Friday, January 30, 2009

and we dream on....

"Dreamy eyed and perceptive, you walk in the future and think about the past",
a line once read stands true for years to come . Is it bad to have dreams , maybe dreams are not all that harmful, but the thought of opening ones eyes and facing reality shakes one out of the dream.
Dreams give you whatever you want and reality what fate desires. Knowing well enough that our dream would have to face the harsh reality of the world we dream on , blissfully unaware of whatever goes around.
Reality is a harsh truth or maybe it appears to be one, thats because it is a bit different from what we have dreamt of, still, dreams appear to be our own and reality some vague probability toward which one never wants to have a clarity of vision ................yet what's true holds true for everyone , reality is something one has to be aware of and open to .
We can't close our eyes and stay in the make believe world forever , someday or the other we will have to accept reality , it'll be much easier if our reality turns into a beautiful dream....but for that one would have to accept certain things in life and would have to work towards building a beautiful tomorrow.
This is how dreams would turn into reality...............
A little altered but for real.

Mind over matter

sometimes life just throws too many questions on us and we are taken aback by the sudden flow of thoughts that torture our mind. Its not easy to answer certain things in life as the questions that come as a blow are answered in two different ways, some are catered to by the mind and some are taken up by the heart. In cert situations when there is a war between the two , one never knows whom to side with....when we listen to our heart we might feel contented for the time being but what happens when the mind stands victorious even when the priorities have been with the heart.
Certain questions can never be answered therefore its best to leave them on time......time has solved innumerable queries and has been the greatest healer..........
Lets see what it has instore..........hidden mysteries are best unveiled with time .

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Republic Day

Yeh! Its a holiday on the 26th, great news right? Lets plan out things , lets begin with the morning, I'll do this than that then ofcourse this and then finally that...wait , but why is it a holiday on the 26th ..well ofcourse its Republic Day..and what is the significance of the day? Well ...............................
A long pause, sad but true , half of us don't even know the significance of the Republic Day, we enjoy all the National holidays but somewhere the excitement of having got a holiday overshadows the relevance of the day, inturn undermining ,the sweat , the hardwork , the consistent indefatigable struggle to make the day possible ... a day when India became a Sovereign Democratic Republic with a Constitution to guide her destiny...the future that awaits for her with open arms and the best that still needs to be achieved.
The midnight of Independence, "a tryst with destiny", a vision of India to accept the responsibility of a stable and developed future, away from the evils that hamper its growth , in full control of itself .A land of dreams , a land of prosperity.
”Republic Day is the people's day. The constitution whose promulgation is celebrated is highly symbolic of the aspirations which 'we the people of India' cherish. It formed the transition of the status of the individual from a subject of a colonial empire to a citizen of a free country.
The Constitution endeavours to secure justice, liberty, equality and fraternity and assures the dignity of the individual by conferring fundamental rights upon the citizen. It laid down the method of governance and established the relationship of the citizen to the state.”
The evils that have been hampering our society since ages were abolished , all distinctions of status, rank, creed, colour and sex were brought to a halt. It outlawed untouchability, a crime that alienated human beings and made their life a living hell.
"Much of the social change consequent upon the new legislation has its roots in the Directive Principles of State Policy. The Constitution is the Supreme law. Hence Republic Day is sacrosanct as its significance is deep-rooted. India at present owes its programmes to the Constitution. She can build her future on the basis of the tenets enshrined therein."
Republic Day; the day of the people of India, when every Indian, right from a small kid to an elderly individual has a Flag in their hand , or adorned in their vehicles. THE PRIDE OF OUR NATION, a precious part of our history and the future of our country. A part of the treasured memories of our land.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A State Of Blindness

Anger , a human beings worst enemy and a sure shot way to add a star to the devil's deed of the destruction of humanity . Insanity is the period of blindness in your state of sanity.
Anger causes a person to become insane
, completely blind , unaware of the difference between good and bad. When we are angry our senses cease to work , our mind gives way to all that is evil and the rational element gets overshadowed by the maniacal wave spread by the angry mind. It is an invitation to destruction, a step towards darkness , its a blind journey where one is unable to visualise the consequences of a rash present and in turn a delapidated future.
Alienation is the worst side effect of anger, no one wants to be with a person who likes to blow a fuse every now and then, taking people for granted especially the ones who care for them.
Everything looses its significance when visualised from an angry mind , but why is it that even after having known the consequences well, we humans knowingly or unknowingly tend to fall in the trench of anger? It seems that the irrational is in a tryst with all that is rational, all that inspires us, all that strengthens our control over our senses.
The effects of anger do not show up while we are going through it, they show up when we come back to our normal self, left with nothing but an alienated mind, a tired body and a life as distant as can be.
It is important to have control over our senses , we should never let the senses rule over us .Its all about control and the fact that we allow ourselves to understand situations in order to cater to them in the best possible manner.
Anger is not a solution to a problem but the biggest cause behind it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Towards Uncertainty

