Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A special lesson

Her eyes had several questions that she wanted me to answer, life had not been fair to her but she was told that she's special to God, that is why he has blessed her with abilities that are a bit different from other people, theres nothing wrong with her, its just that shes differently abled.

She and many like her, may or may not be a part of the mainstream but are very much a part of the world in which we reside, its just that in todays fast paced life , while we are trying to run, they are trying to keep up their pace, but, when we stop by and try to listen to them, we get to know that they are the finest teachers in the world....they teach us to be thankful for whatever we have, instead of just cribbing all the time.

I remember the time when in school, we were taken to a home for our differently abled friends.As I was standing confused as to how to start a conversation, I felt a hand tenderly slipping into mine, I turned back and saw the most innocent smile in the world, till date whenever I close my eyes and go back into the fine memories, I can see the same innocent smile, as if its trying to fill my life with contentment. That hold taught me, how to trust people and more importantly how to trust your own self, specially when the going gets tough.
Another valuable lesson that I learnt was how to be contented with what we have. My friends in the home looked like the epitome of contentment, though life was tough for them, there was no sign of remorse,instead one could feel how thankful they were for every move they made.Their smile,their cheerfulness, everything seemed to be a blessing for them, it was as if they were saying, "cheer up!Whats there to be sad about!"

I indeed felt quite small infront of them, because inspite of having blessed with so much in life, I had not been thankful enough!

Being differently abled is all about being thankful, its all about being contented and happy with life,its about trying hard until one succeeds, its about spreading love and yes a lovely smile, its about trust, its about life that needs to be cherished, its about unspoken words that speak volumes.

That day when I went back, I thanked and noticed everything that I had never valued before,including the flower that had grown in my garden for adording my abode with its immense beauty.I moved my fingers and thanked God for giving me the ability to move, I hugged my parents and thanked them for being by my side.

This took place a long time back, but the effect of that one meeting was so strong,that it inspires my life till date. My special friends never asked me for anything, but when I left I could read the message in their eyes, "do come back..we'll be waiting".

Blessings are like air, they reside in everything, its just that our thankless eyes never end up noticing them, and even if we do , we take them for granted.

There are innumerable things that are special about them , they have indeed come to this world, blessed with the rare qualities of love and kindness and a message to spread the same, something that we mainstream herd have to learn to imbibe.


manivannan said...

Hi sana :)

Beautiful write up here... I'm reminded of the saying, "I cried for not having shoes, until i saw a man without legs"

It is true...we should always count our blessings. And I'm glad to know that a smile of a differently able person had been the source of your inspiration :)


Keep them coming!!

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mani!All the very best to you too:)

Mad Blogger said...

Beautifully written. Many a times we forget the privilages that we enjoy in our lives...

Margaret Cloud said...

Thank you for this thoughtful post. We do, to often forget how lucky we are. Have a nice weekend.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Margaret:)u too!

state of mind? said...

indeed an xtremely beatiful n a very strong post...its very simple put but yet conveys alot....i quite like the second last para abt blessings...:)

A New Beginning said...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments:)