Saturday, June 9, 2012

Living in the moment.....?....

Living in the moment,
taking in every breath of fresh air,
living life the way it is supposed to be lived,
Being true to oneself,
Cherish the people who make life better,
and looking forward to the best while enjoying what is there in our present.

We all are aware about the best way to live life, but still we are so entangled in the web that surrounds us in our day to day life that it becomes very difficult to see the positive.
Its a challenge to peep through the shades of grey that life leaves for us to cherish...even if it's just for a moment.
Some people say that complete happiness is a myth but I believe it's just a state of mind, sometimes we feel as if destiny has chosen the best life for us and sometimes we stare rudely at our life for being unfair to us...
It's all a part of the game....a game which has prewritten rules.
Still we can't leave everything on destiny, we have to pull our socks and will have to change the course of our life towards the sunshine that brightens our heart, and that can only be done when we start living the same life by choosing and relishing the best out of it.
And rest as someone once said, it's life...we can't run away from it , so it's better to just enbrace it and start living in the moment.