Monday, April 27, 2009

It happens to all

Clogged in the safe haven of ones mind,
Are the thoughts like bright sunshine,
into a tussel that would never end ,
who would pour in first, second, until the end.

As I sat down to solve the problem,
my thoughts churned out like a soothing sensation,
All that they took was a bit of patience,
to mould themselves into something new , different ...alas a brand new creation.

(dedicated to a fellow blogger:))


Anonymous said...

hi sana,

that was so sweet of you.
thanks for the inspiration you've brought in me friend.

my writings will continue allowing the creativity to come out one by one ;)

much luv,

A New Beginning said...

Youre always welcome Aiz, what are fellow bloggers for:)

manivannan said...

Hey very very nice dedication!

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mani and that goes for you too:)