Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its for us to decide...........

Different countries, different cultures , different ways of living, but somewhere theres a common factor that binds each and every indiviual in this world , this binding thread can mean different things to different people.
Lets take for instance two teenagers residing in two different parts of the world, with completely different cultures and different social backgrounds, but still they go through the same changes in life, the same old confusion of a growing mind, something each one of us went through when we were in our teens, then what's the difference? Maybe their outlook in life and the way they try to solve their dilemma. One cannot say that a single parent say in the US , faces the same problems as the one in India , but yes, certain things are quite the same, lonliness can surface to some extent in both the cases (I am not saying it happens in such cases but we all are human beings by the end of the day and go through a bit varied but quite similar thought processes in life) . An orphan say in a comfortable orphanage as compared to the one loitering on the road, might be in a better condition, but both share the same longing for a home of ones own, a wish thats bigger than all the comforts in this world .
We might react to a thirteen year old kid becoming a father in a foriegn land, but somewhere we have been hearing of such incidents in our land in the form of child marriages leading to premature pregnancies, the latter is a more socially sanctifies picture, but its a kid who becomes a parent in both the cases.
Its different yet so similar, that's because all the human beings in this world are tied to the same bundle of emotions that they go through in varied degrees. Its wrong to say that they do this and we don't, they lack values , we nurture them, the blame game can be neverending.........each one of us have been brought up with good values, each one of us have been shown the right path, each one of us cherish the different cultures that we belong to, its for us to decide what we want out of life. Do we want to live life carelessly, trodding the path that ruins our future forever , or do we want to lead ourselves to the path that would take us towards betterment.
Its an indiviual decision, no religion, culture, region or country can force an indiviual to do something that's not right for them or for others, if one is determined to do something wrong they can do it with or without being seen.
The essence of life lies in the fact that even in the absence of moral policing an indiviual recognises the right path and abides by it consciously and unconsciously........its only then that we can say that we are proud of ourselves!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

clicked about life:)

Though I don't know much about photography but somehow each one of us have a picture stored in our heart , lost memories just surface out all of a sudden through the dusty pile of old pics. What is so special about photographs , well it seems that a photograph has the power to capture emotions and treasure them for a life time. The fresh shower of rain, an innocent smile of a new born infant, first love , a nursery group snap with ones hair looking like a birds crumpled nest, the first group of friends , grandparents with their teeth intact , some clicked just for fun, others with loads of preparation, photographs talk volumes without words. The best part of the deal is that even an old, yellow , slightly blurred photo will still have the same emotions preserved within it, which can never change .
Just wish we had the power to click the best moments of our lives and re-live them once again, a pile of actual moments which whenever we are sad would give us solace by being replayed time and again .But then I think if we would keep on repeating the same moments, life would become extremely boring. Theres something stored in each new moment of our life , new emotions , new dreams, something new to look forward to .
Be it sad or happy, life is to be lived and enjoyed, I call it living life tastefully, a bite of each moment together form a pile of photographs which collectively form a treasure of memories to be preserved and cherished for years to come.
Therefore all I can say is........SMILE PLEASE:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

