Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Choicest Memories

Today is the last day of 2009, can we recall all that we did in the year that has passed, something productive, non-productive, exciting, new, repetative, monotonous, excellent, beyond expectations, helpful, painful, for bringing a smile, to start a new beginning....there is a looooong a way we got used to 2009 and when today it's time to say goodbye, let's take out time and recall a trail of events that brought a smile or invited a tear to run down our eyes.
What is it that we would really want to remember and would love to bring along with us into 2010?? Think about it , because that's something that would turn into a lasting memory :)

Years would keep passing by, life would move on, but what's important is that each year leaves a pleasant memory that would move on with us and by the end of our journey, a collection of memories would give us company and we would have a reason to smile..a smile of contentment...a smile of fulfillment.. and a smile that would make us complete.
May the coming year and many more leave imprints of beautiful memories and bright sunny days that would bring a lovely shine to our lives!

A Very Happy 2010 to all my fellow bloggers, walking hand in hand with your thoughts has been an amazing experience for me, something that I would take along when I enter the years yet to come :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Lesson Everywhere!

Each day ends on a thankful note and settles down in peace, looking forward to a beautiful new beginning. Another page in life, packed with surprises, some that bring a smile and some that make us frown, but there's a surprise hidden every time we turn a new page in life.

A gentle shower of rain, smears our surroundings with love, joy, peace and happiness...nature has a selfless way of showering numerous blessings...blessings that we should be thankful for...nature teaches us that no matter what happens, life is a responsibility and we have to be responsible enough to make it worth while and to thank the creator for all that he has blessed us with, taking up good examples every day.

Nature teaches us to be like a rainbow, that glows after a heavy shower, like the grass that looks greener or the tree that holds on to its roots even after being lashed by heavy rains.
Examples are not only set by great human beings but also by our surroundings, coz God has left hints everywhere. Even a tiny little sapling teaches us the greatest truth of our life, i.e. "what we sow, we reap."

Life is a journey, travel in such a way that it runs smooth and your company makes it a beautiful experience for those travelling with you.

We all are companions in this journey called life, let's make it a beautiful experience for each other, let nature be our teacher and God our guiding light.

May Everyones life be filled with peace, joy and contentment. Amen

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Human: A "Logical Being"

Many of you must have seen an ad where people are ridiculed for engraving their names on historical monuments. These are the people for whom the world is their black board where they have a right to scribble anything nonsensical that they want. These people as we all do , pay taxes for the maintenance of the same monuments but don't think twice when they try to harm them...a real foolish act!
I remember the time when my principal made the whole of class 12th batch, scrub our tables with a "regmal"on which there were numerous scribbles. At that time we felt it was very thoughtless of her, an unkind act , but later when she gave us a reason , it became a lesson for life.
She said that when we commit a sin, we have to repent, because no one else can do that for us, is it logical that a robber robs a house and his poor parents pay for his the same way when we scribble on our desks, the same desks on which we write our exams, we spend the maximum part of our day, is it fair that a carpenter works hard to rectify our mistake and then again when we come back from our vacations we damage them conviniently!
Yes, that day each one of us scrubbed our desk and found them all polished and new when we came back from our vacations....we didn't damage them again because we had learnt our lesson!
I guess some people don't feel responsible towards the property outside their homes, I'd like to ask such people, what would happen if a group of monkeys are left in their house and they tamper with their would it feel? This is something one should really think about.
We are humans, God has given us something called logic and reasoning, he has asked us to use it in order to lead a good life, then why is it that sometimes our acts just don't portray us as logical beings??
Lets get back to where we began..the historical monuments...a precious part of our history...a special part of the memories related to the golden past of our land..a witness that saw a nation in making...what right do we have to engrave nonsensical stuff on our monuments and what would we get out of it??
When we enter a monument we feel like a part of history, it's a different experience and a soulful one, observing the walls we get to know about the architecture of those times, the way everything was brilliantly designed, the arches, the floor, the grand entrance, we follow the details and all of a sudden our eyes fall on a ugly engraving on one of the walls.."Seema loves Himesh"!!!! God! why does Seema have to ruin a precious piece of history to love Himesh????There are loads of such unsolved queries, I wish we could make them repair the walls, so that they learn a lesson for life, it would have made their engraved love all the more stronger ;)
If we do not think about harming our personal property, what right do we have to harm something that belongs to the nation...It's shameful and an extremely selfish behaviour and it's hightime that such people realise their mistake.
Freinds, life is a journey and each day is a lesson. It's important to learn good things and to abandon the bad ones on the last station that we've already left. We all make mistakes, but those who learn from their mistakes, are the ones who have lived life in the real sense, because it's only then can the world be made a better place.
Once someone asked me to define success..... According to me, the person whose conscience gives him/her a clean chit by the end of the day, is the one who has been most successful!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking Forward!!

We all look forward to whats going to happen next. When we start going to school, we look forward to play in the activity room, when we move ahead, we look forward to becoming seniors and during all this, we look forward to weekends, picnics and loads and loads of fun, then finally we reach the senior classes and look forward to the carefree college days and finally we realise that the world inside the school was much more safer, comfortable and carefree. In college we manage our pocket money, crave for more, save money for a ticket to a movie and for a cup of coffee at barista, which is a special visit that comes in turns, where one orders and the rest enjoy. The blessed pooling in is also a part of the activity.Finally we look forward to a good job, so that we can have money to enjoy ourselves. College days get over and we enter the work place, we get money but no time to spend it, friends get busy and thus a preoccupied life comes into being, we miss the days spend at college, thats also when we look forward to a good partner and after that a happy family. Responsibilities keep piling up and we start looking forward to a carefree life once again.
As it is a fact and an inevitable one, that we do get old, at this point of time, we have money and time but our energy level dips a bit lower than we ever expected it to be. But we don't stop looking forward....
We human beings have a tendency to look forward to whats coming up next which is not a bad idea at all, because life is about going on, but sometimes it's also very important to stop and think about the present and enjoy the moment, and enjoy it in such a way that it feels that we have captured time in our palms. Remember the last time when you enjoyed your day, gripping it in your palm and dancing to its tune. Its important to look ahead but its also important to be able to dance to the tune of the present, after all its a happy present that would open passages for a happier tomorrow!
Look forward to a better tomorrow on the soft petals of a beautiful today :)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Sometimes life just makes you feel so nostalgic that you tend to question yourself..."am I living life or am I just thinking about it?" It's wierd isn't it ?But that's whats beautiful about life, it spreads new roads in front of us and makes us miss the journey we've just covered.
Anything can trigger off nostalgia, even the very thought of certain things brings a smile on our face. We meet strangers and discover a similarity that reminds us of someone, a particular fragrance, or the roads that we have crossed as kids, a familiar warmth or just a familiar smile, a simple post or just a sparkle in someones eyes....
Nostalgia knows how to define a moment and fetch us a smile.

Yesterday I heard a song,
and thus a chord was struck,
an affectionate feeling rose within,
a feeling of a long lost bond,
I closed my eyes and felt it seep through,
it went and settled on my heart,
I bat an eyelid and a smile streached out,
nostalgic it was,
Memory of a nostalgic past.