At the threshhold of life, one often wonders what is there to be looked forward to ? Something that needs to be decided . Being at an age when quite a few things or can say the key essentials in life are still undecided, it causes anxiety to burn ones heart in a flame of an unstable future.
What would it be to wrap ones life in a shimmery red attire and hand it to some one who has been a stranger till date, and all of a studden is given the reins of ones life. Its quite strange that the family who has been so protective about you, readily agrees to give you away, so that you can start a new life that seperates them with a social boundary being built by humanity since ages. Until life is undecided it causes anxiety to block our mind and when things are decided an uncertain future keeps hovering in our dreams, questioning us on the things we may never want to answer.

I am prepared to step forward, but something pulls me back,
Is it a brand new beginning or a longing for the past???????
The threshhold where I grew has the warmth of the bygone days ,
the smell of yellow flowers indicate the future that awaits.
I on my part am at a loss of words,
Why leave the hands of many ,
to enter a strangers hearth?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Plan to outlive life

"The great use of life is to spend it for something that will out last it"...William James.
A single line but has a deep meaning underlining its importance. What is the purpose of life ? If we ask ourselves, there will be a row of answers that'll just pop out of our is to be lived is all about is lived taking each day as a challenge..
whenever we think, we think in terms of life that we would lead until we are alive..after all no one can be present after they are dead...or can we??????????????????????????
Do we ever prepare for the life that we would lead after we are dead?The answer to this question is very simple yet very difficult to undestand .....Yes, we can live after we die ...we can actually outlive life.
Seems to be adapted from a suspense thriller..before you think too much let me tell you an honest fact... you don't have to be physically present to live after you die ...still you will be living among the people you used to and your home will be the hearts of those for whom you did something that will keep you alive.... in their memories , in their conversations, whenever they pray you'll be blessed with peace will live through your kind endeavours..things that you did, not for your self , but for others who were in need.
Sometimes its important to think beyond the limits of the boundaries carved out by our senses. To think about the importance of the ultimate preparation.
Death is an undeniable fact , the only thing that we can do to be alive forever is to build a home of love in the hearts of those who need us, those for whom you stand with open arms ready to take away or atleast share the pain that they are going through, believe me even if you give water to a thirsty dog , it becomes indebted to you for life , in turn making a place for you in its heart .
We often think about the great deeds that we can do to help society , the world, etc but we do not realise the greatest fact of life , preparations can never be enough.
Sometimes a tiny little deed can work wonders .
If at all one wants to plan for the future, the very first priority should be a plan to outlive life, because its no one else but we who make miracles happen, through our consistent efforts and with the blessings of God.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waiting for?????

Waiting: which is beautifully called intezar, causes butterflies to run all over our senses, especially when this wait becomes the deciding factor of our lives.We wait and we think, what would tomorrow be like ? That becomes our wait for a new tomorrow. Wait can be painful and can also be full of pleasure, because until we are waiting, our imagination can run wild, our expectations can rise and slow down, dancing in a rthymn .Waiting is a period of time when life (metaphorically or otherwise) comes to a standstill and the only thing we think about is the result of that waiting.
A common man waits in a line to pay his dues, a child waits for his father to come back, running to the window again and again so that he can see him coming from a distance , a mother to be, waits for her child to be born , she can sense its presence but her vision longs for a single look of the infant, she waits to struggle through the pain and waits to win the battle of the creation of life,an old man waits for his journey to have a pleasant end and a young man waits for his journey to start and run smooth, we all wait for our destiny to cater to us and all of us fight, while we wait, fight all that's negative, all that tries to make our efforts futile , tries to drill in our mind, that the wait is mindless, worthless , timeless............
But we wait, inspite of everything we wait ....................we wait for the waiting to end and to turn a new page in our life ....a page unexpected yet beyond the most pleasant dream...a fruit of our hardwork....the never ending "wait" of our life.

Waiting through the winds of change,
I wait and see what awaits for me.
Round the corner or at the bend of the road,
I wait for you dear destiny.
I wait and wait , until I can wait no more,
with dampened spirit and eyes that have gone sore.

