Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waiting for?????

Waiting: which is beautifully called intezar, causes butterflies to run all over our senses, especially when this wait becomes the deciding factor of our lives.We wait and we think, what would tomorrow be like ? That becomes our wait for a new tomorrow. Wait can be painful and can also be full of pleasure, because until we are waiting, our imagination can run wild, our expectations can rise and slow down, dancing in a rthymn .Waiting is a period of time when life (metaphorically or otherwise) comes to a standstill and the only thing we think about is the result of that waiting.
A common man waits in a line to pay his dues, a child waits for his father to come back, running to the window again and again so that he can see him coming from a distance , a mother to be, waits for her child to be born , she can sense its presence but her vision longs for a single look of the infant, she waits to struggle through the pain and waits to win the battle of the creation of life,an old man waits for his journey to have a pleasant end and a young man waits for his journey to start and run smooth, we all wait for our destiny to cater to us and all of us fight, while we wait, fight all that's negative, all that tries to make our efforts futile , tries to drill in our mind, that the wait is mindless, worthless , timeless............
But we wait, inspite of everything we wait ....................we wait for the waiting to end and to turn a new page in our life ....a page unexpected yet beyond the most pleasant dream...a fruit of our hardwork....the never ending "wait" of our life.

Waiting through the winds of change,
I wait and see what awaits for me.
Round the corner or at the bend of the road,
I wait for you dear destiny.
I wait and wait , until I can wait no more,
with dampened spirit and eyes that have gone sore.

This waiting, is a part of our life ,
even when one ends the other resides:)
its indeed a choiceless choice!


Ayesha Parveen said...

Beautiful post Sana. Another word for waiting is 'hoping'. Since most of what happens in life is inexplicable, waiting becomes an important part of life. Best wishes.

A New Beginning said...

great comment thank and best wishes

KParthasarathi said...

Beautifully written

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for your appreciation