Thursday, April 5, 2012

A lesson learnt

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Life makes you such a changed person that sometimes you are just surprised at your own self.
The life which just meant 'me' suddenly changes into 'we'. The self the ruled ones mind and the individuality that was set strictly apart, all of a sudden, eases itself and is ready to merge with the one it considers above itself.
Recently I met some one who left a big impact on my mind, a man of 75 years of age, happily parading the world with his beloved wife, when people tell him to slow down and sit back, he laughs it off and says that time is limited, we must hurry up, there is so much more to see in the world. A perfect team of two individuals who love each other immensely and take each others short comings and strength with a light hearted laughter.
When God joins two people he has nothing but a loved filled world in his mind, it's us humans who destroy such lovely relations by bringing ourselves and our ego between us and the people we love.
It's a great feeling to believe in someone completely, love him or her with all your heart and lock your ego in the far end of your being and enjoy the feeling with a wide open heart.But this great feeling can only be enjoyed when it touches both the hearts, the one who take advantage aren't worthy of it.
Life is an illuminated classroom where a new lesson is learnt everyday.....the best way of living your life is to enjoy and learn from each lesson that is taught day after day.