Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its for us to decide...........

Different countries, different cultures , different ways of living, but somewhere theres a common factor that binds each and every indiviual in this world , this binding thread can mean different things to different people.
Lets take for instance two teenagers residing in two different parts of the world, with completely different cultures and different social backgrounds, but still they go through the same changes in life, the same old confusion of a growing mind, something each one of us went through when we were in our teens, then what's the difference? Maybe their outlook in life and the way they try to solve their dilemma. One cannot say that a single parent say in the US , faces the same problems as the one in India , but yes, certain things are quite the same, lonliness can surface to some extent in both the cases (I am not saying it happens in such cases but we all are human beings by the end of the day and go through a bit varied but quite similar thought processes in life) . An orphan say in a comfortable orphanage as compared to the one loitering on the road, might be in a better condition, but both share the same longing for a home of ones own, a wish thats bigger than all the comforts in this world .
We might react to a thirteen year old kid becoming a father in a foriegn land, but somewhere we have been hearing of such incidents in our land in the form of child marriages leading to premature pregnancies, the latter is a more socially sanctifies picture, but its a kid who becomes a parent in both the cases.
Its different yet so similar, that's because all the human beings in this world are tied to the same bundle of emotions that they go through in varied degrees. Its wrong to say that they do this and we don't, they lack values , we nurture them, the blame game can be neverending.........each one of us have been brought up with good values, each one of us have been shown the right path, each one of us cherish the different cultures that we belong to, its for us to decide what we want out of life. Do we want to live life carelessly, trodding the path that ruins our future forever , or do we want to lead ourselves to the path that would take us towards betterment.
Its an indiviual decision, no religion, culture, region or country can force an indiviual to do something that's not right for them or for others, if one is determined to do something wrong they can do it with or without being seen.
The essence of life lies in the fact that even in the absence of moral policing an indiviual recognises the right path and abides by it consciously and unconsciously........its only then that we can say that we are proud of ourselves!


KParthasarathi said...

It is a wonderful post highlighting the fact that it is the individual who finally determines what is right or wrong and therby his/her life.But the prevalent culture and the value system in the family and in the society do affect the individual's perspective.What is commonplace in one area may be shocking elsewhere.
It is difficult to lay uniform guidlines.
Sana,you write very well.

A New Beginning said...

Thank you Sir,I am quite inspired by u:)

Whirlwind said...

Quite a thought provoking write up. Very well written and expressed.

Ayesha Parveen said...

The whole universe is like a web, connecting each one of us.

Very well-written, Sana :)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha and Whirlwind :)