Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clueless words,..................................................................
..........................not even an alphabet..
Sometimes our mind just goes numb, and we are unable to understand what has happened, why isn't our mind responding. It feels as if everything is running around us and its we who are fixed to a single place. A cool breeze blows, but leaves us untouched, the noise cries out but bounces back from our ears, though we smile, even laugh at certain things, but somehow it doesn't reach within. We look but at nothing, tears come out but for no reason,we're tired without doing anything................whats the time???..........................who cares.
Humm, it seems stress has finally reached the core, and isn't able to find a way out...what are we waiting for?Lets relieve it...but how???
It so happens that the monotony of life surrounds us in such a way, that it locks all pores, unable to release the venom out of our system, our living becomes a big question mark..
But what is it that life expects from us at such times........ may be just a bit of patience, something that we run out of most of the time, but patience alone can be a bit testing, as we're human after all. In such a situation what one needs is a break. A break not a runaway, coz the more we run away from our situations the more they follow us.
Every time the clock ticks, something changes, we might not get to know, but it is true that God works on our problems. He does that for each one of us.That is why when peace resides, we often remember the times that had seemed tough and laugh at the way we had reacted, although our destiny had a glittering future hidden in the other hand.
All of us have problems, we try to deal with them, we do get sad and despondent, there are various knots that grip our life, but the only thing that can inspire us to move on is the belief that everytime the clock ticks, a knot is being opened and as we wait holding on to our patience, each knot is released, finally solving our problems, though it might take a bit long, but its worth the wait.


Ayesha Parveen said...

Yes, it is worth the wait. Beautifully written, Sana. Regards.

Margaret Cloud said...

This is a very interesting post. You do write some profound post, they are well thought out. Have a nice week and thank you for coming by.

DONNA said...

OH!! im a strong beleiver of "time heals" myself!! and i really liked going through this post of yours!!!

you've beautifully expressed!!!

wildbees said...

Lot of comments from gals !!! Hopem time heals mine too ;-)

wildbees said...

31 followers !!! u r truely an author dude

Joseph Pulikotil said...



This is indeed a very profound post with a lot of meaning in it. I can relate to what you have written in my life many times.

When I was a bachelor, I remember I was very badly agitated over something in the middle of the night. I tried to sleep over it. I rolled this way and that way in my bed. No sleep came. I was going mad. I got dressed and started walking on the road at 3 in the morning. I walked and walked and walked. I really don't know how far I walked. I got very tired. In the end I came back to my residence completely tired. It was 6 in the morning. Yet I was tensed. Then I showered and got ready to go to work at 8.30 in the morning. Only after reaching the office and started starking to coleagues I became a bit calm and slowly the tension passed away. Imagine I didn't sleep for one whole night. Don't ask me what was the thing that agitated me so much:)

Once I had a severe argument with my boss. Again I could not sleep in the night thinking about the quarrel. My mind refused to function with fear of losing the job. I became tense and couldn't sleep in the night. The fear of losing the job made me numb and my mind became blank because I had a family to support. Thank God! I didn't lose my job.

I enjoyed this excellent, well though out educative post.

I cam see you are becoming very popular and you have many followers. I hope they will soon be commenting on your post instead of being merely followers and tell you how much they enjoyed reading your posts.

Have a wonderful day:)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha, Margaret, Donna,wildbees,and Joseph,I value your comments and they encourage me a lot to write many more meaningful posts. Joseph thanks for sharing your experience, sometimes we think that we are the only ones to suffer but seeing the amount of pain each and every human being has we realise that our share is nothing at all. May life bring peace and calm for mankind. Amen