Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The window to our heart:)

Eyes are the mirror of our soul , they tell us what lies within and give a reflection of the inner world, where no one can reach otherwise. Acting like a wide ocean of emotions, our eyes reflect our state of mind. Sometimes moist and sometimes numb , with a twinkle or sans expression , they act as a dress code on all occasions.
Lonely yet longing, stern but soft , motherly yet rigid, our eyes indulge in an interesting talk. Lost in silent conversations, shocked about reality, melting away at times or looking through ones soul. Innocense full of honesty, having a way without words, eyes are a symbol of purity, of worth.
Our Eyes are a mirror, our soul they reflect, the unfulfilled dreams , the sadness, the mystery , the distress. Our consience acts as a wipe for these windows of our mind , a clear conscience reflects a pair of eyes divine.


Ayesha Parveen said...

Very true. The eyes speak without words. Best wishes.

A New Beginning said...

They certainly do.Thanks Ayesha!

manivannan said...

Beautiful thoughts. And it's very true! Eyes are the mirror our soul and they reflect the divine within us. No wonder why our politicians wear black glasses :)

You've written it well! Thanx for sharing.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Manivannan, and that's quite a good one , dark glasses..din't think about it:)

Subuhi said...

Loved your eyes, from day one. Now I know Why. God Bless

A New Beginning said...

Loved u from day one M.:)