Monday, February 16, 2009

No Vision Without Hope

There are so many stories hidden within every human being that it's difficult to find out who has what concealed within themselves.There's pain, there is anguish, but life goes on for each one of us. The only thing that we can do to make some one or ourselves happy is to try our level best. A dedicated soul and a heart full of kindness is what brings a smile of contentment; contentment from the fact that atleast we tried our best, as this is the real meaning of life, strive, work hard and leave the rest on God.
Recently I met someone who is a regular visitor to an old age home, the things that he told me touched my heart and left me without words. I am amazed at the kind of hope that the people living there nurture in their heart. For instance there is a woman ( an old lady) who always asks the visitors whether they have met her family and on getting a positive reply is more than satisfied and continues with the daily routine in turn reminding the person to meet her family again. This is called Hope, though most of us would say that the old lady is not in her senses, I'd say may be this is why she is alive. We sensible beings apply so much of unnecessary logic to everything that hope takes a flying leap from our life, least do we realsie that until we hope for the best to happen it would never happen because negativity has always kept success at bay.Someone told me ones, we should never shrink our dreams to adjust to the reality, it's the reality that would adjust to our dreams.
In contrast to the old lady there is one in the same old age home, who stays despondent all the time, with a plaster on one of her hands, she is leading life with a preserved parcel of the worst memories of her life.She has no hope left. Her children took away her house, broke her hand and threw her out of their lives. Today she does not want to remember them, she hates the very mention of home and lives in the dark cacoon that she has built around herself, ... there's no hope left within her.
I am not saying that the first woman I mentioned was completely happy, but yes the hope within her kept her on her feet while the latter is counting each day with a heavy heart.
Every Human being has been hurt sometime or the other in their life, some fought back and some took it on themselves. The ones who faced reality with readiness were the ones who had hope clenched within them.
Never lose Hope, hold on to it, so that it does not let go of you, spread it around and feel it coming back with greater energy.Hopelessness can make our vision poor, a vision of a new tomorrow, a vision of a new beginning.
Be hopeful towards life:)


KParthasarathi said...

Very nice article.
I liked the sentence of yours"we should never shrink our dreams to adjust to the reality"
You write very well

Ayesha Parveen said...

Very well-written, Sana. It is a beautiful tribute to positivity. Best wishes.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks, Mr.KP and Ayesha for your encouraging words!Both of you truely motivate me to write more.

Ravi Kodukula said...

Quite Inspiring Sana!

I guess the vice-versa is true too! 'Hope without a Vision' will get you exactly where you may not dream to go!

Keep writing! You inspire!

A New Beginning said...

Thank you Ravi, that's quite a motivational comment:)

manivannan said...

Beautiful thoughts! Well expressed Sana.

"We sensible beings apply so much of unnecessary logic to everything that hope takes a flying leap from our life" I loved that line.

Only the brave can have hope and dreams. This post of yours will inspire those bravehearts:)