped”, therefore make the right decision,think twice before going ahead, after all its you who would be the recipient of your endeavours .

Monday, April 20, 2009

How difficult is it to apologise?

While going through a writeup , I came across a quote which immediately triggered my thinking buds.
It said," Apologising doesn't mean that you are wrong and the other is right,it means that you value the relationship more than your ego" .
In other words, its about giving value to anything more than your ego, which sometimes inflates into something so huge that it becomes difficult to cope with it.Its like a bloated tummy, you can't reach out for anything that's below you, because the difficulty is that your eyes ( and movement) are blocked by the huge inflated it your tummy or your ego..they blur your vision.
Why is it that it becomes so difficult for people to apologise, even when they know that the fault is entirely their doing.
I remember a funny incident when someone was forced to apologise.Knowing well that he did not have a way out, he first slowly turned his face towards the other side,then his mouth began to open, full of air but sans words, then he applied loads of force, made a constipated face and puked out an inaudible "s.o.r.r.y." !God! Was it that difficult, though it seemed to be the case:)
I have a different take on the word and for obvious reasons don't agree with the torturous display by the fellow mentioned above. I think the word sorry, "if used with sincerety", has a great healing power. It has a power to heal relationships, it has a power to unburden you from the guilt that may weight on you forever, it touches your heart, it makes you feel much more lighter,it makes the other feel that you are sincere and that you value them, it makes ones ego take a back seat and gives a new life to a relationship, making it much more stronger and everlasting.
Saying sorry is not that difficult, its just that we turn it into a difficult task, because some of us feel that it makes them look smaller and insignificant, while the truth is just the opposite,the one who accepts ones mistakes and apologises is much greater than the one who refuses to do so and continues to do what he/she has always done," creating havoc by hurting one and all".
Its the purity of ones heart that makes one realise their mistake, and the ones who sincerely apologise are able to cleanse their soul.
Sorry is not a difficult word, since it reflects a sincere heart:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The true inspiration

What is it that inspires us in life? Is it just a few golden words that we read , appreciate and then forget.
No....... a true inspiration is never about forgetting, its always about remembering what you've learnt.
Great people have left great examples behind, for us to follow. But do we actually follow them in the correct sense of the word."Oh!What lines, truely wonderful!"but when the time comes to actually follow the things that once inspired us , we tend to hide behind the convinient ideologies that we set for ourselves, in order to live . Then the question arises , is just living or mere existence enough for making life worthwile.Don't think so, coz if it was the case, we would have never got our hand on the varied inspirational stuff left by people, ninety percent of which are actual experiences and the rest just seeped down through generations.
Are we inspirational enough to inspire others? Do we set good examples for others to follow?Do we blame ourselves before pointing at someone else? Do we practise what we preach?
Whenever I come across an inspirational piece, my mind gets jammed with all these questions,and then I try hard to make each inspiration a part of my life...sometimes I goes in vain.
I thank all my friends who write such inspirational posts for giving me a reason to think and reflect on, because I truely believe that theres a lesson hidden behind every word...its for us to explore and then imbibe :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The golden lesson

There’s a song that every bird sings,
there’s rhythm on which every heart beats,
there’s a wish that wants to fly high,
there’s hope stored in every eye,
there’s love that rings in every heart ,
there’s a dream that makes a start,
there’s a cord that binds us together,
there’s life in every colour.

There was a girl unmoved by such cords of life,
hoping to reach her destination with all her might,
losing track of what comes in her way,
sunken in the dilemma with a tortured dismay,

Then one day she met a rose ,
shining brightly ,blossom galore,
she asked it the reason, “why is that,
sitting on thorns you keep your smile intact?”
Blushed the rose and glittered its shine,
oh sweet one! Its nothing big , its nothing divine,
the thorns make me realise how beautiful I am,
they draw a parallel between the good and the bad,
its because of them, that people often say,
look at the beautiful rose braving the thorns away.
My thorns have given me the courage to live,
no one dares to touch me, coz they know I’ll win.
The problems in our life make us stronger,
take them as a challenge, be a real fighter.