No Vision Without Hope

There are so many stories hidden within every human being that it's difficult to find out who has what concealed within themselves.There's pain, there is anguish, but life goes on for each one of us. The only thing that we can do to make some one or ourselves happy is to try our level best. A dedicated soul and a heart full of kindness is what brings a smile of contentment; contentment from the fact that atleast we tried our best, as this is the real meaning of life, strive, work hard and leave the rest on God.
Recently I met someone who is a regular visitor to an old age home, the things that he told me touched my heart and left me without words. I am amazed at the kind of hope that the people living there nurture in their heart. For instance there is a woman ( an old lady) who always asks the visitors whether they have met her family and on getting a positive reply is more than satisfied and continues with the daily routine in turn reminding the person to meet her family again. This is called Hope, though most of us would say that the old lady is not in her senses, I'd say may be this is why she is alive. We sensible beings apply so much of unnecessary logic to everything that hope takes a flying leap from our life, least do we realsie that until we hope for the best to happen it would never happen because negativity has always kept success at bay.Someone told me ones, we should never shrink our dreams to adjust to the reality, it's the reality that would adjust to our dreams.
In contrast to the old lady there is one in the same old age home, who stays despondent all the time, with a plaster on one of her hands, she is leading life with a preserved parcel of the worst memories of her life.She has no hope left. Her children took away her house, broke her hand and threw her out of their lives. Today she does not want to remember them, she hates the very mention of home and lives in the dark cacoon that she has built around herself, ... there's no hope left within her.
I am not saying that the first woman I mentioned was completely happy, but yes the hope within her kept her on her feet while the latter is counting each day with a heavy heart.
Every Human being has been hurt sometime or the other in their life, some fought back and some took it on themselves. The ones who faced reality with readiness were the ones who had hope clenched within them.
Never lose Hope, hold on to it, so that it does not let go of you, spread it around and feel it coming back with greater energy.Hopelessness can make our vision poor, a vision of a new tomorrow, a vision of a new beginning.
Be hopeful towards life:)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

As simple as can be!

Life is quite simple, but the amount of complications we attach to it makes it go haywire. There are innumerable problems that we face in our day to day life , in order to solve them we use all kind of logic, hign flown ideas, complicated solutions which inturn make it a pain for a life time,least do we realise that there can be simple solutions for handling problems. While Going through a case study I found out how when NASA began the launch of astronauts into space they found that the pens would not work on zero gravity( as the ink would not flow down to the writing surface). To solve this problem it took them one decade and dollar twelve million to develop a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down, and on any surface including in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degree c.
On the contrary what did the Russians do???
Well not much................they used a pencil instead:) Now you see how complicated we make things , be it on an intelectual level or an emotional one.
Talking about the emotional problems what do we do when we get into a fight with our loved ones. Well we start looking for complex solutions ........should I get flowers? Let him be , he'll be fine in a day or two? should I arrange for an elaborate dinner? Least do we realise that a simple sorry and a warm hug can make one cross any barrier that ever existed .
With a mechanical life full of complexities we have made every thing complicated around us .Our relationships have become strained with complexities, our smile waits for approval, every step that we take is a regulated one, regulated with the complex ideals that we have carved out for ourselves , that's why today instead of going out in the open and enjoying the breeze , we prefer sitting inside, curled up in the compact world that we have created for ourselves. Today when most of us cook food its not because we enjoy cooking and sharing the food with our loved ones on the same table, but its because we have to cook , making it a tedious but crucial everyday ritual .
Life has become quite complex isn't it? But its high time that we step towards a more uncomplicated tomorrow, simple, enjoyable life , where we earn to keep ourselves happy not to barter happiness in the process. Take out simple solutions for the complexities of life, let go of yourself once in a while , try focussing on solutions instead on wasting your energy thinking about the problems. After all life is simple
---Simply beautiful:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The indiviual called a woman has many roles in life. From day one she takes on the role of a daughter who brings prosperity and happiness to her family, the role of a sister is the one she performs with equal grace, then comes the role of a wife, a mother, grandmother along with many other roles expected from her .But sometimes its forgotten that their is an essential role on which her life is based and her identity is carved out, this is the role of an indiviual, one who has her own likes and dislikes, ambitions, aims, dreams and many more things that define who she actually is, apart from the roles she plays in life. She does not want to be remembered as so and so's wife or daughter or sister , but as someone unique, an indiviual who has the determination and the calibre to find her niche in life. She is Durga, She is laxmi , She is who she is , with her distinct qualities, her shortcomings, her success, her personality. She is her own distinct self in the crowd of many, she works, she plays, she cries, she laughs , she spreads love without expecting anything in return except for a sincere request i.e. not to be overshadowered or overpowered in such a way that it stops her from reaching out , like a little plant that grows among the bigger ones and struggles to be showered with the rays of the sun, though it has its own identity yet no one notices it, as it has been overpowered by the ones around it.