This waiting, is a part of our life ,
even when one ends the other resides:)
its indeed a choiceless choice!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pick and choose

Modernity and advancement both these words have a place of their own in this society.Where on one hand we cherish the fact that we are one our way towards a technically advanced future , we get saddened by the fact that modernity has taken away the essence of a pure life , the life that used to be more at ease with itself .There are different sides to the same coin as there is both morning and evening to the same earth.On one hand where modernity has taken away certain values that we cherish till date , it has given a significant cover to our lives aswell , especially when used for the betterment of society.
Recently I read a piece of news where they had mentioned that " the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is using themes of acclaimed movies as reference material in Class XII political science textbooks to make the learning process more lively and help students grasp the fundamentals with relative ease."
Movies in books. Though it might sound a bit unusual and not in tune with the set norms , there indeed is great benefit stored in its folds. Movies like for instance, Garam hawa, did have a message that should be shared with everyone, and taree zamee par had a great lesson stored for both teachers and parents . Apart from the important lessons that they share , kids and the youth of today's world relate to movies more than they can relate to anything else, though somewhere it has restricted the power of imagination, where books had a reel playing in ones mind, movies have given a picture of reality to be thought about . As I said there are two sides, both negative as well as positive, but in the end everything lies on our perception , what we perceive as right or wrong, positive or negative .
Criticism is easy but extracting the best out of what we consider negative , gives birth to a positive tomorrow. Sensible usage of ideas always helps in building a good society and a bright future.

Friday, January 9, 2009

"The only question to ask yourself is how much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve success?"
A simple quote with the most difficult question, exactly how much and for how long, and where will it end .
In todays world where everything is made up of a rapid fire round, we make innumerable sacrifices in order to run after life , the life which comprises of an office , a computer, innumerable shifts and a tired evening..wait! Is there something missing? No, nothing at all, we end up going home with our pockets loaded, at the end of the month.
There has to be something which is missing ..let me help you out.When you reached home did you ever notice the void that has taken birth in your rooms, did you ever notice that your kids slept while waiting for you to come back, or did you see the unexpected expectation in your wife's eyes , the pain in her heart , the longing to talk to you, to tell you that your daughter scored well or your son got selected in the basket ball team, theres another room in the house , the one where expectations rise and become dormant , because of the fear of being too intrusive.This very room belongs to your parents..the people with unconditional love..all that they want is a bit of time.All that everyone wants in this house is a bit of time.But time is falling short of itself because today, man has turned into a machine.
Its a robotic life..get up at 6:00, get ready, have breakfast or skip it , get out of the house, deal with the traffic, reach office , ready to leave at 6:00 , deal with the roads and get back tired. Who has the time to think what is being expected from them is important..its for the family by the end of the day. But what if they are not happy inspite of all the luxuries that you pay for ? Simply thankless aren't they ? Whose got the time to listen even if they want to thank you.
Life has turned into a whirlpool and in order to keep in pace with its speed we have to lose track of all that exists in it ..eveything gets blown away , everything gets flushed out, its just we and our struggle.
Is this what we call life , I am scared to give it the name. A beautiful flower with no pettles, sun with no rays , sky without the depth, mind without its thoughts, love wthout happiness and wroth without a reason.
Life has materialised into a perfect void, which could only be filled if we start thinking , start realising how important relationships are, how important it is to just talk , talk about nothing in particular with the ones we love, with the ones who matter, with the ones who are always there inspite of our recurrent absence.
Life is not a racing track , its a priority, its not a race to be won but a game to be enjoyed.

On the long road of life , there are certian barren patches which infuriate the longing within us , the longing to curb the emptiness that resides in our heart. This emptiness keeps nurturing the void , the void that keeps us on our toes , consistently generating the thought that theres something to look forward to , giving us the power to continue with our journey. On many such occasions when we are stuck on such a barren patch in life , we start questioning it worth it it good to it good to make an amendment with reality or is it better to give up and discontinue. Mind plays a powerful role when such instances catch us unaware..and society binds us together by highlighting the good and the bad. But the final decision lies in our hands, which no one can alter, no one can manipulate..without our consent.
We can think and therfore understand the fragile thread between darkness and light.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Its thanksgiving eachday