The girl turned around and greeted life with a hug,
never was she afraid of the problems coming up,
Now she takes every moment and lives it to the best,
the colours of life have granted her every wish she ever possessed:)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A step forward....

The muddy paths of life, some slippery, some steady and some dried to the extend that it becomes difficult to walk on them. Today when I stopped at the red light, I heard a voice coming out of a nearby church..."take a step towards God and he'll take ten steps towards you". True, God in all his avatars .....kindness , goodness, spirituality.....takes a step forward and you feel smeared with the love bestowed by God. But as is our nature, we tend to run away, caught in the wordly web, we move away from certain realities of life.We can't really blame ourselves for that, sometimes its important to form a space of ones own, where we can be ourselves, be it positive , negative or an amalgam of both, its just we and our raw self....but then a time comes when imperfection takes a toll ...we start running again.... in search of another abode, until we can run no more. Life makes us realise that there are no short cuts to happiness, it comes through certain channels...instead of running away we need to take a step forward and we'll see it take several steps towards us.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lets be the change we want to see in this world.

Most of us think and want to stretch out our hands to help others, many of us take the first step, and some do it aswell, its a great feeling afterall, making your heart pump up into ten times its size, releasing a sign of relief...."atleast I did something!".
Yes its a great feeling. But looking at todays scenario, one is often forced to thing, where do we find people who are in genuine need of help?Its fair enough to think this way. When we look at the roads we find huge beggar organisations running their business between our vehicles, there are certain others who are making profit in the name of charity, then who does one believe in ? Yup!its a strange world , one needs to analyse stuff, question their authenticity and then plan to take the right decision, but let me tell you something, genuineness attracts one towards itself, you don't need an organisation to help others, you can do it in your own small way.
One such genuine cause for which one can take out a bit of time is blood donation.
A body stretched out in an operation theatre, drained out of life, breathing its last, but there is a ray of hope, transferred by a donor. A life is saved, a family is relieved and a real caused has been served.
A beautiful baby is born,but the mother starts haemorrhaging, her kidneys fail, a rare condition that affects 1 in one million pregnant women. She needs plasma, blood and platelet transfusions to get her back home.Who would become a ray of hope in her life , none other than the God sent blood donor.He did not save a single life but two, of a mother and an infant who had no one else to care for her.
An eight year old, diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, he'll continue to need blood. Who would come forward and gift him the rest of his life.......its pretty obvious that if each one of us resolve to donate blood even once in three months,there would be several lives that would be saved.People do not realise the importance of blood donation, but if they come to know what difference it makes to those who are in real need of it, they would never say "no" to the cause.
Sometimes I am just amazed at the people who show so much of dedication towards animals, my amazement increases ten folds when on the other hand I see those who watch an accident victim lying on the road, make a sound full of pity and conveniently pass by.
When the mumbai terror attack happened many were worried about the victims and did their bit to help them out, but on the other hand, there sat the contented souls, who were happy that no one they knew was a part of the disaster or was hampered by it.Its time to think, time to get a recheck on our values. This selfishness is not what we have grown up on. We are a part of the nation where it does not matter who belongs to what culture, which religion or caste the other is ( though sadly such questions have been raised oft and on ), when we sit in a group of friends, it doesn't matter who is who , its just we and our friendship. Then what is it that makes us think twice before helping a fellow being...whoever it may be!
I know its easy to think about such things and difficult to bring them into practice, but even if one of us takes a step forward, I am sure the rest would follow. God forbid but it can be any of us who can face difficult times in their life, its in such situations that a single drop of love that was once donated by us can become our lifeline.
We are the youth, if we resolve to make a difference no one can stop us from opening the doors of peace,love and prosperity.
Let us become the instruments of change, let us shoulder the responsibility without passing it on as someone elses burden........
Lets be the change we want to see in this world.
Watch this video where a child becomes an instrument of change, we just need to step forward and the rest would follow:)