Friday, January 9, 2009

On the long road of life , there are certian barren patches which infuriate the longing within us , the longing to curb the emptiness that resides in our heart. This emptiness keeps nurturing the void , the void that keeps us on our toes , consistently generating the thought that theres something to look forward to , giving us the power to continue with our journey. On many such occasions when we are stuck on such a barren patch in life , we start questioning it worth it it good to it good to make an amendment with reality or is it better to give up and discontinue. Mind plays a powerful role when such instances catch us unaware..and society binds us together by highlighting the good and the bad. But the final decision lies in our hands, which no one can alter, no one can manipulate..without our consent.
We can think and therfore understand the fragile thread between darkness and light.


Ayesha Parveen said...

Very well expressed thoughts Sana. You are right when you say that the final decision lies with each one of us. No amount of social conditioning can convince us to accept what we understand in our conscience or by our common-sense, to be wrong. Best wishes

A New Beginning said...

Yes Ayesha you're right and most of the time its we who take the wrong decisions.