Its thanksgiving eachday, yes it is.We witness loads of things each day, but certain things leave their impact forever, leaving us struggling with our thoughts. Each day is a blessing for us , come to think about it, if we start complaining about life, our complains would never end, but if we come out of this state of self pity and sit back and realise the amount of things we have been blessed with, we would never be able to thank enough."Thank God for everything he's given us".
Wrapped up in himself, clogged up like an old bundle of clothes , there he sat tangled in his own weak grip.A little boy of not more than eight/ nine years.He sat in a corner of a path way, on one of the cemented stairs. Our eyes fell on him, it was me and a few of my family members. We did what we could at that time, discouraged consistently by the sarcastic tone of a passerby, undoubtedly a regular , "inka to roz ka hai".
"Roz ka hai", but can we take it as an excuse not to help the one who is in need of it.The logical mind says, but the help will be wasted, he'll sit there again the very next day!But somewhere deep down theres a voice that breaks all bonds and comes up determined to rule over the mind..."so what , good gestures never go waste".That's true , sometimes one should just follow ones instinct...if nothing we'll return with a contented heart.
I felt blessed , throughly blessed.What if my parents would not have been able to afford the daily bread, or a roof ..not even a single strand of happiness...what would life be ??A void ...Sifar ...or may be not worthy of being called a life.
We should thank the Almighty for all that we have...we are completely blessed.So what, problems do come in life...sometimes we are not able to achieve what we want to ..but is it a reason enough for being thankless.Why me???We ask him???Today when we have the innumerable blessings showered on us , why dont we raise the same question?At that time everthing is taken for granted.
Life is a blessing, each second that we breath ..that uninterrupted breath is a blessing, our senses are a blessing, our parents are a blessing(the biggest blessing one could ever ask for), God himself is a blessing , for he is there with us with each breath we take.We have been blessed with blessings and this is one reason why each day of our life should be treated as if we owe it to him, and to those for whom, he wants us to be a source of love and contentment.
Thank you God for everything,
for every hour, min and sec,
for each day, for a new morning,
and thank you for making us realise, that life cannot be lived without a purpose.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The fragrance of belonging

Each Fragrance has a story wrapped in its essence, a story we can relate to, a story which gives us a sense of belonging .It has time wrapped in its folds , time that has passed, time which is about to come, we can sense its smell somewhere around us. The moment you smell something familiar, it triggers off the memories, the moments, the aura that has been a part of our life.
The moment we enter the corridors of childhood, we can smell the warmth of the hands that ones held us tightly, so that we don’t loose our way. The fragrance of henna takes us back to the innumerable festivals that were celebrated, the nights that were spent with wide open eyes, so that the design on the hands does not get ruined.
The particular smell of our home, stands right at the entrance to welcome us after a long day. Remember the smell of the report card, that would make our hair stand at its ends, and the smell of new books that would come with a promise of a fresh start .
The smell of flowers that would take us back to the days of our first crush and the smell of chocolate, that would make our mouth water.
Apart from all this, there’s a familiar fragrance that still lingers on , the fragrance that defines us as an individual, that gives a meaning to who we are..
“The fragrance that lingers,
is the one that defines,
all that I am,
all that’s mine.
Sometimes its awkward,
how it resides within me,
measuring every step I take ,
keeping a record of my destiny.”
Let the fragrance of love, trust and peace reside within us for ever and ever.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The choice lies in our hands

Dreariness, how does it settle in our midst and tear us apart from our usual enthusiatic self, to what we call a dreary day. Our eyes feel heavy, our head starts throbbing .I call it the lack of inner zeal, which falls short of everything enthusiatic in life and leaves us sleeping on the doorstep of dullness.
Theres a common term being used nowadays,"winter depression", many people are suffering from it ...but why may I ask?Winter is not all that depressing is it ? If it was that ghastly, we would have been made to hybernate throughout the winter season, and it would have been a natural process. Actually I feel, that most of the time, trouble is not even intrested in us, but we invite trouble to cause problems in our lives. Doors tightly shut , no ventilation, no going out , minimal physical activity!But why?Is it some kind of self punishment that is being given .
Get out of that quilt, stop snuggling inside it like a creature who has sworn not to let fresh air
bring positivity inside the house , open your doors and windows, start going out atlest once a day for a nice walk...afterall every season has been made by God to be enjoyed, to bring a pleasant change in our lives , its we who get all depressed and down and out when it comes to accepting changes in life.
We can reside in our personal cacoons for the rest of our lives
or we can stretch ourselves and get ready to welcome a new day!
The choice lies in our hands...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The voice within

The voice within,
is a voice confined,
distant , compost, yet the most defined.
I hear it sing to varied tunes,
sometimes sad , sometimes joyful and sometimes, just in tune.
It sings aloud, and tries to break free, and then tries to retain the lost harmony.

Times have passed,things have changed,
but the voice within has remained the same,
when asked the reason, it proudly declares,
I am your soul,
untouched ,
unaltered ,
and will always remain unchanged.