Friday, June 5, 2009


Misunderstanding is the best way through which people can destroy their relationship with anyone in this world. Its a short cut to the gate of jealousy and a leap over on understanding, thats precisely how one can define the word.
What makes us misunderstand people, situations, ideas or words? Why is it that all of a sudden one turns from a believer to a disbeliever, why does cynicism occupy the space where trust used to reside,and surprisingly all this happens in a jiff !
Sad but true, all of us go through such misunderstandings and lose on the best in our life. The worst part is, even when we know someone has misunderstood, we can't clear out the clouds of doubt from their mind, in certain circumstances it worsens the situation.
This is another challenge posed by life, but the key to solve it has been left in our hands, its for us to open the right door.
The best way to clear out a misunderstanding is to talk things out! Talk to the person concerned, talk to them about what has hurt you the most, try to listen patiently, it so happens that the other person is not always wrong, we can also be at fault, the fault can lie in our understanding of things. Try and understand what the other has to say and then make your decision...if you really feel that its not worth it..leave it to that, coz every relationship in this world is beautifully constructed on fair grounds, its quite unfair to make matters unhealthy, so much so that even your memories are left with a stench. If you are right, time does proves it.
Its but a mature decision to talk and then decide..having a healthy conversation is very important, an attempt is a must, it also happens that things are repeated time and again, in such situation,the best way is to move on, it preserves your dignity and helps you retain your trust on realtionships.
The one who has been misunderstood should never lose his/her temper, thats like pouring petrol into fire. Its obvious that none of us want to lose on the people with whom we have shared precious moments that came like a cool breeze and left us with a smile, its difficult to destroy what you have nurtured with so much of care, why should a second of mistrust destroy years of faith.No one has the right to do that, not even we ourselves.
We humans, as it is known for a fact are social beings and such unsocial acts should be banned from entering our life, its we who would put a ban on them..with nothing much but by just removing the "mis" and imbibing the rest:)


Amal Bose said...

rightly said..
communication is the only way u can sort out disagreement or mistrust..
talking to them and hearing what they have to say and letting them know what u feel is the single most important thing

Margaret Cloud said...

You can solve misunderstanding by communication. If communication between people fails we are at a loss to how to get along with each other.

Aparna V.S said...

nice post.
many realtionships brokes due to small misunderstandings which can be avoided just by saying out your feelings.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Margaret, Amal and Aparna, I totally agree with you guys!Take care!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

As a teacher of communication, I agree fully when you say:

"The best way to clear out a misunderstanding is to talk things out! "

Shadow said...

brilliant post. you make it sound so simple and easy. which it is and should be. but it doesn't always happen in reality... but try we must.

Merle said...

Dear Friend ~~ It is nice to meet you and thank you very much for leaving a comment at my blog.
I am so glad you enjoy he stories
and jokes I post.
I enjoyed your post on misunderstand-
ing and it seems to be that so many can be fixed by talking things out.
So many things can work out better
with a bit of understanding.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Joseph Pulikotil said...



This is a grand post with a lot of useful information for all of us.

Yes I agree with you that misunderstandings among friends, relatives, husband and wives, children and parents, colleagues in the office etc. have created havoc in their lives and the lovely relationship, mutual trust and understanding has vanished. Anger and hatred comes in between and sometimes friends come to blows. What a terrible situation!

Sometimes the misunderstanding is fanned and magnified by other well meaning friends who try to solve the problem. Intentionally or unintentionally they widen the gap.

It is also quite possible our ego prevents us from taking the first step to clear the air of misunderstanding. We always wait for the other person to take the first step.

It is always good for us to take the first step and talk out the points that created the misunderstanding in a cool and calm manner. This is easier said than done. But there is no other way out if we want to continue the relationship. These are some of my thoughts on your post.

You have explained very beautifully how to go about clearing the misunderstanding and re establish the friendship on a solid footing.

Have a beautiful day:)

Mohammed Musthafa said...

hey....completely agree with u...have certain personal experiences on this subject as well...

take a look at this poem...guess its related to wht u'r saying...and do leave a comment...thnks...

SindhuBhairavi said...

The first line is so so true!
this is beautifully written .. enjoyed reading it!. :)