Thursday, December 17, 2009

Human: A "Logical Being"

Many of you must have seen an ad where people are ridiculed for engraving their names on historical monuments. These are the people for whom the world is their black board where they have a right to scribble anything nonsensical that they want. These people as we all do , pay taxes for the maintenance of the same monuments but don't think twice when they try to harm them...a real foolish act!
I remember the time when my principal made the whole of class 12th batch, scrub our tables with a "regmal"on which there were numerous scribbles. At that time we felt it was very thoughtless of her, an unkind act , but later when she gave us a reason , it became a lesson for life.
She said that when we commit a sin, we have to repent, because no one else can do that for us, is it logical that a robber robs a house and his poor parents pay for his the same way when we scribble on our desks, the same desks on which we write our exams, we spend the maximum part of our day, is it fair that a carpenter works hard to rectify our mistake and then again when we come back from our vacations we damage them conviniently!
Yes, that day each one of us scrubbed our desk and found them all polished and new when we came back from our vacations....we didn't damage them again because we had learnt our lesson!
I guess some people don't feel responsible towards the property outside their homes, I'd like to ask such people, what would happen if a group of monkeys are left in their house and they tamper with their would it feel? This is something one should really think about.
We are humans, God has given us something called logic and reasoning, he has asked us to use it in order to lead a good life, then why is it that sometimes our acts just don't portray us as logical beings??
Lets get back to where we began..the historical monuments...a precious part of our history...a special part of the memories related to the golden past of our land..a witness that saw a nation in making...what right do we have to engrave nonsensical stuff on our monuments and what would we get out of it??
When we enter a monument we feel like a part of history, it's a different experience and a soulful one, observing the walls we get to know about the architecture of those times, the way everything was brilliantly designed, the arches, the floor, the grand entrance, we follow the details and all of a sudden our eyes fall on a ugly engraving on one of the walls.."Seema loves Himesh"!!!! God! why does Seema have to ruin a precious piece of history to love Himesh????There are loads of such unsolved queries, I wish we could make them repair the walls, so that they learn a lesson for life, it would have made their engraved love all the more stronger ;)
If we do not think about harming our personal property, what right do we have to harm something that belongs to the nation...It's shameful and an extremely selfish behaviour and it's hightime that such people realise their mistake.
Freinds, life is a journey and each day is a lesson. It's important to learn good things and to abandon the bad ones on the last station that we've already left. We all make mistakes, but those who learn from their mistakes, are the ones who have lived life in the real sense, because it's only then can the world be made a better place.
Once someone asked me to define success..... According to me, the person whose conscience gives him/her a clean chit by the end of the day, is the one who has been most successful!


AJai said...

ah... if only common sense was common. it just isn't. people will not use their brains all the time. the law needs to be better. that's the key i feel.

Margaret Cloud said...

I also think this is awful, even when people mark on fences and buildings. Common sence is suppose to be born in us all, but I think it skips some people. I enjoyed reading this very much, a good post as usual to make us think about our world around us. Thank you for coming by.

Amit J said...

didnt want to veer off the topic...i hope she didn't love himesh reshammiya....

Princess said...

very necessary thought and a reminder for good citizens who forget who they are at times.

nice one Sana..

Shimmer said...

nice :D
it seems as if youve been pondering a lot.
i wrote a comment here before, but i dont know wher it went, maybe i closed he browser b it published.
well, this issue also can be seen while people litter on the streets. it really hurts to see some one litter in your house dsnt it, then why treat Your country differently?!

A New Beginning said...

Yes Ajai, that indeed is a key to it,if people don't have logic, its better to fill someinto them:)

Very true Margaret, I think its high time such people start thinking. Thanks for coming :)

I really hope not Ajai J :)lol

Thanks Aiz :)

I do that all the time Shimmer;)
Ya sometimes the comment box acts wierd!
I agree with you, but some ppl just dont get it, what to do :)

Ellen said...

"...then why is it that sometimes our acts just don't portray us as logical beings??..."

That's a good question, Sana. A lot of things goes into that why people behave as they do, illogical or not. Many different things shape people's thoughts and behavior and translates itself in something good or something bad.

What should be learned is being responsible and accountable for our actions. That anything that we may think, say, and do has its effect, consequences, and potential to build up or destroy. We can't just ignore the fact that we stand connected in one or several ways, directly or indirectly. This should be taught early on first in the home and to the young in school.

Good insights, Sana. Your blog makes for a good interesting read. By the way, thank you for dropping by. 'Love it each time you do. God bless!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

You have highlighted one of the serious flaws in our society. Vandalism is built into our psyche not in schools but in colleges. Once a student enters the college there is a plethora of unions teaching him all the wrong things starting with dharna, boycotting classes, manhandling the teachers, stoning the buses and destroying public property.

On a larger scale this is what we see the political parties doing day in and day out all over the country. In Kerala bandhs and stikes are quite common. So much so the Kerala High Court banned bandhs in the State. Yet trade unions and political parties claim it their right to strike and declare bandhs and lockouts.What we study in schools lay the foundation for the future citizens of India but when we come out of schools we realize that the actual world is totally different.

The fact remains that as a result of the efforts put in by the school teachers majority of the population desist from vandalism.

Wonderful post full of erudition and instuction.

Have a nice day Sana:)

Zayida said...

There is Logic and Reasoning..but there is stupidity and arrogance as well!!!

i thing it should start right from home...where kids should be taught to love ones property and care for others!and cleanliness as well..i think religion guides us to such things(which get instilled in us rt frm childhood)

Nice thoughts..:)
Have a great new year ahead!

-=A.R.N.=- said...

I'd like to agree with Mr. Joseph Pulikotil:
vandalism is kinda built into our society the way our colleges and social media glorify the pathetic.

Especially the movies; I really hate those stupid movies that actually promote being an idiotic college-dropout chasing after his "sweet love".

I think the best way to deal with vandals is not a fine or imprisonment...they should be forced to scrub and polish the very monument they deface.

Issam said...

A sad story indeed. Its so bad to see some of our lovely monuments tainted with such silly writings...
I feel its important to let people know of the importance of heritage and more importantly about respecting creations. Its sad that logics miserable fail when it comes to the logical creations.

btw, beautiful definition of success... :)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for a lovely comment Ellen. A visit to your blog is an enriching experience for me :)

Yes Mr. Joseph I totally agree with you, at school level our foundations can be built up in such a way that we learn to differentiate btw right and wrong. A very powerful comment indeed:) u too have a great day!!

Yes Zayida, it starts from home and school...but some ppl just take everything for granted, they should be set right!

Very true Noor, you know media does have a great responsibility on its shoulders, ppl get so inspired by it. Stupid things look great in a movie, but practical life is not about running around trees, a sensible partner might just give the nonsensical counterpart some sense, but if both are "foolishness personified" nothing much can be done...except for making them scrub and rectify their mistake..

Thanks Issam, that defi is very imp for a good life, coz we alone know about the mistakes we do and by the end of the day, we have to fight our conscience..its imp to keep knocking at it :)

Princess said...

Hi Sana..

I posted the answer for the puzzle painting.


Whirlwind said...

A really thought provoking post!!