Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The indiviual called a woman has many roles in life. From day one she takes on the role of a daughter who brings prosperity and happiness to her family, the role of a sister is the one she performs with equal grace, then comes the role of a wife, a mother, grandmother along with many other roles expected from her .But sometimes its forgotten that their is an essential role on which her life is based and her identity is carved out, this is the role of an indiviual, one who has her own likes and dislikes, ambitions, aims, dreams and many more things that define who she actually is, apart from the roles she plays in life. She does not want to be remembered as so and so's wife or daughter or sister , but as someone unique, an indiviual who has the determination and the calibre to find her niche in life. She is Durga, She is laxmi , She is who she is , with her distinct qualities, her shortcomings, her success, her personality. She is her own distinct self in the crowd of many, she works, she plays, she cries, she laughs , she spreads love without expecting anything in return except for a sincere request i.e. not to be overshadowered or overpowered in such a way that it stops her from reaching out , like a little plant that grows among the bigger ones and struggles to be showered with the rays of the sun, though it has its own identity yet no one notices it, as it has been overpowered by the ones around it.

Woman, one of God's most beautiful creations, but is beauty the only defining factor for her?Do expectations lie in the length of her hair? Do people really love to see her cry?
Well whatever said and done she is the most humble of all creatures, the authorised signatory for the creation of life and for those who love her, a blessing in disguise.


Ayesha Parveen said...

Well-written, Sana. Each person, man or woman, needs to remember his/her individual identity. Bestwishes.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha:)