Sunday, June 28, 2009

Code - Decode

Lost in life and in deep contemplation,
a chaotic living and full of confusion,
disturbed steps and a deterred mind,
just the heat no rainbows in sight.
Trapped in time and thoughts amassed,
life is but a question mark.
Unable to reach, to the core,
man is striving hard to decode,
the real meaning of peace and delight,
a thankful heart and a stressfree mind.
Trapped in the material,hes unable to find,
the real way is but divine.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dreams let loose :)

The trees swayed with the winds,
cool winds in the hot summer, and a swing moved slowly with no one to play,
it was a deserted afternoon, one with none around,
just lonely , waiting for some one in dismay.

In a house nearby, little Meera cried out,
"mother, let us go out and play,
we'll be playing hide and seek, all of us together,
neena, meethi and little suresh."
"No!" said the mother, with narrowed eyes,
"can't you see how hot it is?
I don't want the sun to harm you all,
getting you unwell in a jiff."

So all the ranting and requests went on like a tide, ready to break on the shore,
but to no avail was it to the mother, who was busy guarding the door.

The piercing light lightened up a bit and in came the initial hours of eve,
the hopeful eyes fell on their mothers face,
pleading to fulfill their wish in glee.
The door was opened to their tiny delight
and a spark of joy caught their eyes,
running they came to the open ground and took a chirpy flight.

The same is true in the case of life,
which waits, snuggled up to its dreams,
and as and when it gets an opening,
it takes a flight in glee,
there in the open grounds of freedom,
it spreads its dreams around,
and then comes a new day, a new scene of life,
dreanched with joy that resounds.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The match box of life

Its a fact that even sitting idle generates thousands of thoughts in our mind, they can be negative but if kept on the right track, theres a bright positive spark every now and then.
Yesterday I was quite preoccupied with the aforementioned activity, when suddenly a match box fell on me..well it didn't fall all of a sudden as it happens in movies, but since my uncle was quite busy, therefore after lighting up his lungs he aimed the match box towards a shelf and as I was standing like a boulder, blocking his aim, the match box came straight into my hands.......and pufff came the quote...a quote? well yes, the match box had a quote written behind it, which went like this............... "He is the happiest be it King or peasant who finds peace in his home"...(A quote written on Cake match box)this quote is by a German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whom George Eliot called "the greatest man of letters ...and the last true polymath to walk the world"..well writers have a unique way of praising each other so lets not get into that...So this sudden appearanace of the quote on the match box triggered my brain and tickled it to the limit that it made me come face to face with the irony of life....
Isn't life like a match box, it can light up anytime we want it to, but its in our hands what we use the fire for....its light can be used both for a disheveled living and for bringing light to those who reside in darkness. Its light can be used for self destruction and for the warmth that comforts us and others aswell..
The match box of our life has limited matchsticks..the number of days that we're going to live, if we keep on wasting the match sticks and using them in such a way that they become unfit for use..don't you think we are wasting many precious moments that could have been structured in a better way?
We fight, we abuse, we want to win each and every argument of life, but where is it taking us...and all this happens in our homes, a nest made out of all the hardwork that we have it good that when we come back home,this very abode feels like hell?What is going wrong..where are the match sticks of our life being wasted?This is for each one of us to understand and find out.
Sometimes a small spark burns up our world, making us realise how feeble our endeavours make narrow our mind and our power to think becomes.
"He is the happiest be it King or peasant who finds peace in his home". Lets resolve to get that peace back into our lives, lets use the match stick of our life to find out where the fault lies and to light up each dark corner that ever existed. Even if we come to know that its not our fault, then lets find a way out, a way to generate the lost spark by bringing the smile back on those whose happiness is contagious.
Lets light up our mind and energies and use them in the best way towards the best path...the path leading to a peaceful life.

Peace it was, that I could never find,
and went from shore to shore on a neverending search.
Every corner, nook or horizon..nothing could quench such distressing urge,
and then I realised I left a place,
unseen, unsearched, unexplored..
it was my heart that was in darkness,
once lit, I found peace for sure.