Woman, one of God's most beautiful creations, but is beauty the only defining factor for her?Do expectations lie in the length of her hair? Do people really love to see her cry?
Well whatever said and done she is the most humble of all creatures, the authorised signatory for the creation of life and for those who love her, a blessing in disguise.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A flight towards maturity

Birthday : the day one on which one was born and linger on to till the last day of his/her life. Its a new year for a person , a year that has come after crossing many such year with or without changes. It can't be without a change because theres something or the other that changes with each passing year, but if nothing has changed in reality, our perspective of looking at life and things around us definately does.
The usual group of friends seem far off and busy with their lives, the messages shift their timings from 12 at night to midday......or end of the day;) ,a big bar of choclate first thing in the morning gives way to a big mug of coffee, the casual day off from school gets changed with a hurry to leave for work. When one is in their twenties and at an age when a new life awaits, there is a constant anxiety, that maybe this is the last birthday one would celebrate in the house that has been an essential part of ones life.
But there are things that never change and the most important among them are the blessings that our parents and loved ones shower on us. A warm hug from mum early in the morning feels like the most precious token of love, the greatest gift one can ever get.The old memories become all the more precious with each passing day, an ignorant youth welcomes a mature mind . The child within cuddles in a corner and springs out when ones heart is full of joy, though the times ahead make one a bit apprehensive, the times that have passed leave a contented smile.
Yes its an essential day of ones life, and the most essential part of it lies in the fact that whatever challenges we had to face, however good or bad the times might have been, we have dealt with them successfully and at this point of time can be proud of ourselves for our consistent efforts.
Age gracefully, like a bird flying towards the sky, there is a lot that it has left behind but the love of a new tomorrow gives a new born strength to its wings, a new born year, a new sunrise and a fresh shower of maturity with a sprinkle of innocence garnished on it .......... that's a happy birthday, a day that invites a beautiful tomorrow !

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valuable to some, Nothing to other

Recently I saw a video in y.tube which left me quite amazed at the odd realities of life.It was a comment based video, where different people were asked as to what would they do if they get Rs.500.The different replies were not only signs of the difference between the hierarchies in society , but also signalled towards the fact that in life certain things which may not make a great difference to someones life can be the other ones source of daily bread.
A college student said that he would spend the money on buying cigarettes and alcohol, while a man said that in todays world nothing can happen with a 500 rupee note.In stark contrast was a boy who gave a list of items that he could buy with the money, starting with food items for his family to medicines for his mother , then there was a little one who said that the money would serve as his school fee ( as it was clear that he was unable to go to school coz he was poor), a dhaba owner longed for a stove and said the first thing he would do is to buy a stove if he gets the money. The video ended with the note.........Think before you spend.
Yes these are the stark realities of life, we can never figure out how valuable certain things are for some people who reside in the same society as ours, but live a very very different life. Old things might be old for us but they are better than new for some people. Our parents spend so much on our studies but by the end of it most of us don't even bother respecting the fact that they have done so much. Don't we take everything for granted, thats because there are umpteen sources to look after our needs, but if we ever think about the people who have nothing and yet are thankful for whatever they have, we'll start realising the fact that each day of our life is a blessing.
How easy it is for us to say that nothing happens with a 500 rupee note, ask someone whose life can change even if he has 100 rs. in his hands let alone 500. Have you ever seen a coolie at a railway station, just stop and observe him someday, see how he slogs throughout the day for whatever little he gets by the end of it. But hes contented with his life , because he knows that by the end of the day, atleast his family would not have to sleep hungry.
We should value what we have , its a great way to thank God, and to feel contented by the end of the day..........for being on the sunny side of life.
Gandhiji always asked people to recall the face of the poorest man whenever in doubt.
Whenever we would attempt to look at the plight of the people we would always feel blessed and it would further motivate us to do something for their betterment.
Remember what you have is something someone might not have or even think of having, therefore value life, instead of sulking , spent it in spreading joy.......in the process it'll leave you a much happier person. Someone much more happy about life.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rekindling the inner spark

