Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Sometimes life just seems so empty,
as if all the roads have come to an end...
But still the heart looks forward to a start,
As there's always a beginning to an end :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's amazing how God creates life.
Humans are formed as a part of the union that made the World what it is today..........It's amazing how just a small sac develops into a baby and then a mature thinking man or a woman.....
It's amazing how life is created and the circle goes on. beautiful as the word, is the feeling hidden behind it....every woman longs to be a mother one day, coz the feeling is just out of this world...Holding a life and feeling the changes as God continues to mould it within, it's just divine.
I often say this and wish for it too, that may God bless every woman with a chance to become a mother....coz those who long for it and have to go through a long wait.....their feeling, their anxiety, thier concern ,can never be felt by anyone of us...and I do pray that none of us go through it ever as time seems to crawl at a slower pace, when the anxiety and yearning for something reaches its peak.
A strong belief in God, the determination to hold on to a life and help it grow within, an unconditional, selfless,dedication towards every change and pain that comes along with it, to make way for a new life, the condition of being unable to hold ones tears back when a soft breath is given in the warm hands of the woman who then is nothing but an epitome of love and care is what..........we call Motherhood.

Blessed are those who have experienced the divine intervention and loads of prayers for many mothers-to-be!

I often wondered who you'd be, how you'd be and where you'd be.
Tender, soft, loved and cared for,you would be my destiny....
A tender tear will roll down my eyes, as I'd see you curled in your new born dreams,
Nine long months you'd be playing within, making me experience the lovely treat.
Your father will tend to all your wishes that you'd ask for when you would be within ...
Choclates and cookies and all those goodies I'll call them my cravings but you'd be enjoying them in glee.
All the kicks will never be missed, until you're ready to be with me.
And when finally you'd be in my hands with clenched fists and closed eyes , I'd beg you to wake up and tell me your dreams....
As I'd long to see you smile, you'll hold my finger real tight....and then I'll sing and will bring you close to my heart.....and you'd smile and sleep in peace.