Friday, December 4, 2009


Sometimes life just makes you feel so nostalgic that you tend to question yourself..."am I living life or am I just thinking about it?" It's wierd isn't it ?But that's whats beautiful about life, it spreads new roads in front of us and makes us miss the journey we've just covered.
Anything can trigger off nostalgia, even the very thought of certain things brings a smile on our face. We meet strangers and discover a similarity that reminds us of someone, a particular fragrance, or the roads that we have crossed as kids, a familiar warmth or just a familiar smile, a simple post or just a sparkle in someones eyes....
Nostalgia knows how to define a moment and fetch us a smile.

Yesterday I heard a song,
and thus a chord was struck,
an affectionate feeling rose within,
a feeling of a long lost bond,
I closed my eyes and felt it seep through,
it went and settled on my heart,
I bat an eyelid and a smile streached out,
nostalgic it was,
Memory of a nostalgic past.


Antarman said...

And I thought that nostalgia was the prerogative of old people only:)

SindhuBhairavi said...

all through i was saying.. "its so true.. ", i could very well relate to what u have written.. very beautifullt written.. truly..

Zayida said...

The best thing i like about ur blog are such short beautiful posts on a so simple a topic...ur writing really gives life to them!Keep it up Sana...

...and Nostalgia is something that can make any incident worthwhile...even long after it has happened!

Being Pramoda... said...

u spoke my heart.. i was soo lost in the post..excellent..:)

-=A.R.N.=- said...

A wise man once said that our lives are made up of memories...but then that is so limited that we could spend half an hour to maybe a couple of hours and go through every single memory we own.


Ellen said...

Hi Sana,

"Nostalgia knows how to define a moment and fetch us a smile."

I love that line very much. How often that it does to me... a smile or a dozen smiles or maybe a thousand. :-) .. and memories come traipsing in like a lovely dance.

Interesting piece of writing.

A New Beginning said...

No Antarman, its very much an abode of the young :)

Thanks Sindhu, I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks Zayida and very true,nostalgia does make any incident worthwhile, coz it brings life back to it :)

I'm happy I could do that Pramoda :)

Yes ARN, thats very true :)Sometimes we're so into them, that they become a means of comfort when one feels lonely.

"memories come traipsing in like a lovely dance...." thats a beautiful line Ellen :)

Thank you all, have a great week ahead :)

Whirlwind said...

A Beautiful post with a deep message. Certain memories tend to keep us going. Walking down memory lane evokes a lot of pleasant feelings!!

Margaret Cloud said...

I do enjoy reading your post, it makes us think. I like to be as nostalgic as I can, it makes me happy to think of days gone by. I wish you Merry Christmas and hope your holiday is filled with joy. Thank you for coming by.

A New Beginning said...

Very true Shwetha, memories do keep us going :)

Same here Margaret and Merry Christmas to you too, may the year ahead bring loads of happiness and peace for all. Amen

Princess said...

yeah, its true memories are linked such even the trivial thing can trigger nostalgia..

nice poem