I am scared of skydiving and it really leaves me amazed as to how some people just jump in mid air, perform various maneuvers and then all of a sudden pull the ripcord of the parachute so that they can land safely .But this sport directly or indirectly taught me a big lesson in life, a lesson on "self trust".
Yes, its the trust on oneself that makes a skydiver jump in mid air and rule the sky , without worrying about what would happen next, because he knows that his hand would definately pull the rip cord when the time comes..........more than the parachute, he trusts himself , he knows that he would be able to handle the situation. Its important to trust oneself , where ever you are, what ever you may do , if you know that your conscience is clear theres no looking back . By not trusting ourselves we fail to recognise our inner worth, what we are capable of and what may be able to do which otherwise seems to be impossible . Possibilities knock at our door step but we turn a blind eye because we are unable to gather courage to counter them .Self trust can also be clubbed with self love, if we indulge in self love we would be able to trust ourselves more easily. Self love is not about being selfish, its about acknowledging who we are, accepting our negatives and positives and then inturn working on them with a positive mind.
People exercise to keep themselves fit , some of them even after loosing weight crib about the fact that they haven't lost much and look as out of shape as they used to before, but some feel elated after seeing a minor variation and work towards more, congratulating themselves for their hardwork and getting inspired by others in the process, theres no scope of jealousy because they know that they can work towards a better future and can also appreciate others who they think have been living a good life.
Welcome life with open arms, accept the things that it has given us, by the end of the day if we have faith in our abilities, nothing would seem impossible.......nothing at all.
"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement."Foster C. Mcclellan

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The window to our heart:)

Eyes are the mirror of our soul , they tell us what lies within and give a reflection of the inner world, where no one can reach otherwise. Acting like a wide ocean of emotions, our eyes reflect our state of mind. Sometimes moist and sometimes numb , with a twinkle or sans expression , they act as a dress code on all occasions.
Lonely yet longing, stern but soft , motherly yet rigid, our eyes indulge in an interesting talk. Lost in silent conversations, shocked about reality, melting away at times or looking through ones soul. Innocense full of honesty, having a way without words, eyes are a symbol of purity, of worth.
Our Eyes are a mirror, our soul they reflect, the unfulfilled dreams , the sadness, the mystery , the distress. Our consience acts as a wipe for these windows of our mind , a clear conscience reflects a pair of eyes divine.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life : A Variety Show:)

We meet different kind of people in our day to day life, odd, even, good, bad , ugly,sad .Its not their appearance that I am talking about, but its the way they behave that matters the most, coz by the end of the day thats what makes us who we are.....
Different people make one feel differently. Two complete strangers, about whom you do not know anything at all , but after sometime , maybe fifteen minutes or half an hour , one gets to know the kind of people they are , may be not a detailed summary but certain bare essentials. On the contrary certain mysteries take more than a life time to be solved. Its true that one needs time to understand someone, but certain meetings are best if declared the last.
There are people who like to do all the talking, giving the other person little chance to answer , this is the kind who have "self importance" typed on their forehead, while on the other hand there are those who are good listeners but great observers , you never know the amount of data they might have collected about you in their mind, during the what you might think of as a simple conversation. The "much amused about life" kinds, start giggling the moment they meet someone, as if the world is a circus and they are the sole and the greatest spectators. You can't help but feel sorry for them, maybe they just find a mirror in everyother person , in which they can see their reflection and laugh on it !
But in this image gallery their is a huge section of those who make you feel, that life is like a pleasant morning with a beautiful sunrise, coz they know how to make one feel special, they have the great magic spell of bringing a smile on the face of those whom they come across. You meet them and you know that their smile is contagious enough to last you a life time.
Thank God that life comes in different colours , different moods and different shades .......theres darkness countered by light, theres better attached to the best , every evening has a beautiful morning , and every tear is hugged by a smile which makes our life worth each while .