Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Hold On

We often feel that certain decisions in our life are not what we wanted them to be, they could have been better or is it that they are for the better?...least do we realise that sometimes when the cord of our life gets entangled, its then that God guides us towards a new path...a path that leads to something thats definately for the better, but we being human feel that life's being unfair.
All of us believe in God, we say that we trust him, but when in pain, inspite of praying we fail to hold on to our trust, we question the Almighty as to why he put us through the test of time and He just keeps smiling.
Then finally we get something better, something we could not even imagine and we thank him and caress the cord of trust once again.
He was there throughout, he never gave up on us, he knew he had better plans, while the firmness of our belief swayed in the midst of the chaos generated in our life, through our deeds.
Do we humans really know what trust is all about, or is it just a convinient word for us, which we hold on to firmly when things are right and lose track of it when things don't seem to be going the way we want them to.
Do we know that another word for love is trust or is it just a great feeling for us?
Does our dictionary define everything on the grounds of convinience?
Every prayer is answered, coz God loves us for who we are,he knows what's best for us and this is why he has a better way to answer our prayers.......something thats beyong our imagination :)

Just hold on, for he's about to answer,
Just hold on, for he's definately there,
Just hold on to the cord of trust,
and leave the crutches of despair.
Just hold on, for he has better plans,
the ones we cannot percieve,
Just hold on, for a prayer is answered,
in the best way that it could be.
Just hold on, for it might take time,
but each word has been touched with love,
Just hold on for God loves you but wants to test your trust.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The varied reasons of life

Life is full of reasons and our quest to find them defines life.
Life gives us reasons to laugh, it gives us reasons to cry, it gives us reasons to speak and reasons to abide, it gives us reasons to love and reasons to celebrate, it gives us reasons to remember and reasons to penetrate.
It gives us reasons to recall and reasons to forget and certain wrong decisions give us a reason to regret. Its life and its varied reasons that make a path for us to travel, by choosing the right reasons we make the journey a less of a trouble, and then comes the reason to look back and smile, followed by a reason to be contented with life :)
Today I chose a reason, a reason to celebrate.... the reason was small but the celebration divine.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

And then I lit

It was dark,
I kept wondering why,
tightly shut with biting rust of time.
It was cold,
as cold as it could be,
a scary chill ran through me.
The ceiling was damp,
and time came to a still,
there at a distance was a locked window sill.
When I opened my eyes,
the dream passed away,
was it a dream or my inner state?
I filled my eyes with the ray that lit my room,
and allowed it to seep, deep within.
when I closed my eyes the very next day,
the doors were ajar,
and destiny lit my way.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A small step towards being humane...

It makes me wonder why is it that being born a human, we tend to forget how important it is to respect humanity, why do we get so busy, that we do not get time to wipe a tear rolling down someones eyes, why is that our colour makes us believe that we are superior than the rest, why do we become intolerant towards someones customs and ridicule them, just because we do not dress up the same way, why is it that caste and creed become higher than the value of human beings, why is it that we being human fail to understand the pain of fellow human beings, why is it that we are so preoccupied with our own self that it makes us feel that we are the only ones who have the right to live, why is it that money becomes more important than the lives of several human beings, why can't a tear be exchanged with a smile, why has humility become such a rare commodity, possessed only by a few.......
History has it that human beings have been the greatest enemies of fellow humans, a brother has killed a brother, a father has been disowned by his sons and a poor man has been illtreated by the rich. Times changed and so did the world but till date the devil seems to work with full force and we abide without raising our voice or putting an end to it.
Among many sections in society, one that is suffering without a reason just for the sake of the selfish gains of a handful are the rare tribes of the world. People of these tribes have a close knit society, with their own laws and a different way of living, they might not be 'civilised' in the conventional sense of the word, but are self sufficient to lead a happy life and far better than the ones who call themselves civilized but indulge in savagery. They are not in touch with the outside world and thats what makes them all the more unique. But for them, as it has been for many others, peace does not have a long life..there have been intrusions from the outside world making it difficult for them to live in their natural habitat. Their numbers are depleting and they are dying of epidemics , because they are not immune to the diseases from the outside world, this is why they immediately catch infection, if exposed to people who do not belong to their tribe ..like you and me.
"Over one hundred tribes in the world choose to reject contact with outsiders. They are the most vulnerable people on the planet. Many of them are living on the run, fleeing invasions of their land by colonists, loggers, oil crews and cattle ranchers. They have often seen their friends and families die at the hands of outsiders in unreported massacres or epidemics.
Terms like stone age and primitive have often been used to justify the persecusion or forced developement of tribal people, the results have always been catastrophic." For them the earth is their mother and they abide by the laws of nature and we the so called developed souls of the world have exploited nature and have ruin natural habitats in the name of developement and the sad part is that the state of our ruthless endeavours has become from bad to worse.
Today when I hear of people being killed in the name of religion, region, colour...my faith in humanity dwindles all the more, but as they say that after the end of a dark tunnel theres always light, in the same way there are people in the world who are leaving no stone unturned to make this world a better place, and I am happy that I have come across such people and their endeavours have left an everlasting impression on my soul. One such person and a fellow blogger whom I would like to mention is Mr. Maithri ( http://www.soaringimpulse.com/) a medical doctor living in Melbourne Australia. He has indeed been a real angel and has been working to improve the plight of the people in Swaitland.
Swaitland is a country with highest prevalence of HIV in the world, and 10% of its population consists of orphaned children. Through his posts I learnt how if we want and have the will to, we can be the change...a change that can lead to the creation of a happy world, where peace resides and if one is in pain many stand up to be the healing balm.
Wherever we are, in whatever part of the world, even if we are concerned about the plight of the people in our neighbourhood and help those who are in need, in any way possible, I am sure that our endeavour would indeed bring a change in society.
When God made this world, he made everything with loads of love and care and now its our duty to retain that love and spread it towards the dark corners..to rekindle life.
"Where theres darkness, let there be light."