Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awesome Mausum!!!

Yesterday, the clouds were let loose by the generous sky, so that the land could feel the shower of the blessed rain. And rain it was that came and washed away, the precipitation caused by the dryness of the heat, filled with dismay.

There was a smile somewhere, streached after a long long time, overlooking the fields that were dying and had been dead for long, which when touched by the rain, revived like a phoenix, ready to bloom and dance with joy.

The trees looked like jewels, studded with precious stones....the water made them glitter like a Kohinoor!

The kids left their homes to be one with the blessed shower, jumping, splashing, having fun, to their heartfelt desire...

It was after a long time that my city came alive..........
It was after a long time that the rain fell with all its might........
It was the soul that revived and danced with joy!
Oh how beautiful it was to see ..A Happy Monsoon Sky!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

While I Thought I Can....

There is so much going on around me,
it makes me feel I am still...

Rain drops are falling with Gods bounty,
it makes me feel I am still...

A long distance away there is someone saving lives,
it makes me feel I am still....

A bubbly laugh, a tear rolling by,
it makes me feel I am still....

There is life in the river's flow,
it make me feel I am still...

The eternity of the sky, and waves at the shore,
it makes me feel I am still...

Oh how still I am, if I dont try
to make my life worth each while..

And while I thought of starting anew,
the stillness subsided like a tainted hue,

And finally it seeped into my brain,
life's about doing..its a tough terrain.
Though thinking could make me sharpen my gears,
but its the doing ..
that would take me somewhere.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Relationships On Sale

Dowry is another name for shame. Its a shame that many people like to build their relationships by putting a price tag on them, and in this case I consider both the giver and the receiver at fault. Its time that we put an end to the transaction, its time to say "no".....its time to say that "my daughter is my greatest wealth, she is a treasure chest full of the precious values I've given her..receive her with respect and keep her the way I have kept her ...with love and gratitude. Those who think otherwise do not deserve her in the first place!"
If we stop giving, the takers would not have an option :)

As I walked through the aisle,
I had a belief snuggled in my heart,
there is a beautiful life ahead
...........a life with its welcoming door ajar.
But as I turned back to look at all that I had left behind,
I saw my father pay a hefty fine.
A fine that would buy me a ticket to the next abode,
it left me shattered as my faith crashed down for sure.
Since the trust I had in my heart was purely inclined,
towards the positive, respectful bond divine,
and when it broke it took my dreams away,
the reality measured every hope with a fretful Fine.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Mysterious Mystery

Life is a continuous mystery.Deep,exotic, strange, completely alien yet almost familiar, moist with emotions, underlined with a secret fear.
Life, which makes us breath, which makes us understand, which makes us differentiate between right and wrong..
life, and such are its myriad hues, that it guides us, though leaving us equally confused.
When we ask ourselves, what is it that we want the most from life, everywish comes down to a kind of inner delight. Peace, that every soul longs for and still falls short, coz the river within never gets enough of anything, and hits onto the heart with ever rising force.

It did hit me, a strange thought it was ,
what if we get to know the secret mysteries of the earth?
The heat of the rising sun, the warmth of the desert,
the distress of a lonely heart or the longing of a lover,
the height of the highest and the depth of the lowest,
the washed basins , the plains and the deserts,
the sacred wish of a long lost pilgrim,the secret treasures of emotions limpid.
The wasted desires, the holy living,
a moist emotion,a beautiful beginning.
And as the list just went on and on,
I realised that the world has a never ending tone,
The Lord prioritised life, before priorities begun,
and thats why he signed us to be human.
The mysteries of the earth may never unfold,
but each one of us have a distinct role to play for sure.

A Quest

Sometimes our inner self responds to our queries,
the ones we have and the ones of which we are wary.
It explains what it is to be who we are,
deep like an ocean or as innocent as a flower.
The inner self has a soul of its own,
Flowing through times, while holding on to our roots for sure,
Be it a sacred journey, or an unfamiliar path of life,
the self responds to all with a distinct voice,
a voice that we fall short of understanding,
the voice that defines who we are,
our real demeanor,
the veiled identity.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mark your present for a great future!