Every new beginning starts with a "me" and then goes on to "we"!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clueless words,..................................................................
..........................not even an alphabet..
Sometimes our mind just goes numb, and we are unable to understand what has happened, why isn't our mind responding. It feels as if everything is running around us and its we who are fixed to a single place. A cool breeze blows, but leaves us untouched, the noise cries out but bounces back from our ears, though we smile, even laugh at certain things, but somehow it doesn't reach within. We look but at nothing, tears come out but for no reason,we're tired without doing anything................whats the time???..........................who cares.
Humm, it seems stress has finally reached the core, and isn't able to find a way out...what are we waiting for?Lets relieve it...but how???
It so happens that the monotony of life surrounds us in such a way, that it locks all pores, unable to release the venom out of our system, our living becomes a big question mark..
But what is it that life expects from us at such times........ may be just a bit of patience, something that we run out of most of the time, but patience alone can be a bit testing, as we're human after all. In such a situation what one needs is a break. A break not a runaway, coz the more we run away from our situations the more they follow us.
Every time the clock ticks, something changes, we might not get to know, but it is true that God works on our problems. He does that for each one of us.That is why when peace resides, we often remember the times that had seemed tough and laugh at the way we had reacted, although our destiny had a glittering future hidden in the other hand.
All of us have problems, we try to deal with them, we do get sad and despondent, there are various knots that grip our life, but the only thing that can inspire us to move on is the belief that everytime the clock ticks, a knot is being opened and as we wait holding on to our patience, each knot is released, finally solving our problems, though it might take a bit long, but its worth the wait.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Misunderstanding is the best way through which people can destroy their relationship with anyone in this world. Its a short cut to the gate of jealousy and a leap over on understanding, thats precisely how one can define the word.
What makes us misunderstand people, situations, ideas or words? Why is it that all of a sudden one turns from a believer to a disbeliever, why does cynicism occupy the space where trust used to reside,and surprisingly all this happens in a jiff !
Sad but true, all of us go through such misunderstandings and lose on the best in our life. The worst part is, even when we know someone has misunderstood, we can't clear out the clouds of doubt from their mind, in certain circumstances it worsens the situation.
This is another challenge posed by life, but the key to solve it has been left in our hands, its for us to open the right door.
The best way to clear out a misunderstanding is to talk things out! Talk to the person concerned, talk to them about what has hurt you the most, try to listen patiently, it so happens that the other person is not always wrong, we can also be at fault, the fault can lie in our understanding of things. Try and understand what the other has to say and then make your decision...if you really feel that its not worth it..leave it to that, coz every relationship in this world is beautifully constructed on fair grounds, its quite unfair to make matters unhealthy, so much so that even your memories are left with a stench. If you are right, time does proves it.
Its but a mature decision to talk and then decide..having a healthy conversation is very important, an attempt is a must, it also happens that things are repeated time and again, in such situation,the best way is to move on, it preserves your dignity and helps you retain your trust on realtionships.
The one who has been misunderstood should never lose his/her temper, thats like pouring petrol into fire. Its obvious that none of us want to lose on the people with whom we have shared precious moments that came like a cool breeze and left us with a smile, its difficult to destroy what you have nurtured with so much of care, why should a second of mistrust destroy years of faith.No one has the right to do that, not even we ourselves.
We humans, as it is known for a fact are social beings and such unsocial acts should be banned from entering our life, its we who would put a ban on them..with nothing much but by just removing the "mis" and imbibing the rest:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strengthen Your Roots

The greatest kings and the mightiest of warriors have braved the world with all that it takes, but there have been situations in their life where they felt like giving up with a feeling of pain and helplessness. This pain had nothing to do with their physical condition, but it was the pain that their loved ones were going through. Be it an ailing father or a bedridden wife, this is the pain in which the greatest wealth and power could not help and thus left them helpless.
Sometimes life brings about such situations where we are just left numb, unable to think right or feel good.Positivity runs out of our mind while the negative happily takes its place, this happens when we feel that we cannot do anything or whatever we may do would not turn things towards the right direction.This indeed is the real test that a human being has to go through, the ones who come out successful, get the key to a happy life while those who don't, just suffer in the process.
What is it that one can do to hold on to the broken pieces of hope...well the answer is not to let go. Even if a person is stuck in a situation where hes hanging from a cliff and theres a deep ditch below, the best thing is not tothink about the ditch, but pray to the Almightly who is above everyone, always ready to help us out, the moment we forget him and start thinking about the problem, it'll pull us towards itself, seperating us from the last ray of hope that we were holding on to.
Problems in our life play their tricks , but its in our hands not to be tricked by them. Have faith and be strong,be there for those who need you, not like a leaf that might just give in with a gush of wind, but like a tree that holds on and strengthens its roots each day so that it can brave any storm that comes its way, coz its your determination that has the ability to mould things the way you want them to be, even if you lose something, you'll come out stronger with a feeling that you remained a fighter till the very end.