Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valuable to some, Nothing to other

Recently I saw a video in which left me quite amazed at the odd realities of life.It was a comment based video, where different people were asked as to what would they do if they get Rs.500.The different replies were not only signs of the difference between the hierarchies in society , but also signalled towards the fact that in life certain things which may not make a great difference to someones life can be the other ones source of daily bread.
A college student said that he would spend the money on buying cigarettes and alcohol, while a man said that in todays world nothing can happen with a 500 rupee note.In stark contrast was a boy who gave a list of items that he could buy with the money, starting with food items for his family to medicines for his mother , then there was a little one who said that the money would serve as his school fee ( as it was clear that he was unable to go to school coz he was poor), a dhaba owner longed for a stove and said the first thing he would do is to buy a stove if he gets the money. The video ended with the note.........Think before you spend.
Yes these are the stark realities of life, we can never figure out how valuable certain things are for some people who reside in the same society as ours, but live a very very different life. Old things might be old for us but they are better than new for some people. Our parents spend so much on our studies but by the end of it most of us don't even bother respecting the fact that they have done so much. Don't we take everything for granted, thats because there are umpteen sources to look after our needs, but if we ever think about the people who have nothing and yet are thankful for whatever they have, we'll start realising the fact that each day of our life is a blessing.
How easy it is for us to say that nothing happens with a 500 rupee note, ask someone whose life can change even if he has 100 rs. in his hands let alone 500. Have you ever seen a coolie at a railway station, just stop and observe him someday, see how he slogs throughout the day for whatever little he gets by the end of it. But hes contented with his life , because he knows that by the end of the day, atleast his family would not have to sleep hungry.
We should value what we have , its a great way to thank God, and to feel contented by the end of the day..........for being on the sunny side of life.
Gandhiji always asked people to recall the face of the poorest man whenever in doubt.
Whenever we would attempt to look at the plight of the people we would always feel blessed and it would further motivate us to do something for their betterment.
Remember what you have is something someone might not have or even think of having, therefore value life, instead of sulking , spent it in spreading the process it'll leave you a much happier person. Someone much more happy about life.


Subuhi said...

Sometime back, when i was a kid... my father told me once that a banana that i get to waste everyday because i don't want to have it... is enough to provide nourishment to a child back in somalia. That one statement of his still stays with me.
The sad part is we never get to appreciate what we already have and we end up abusing it/them.
Thanks Sana, for showing us the stark reality.

A New Beginning said...

That's a great example that your dad gave you, life teaches loads of lessons each day, its in our hands to grasp them or let them go wasted. Thanks:)

manivannan said...

An inspiring post. Cleared all my Monday blues away :) It's very true we should always count our blessings.

BTW can you share the youtube link, I really loved that idea.


Have a wonderful day ahead!

Ayesha Parveen said...

A highly thought-provoking post, Sana. It is true that we all need to be thankful for what we get in life. Best wishes.

A New Beginning said...

I am glad it made a difference, I saw the video in someones profile will try to get it for you:) Thanks for your comment Manivannan and thanks Ayesha for all your best wishes:)