What is it that we want to achieve in life? Some of us know the answer to this question and some would like to stay mum; or is it that life takes us wherever it wants to, when the passage of time runs at its chosen pace. Tough question and a recurrent reminder of the fact that whether we choose or we don't, life does has its own plans. Its not that we should stop working towards our goals leaving everything on destiny, but the fact is even those who cannot carve out a definite goal in life should keep working on whatever they are doing, life would definately mould their endeavours and would take them towards a stable platform.
As kids we all had our goals , some wanted to become doctors, some wanted to become a teacher, since while playing with friends, becoming a teacher and writing on a board with a nice white piece of chalk, seemed to be the most exciting activity in the world. I still remember, how my younger brother longed to be a gardener, so that he could use the lawn mower, without being shouted at by dad and then three years later a basketball player and finally a doctor, and now when I see him doing his grad in commerce, I can here the call of a new found goal :)
So life takes u-turns, goes through the highs and lows, there are some who get a good grip on their goals and make a breakthrough by achieveing them, but every human being cannot be the same, after all God has made each one of us uniquely different! :)
The best way of living life is to make the best of the here and now, plan for the future but give your best to your present, when our present becomes strong, it backs our future with great strength and makes it successfully stable.
So, this is for all those who get worried about not having definite goals in life. Live each moment as it comes and give it your best, a day would come when your hard work would open several doors for you to choose from and thats when you would be able to grab the best for yourself..a new found goal and a new meaning of life.
In the current scenario we are running so fast, that all that we think of is to ensure a better future, but our today gets neglected in the neverending marathon. Its good to think about the future , but its even more important to value each moment of life without neglecting it.
If we do not have a happy today and make no efforts to brighten it up, how would we ever have a happy tomorrow!
Life is a book in which each page has something interesting, that leads to the last few pages where the actual plans are unveiled. Its about turning a new page each time with renewed enthusiasm and interest!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Peace of Mind!!!

Innocence is the beauty that has a different outlook towards everything that it touches upon, be it the simplest thing in the world or the most complex matters that a mature mind might escape. It has its own definition and its own way of expressing and nurturing the beauty that lies within everything, that has been created by the Almighty.
Children are the beholders of innocence, though it also embraces those who know the real meaning of living life in the best way possible. Even in our blog world , I've come across people who believe in celebrating each day of their life wrapped up in the mesmerising experience of joy, love, peace and tranquility!
Life is not so complicated as we tend to make it , if life has a share of problems, it also has a chunk of joy, but what we tend to do is, to give our sorrows much more importance and forget that life turns a new page for each one of us.The innocence of ones thoughts, the experience of peace, a simple gaze at the beauty that envelopes our world and the ability of looking at the world through the thoughts of a little one, bring out the real taste of life, one that we have long forgotten.
Everything comes with a price, and the price of sheer joy and peace is a simple exchange of warmth...the warmth that lights up the world around us and takes our mind towards tranquility :)

Blessed are those whose innocent eyes,
can touch upon the real and sublime,
since beauty is not what one can always see,
its a thought that lights up our destiny.
So brighten your world with a thought divine,
just look at life with a peaceful mind :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Happy Blend

Its a beautiful morning, white, with a tinge of golden yellow. Mr. sun seemed to be in a good mood. So I just asked him,"hey! Mr. Sun what's up?How come you're not your usual fiery self today?", "Well my child", came the prompt reply........and its from here that my poem takes a flight...........
"Though I wasn't in a mood to mingle with the clouds,
but I thought, may be its hard to carve out,
a niche, without blending with a few,
happiness, gaiety , love and you,
so I decided why not give it a shot ....
lets blend with the clouds and let the weather rock ;)
Thank you Mr. Sun was all I could say,
the results of seclution, end up in dismay,
its when we tend to blend with the colours of the world,
its then that we carve a heaven on earth :)