Monday, March 2, 2009

Happened to strike the right cord

It happened early in the morning, I was on the way to my office, when I had to stop at a red light.While engrossed in my thoughts I heard a knock at the window. There stood an old man with two white but muddy bags in his hands. All of a sudden he came up with a request or was it..... since he had a very blank face, "drop me to the temple".
I knew there was a temple at the end of the road, but the thought of letting a stranger come into the car was quite frightening.While my mind was full of confusion, the light turned green, my eyes fell on his hands which were shaking, as he was an old man.Before my thoughts could stop me any further I let him in.
All I knew at the moment was that I have to drive at full speed and drop him to the temple,as it was scary to sit with a stranger. I did not take a single normal breath before his destination came. When finally he got out of the car and made his way towards the temple door was I able to breath freely.
He went away with the same blank face, a total stranger yet someone who left me with innumerable thoughts that started pestering my mind as soon as it was at rest. If I was so scared why did I let him in? Did the word temple strike a cord ( its a place of worship, you can't say no to someone who wants to go there) or was it his age ( an old man is asking for help, can one be insensitive enough not to respond at all). Maybe both the things carried equal weightage.
Today the world has come to such a stage where it has become very difficult to believe in someone, there are so many masks that get unveiled over a period of time, that it becomes difficult to recognise people. Is she/he the same person?
There are those who choose the best possible means for the worst possible deeds. Its amazing how the face of our lives is changing colours with the time that's passing by. But in all this confusion and chaos, faith still lingers on, its the remaining bit of faith that drives us towards an unknown path, that makes us believe in our surroundings. Even after being hurt time and again, faith has curled up in a corner of our heart and when the time comes it just makes us do something that fills our mind with loads of doubts.
Life is indeed a mystery, sometimes it seems that theres no hope left and at other times it fills us with faith and hope.
I am happy that I could help a stranger , it made me realise that my faith hasen't taken leave of me, just the way his faith made him come to me and ask for help.Though we would like to believe that things have changed, but their are certain things that would never change. Though I would also like to say that its advisable to be at your guard but in situations when one knows that they can be of some help to someone in distress, one must make an effort to do so.
If all of us would just keep nurturing a single track mind there would be no one who would come to anothers rescue.
Confusions prevail but sometimes we just tend to strike the right cord;)


Whirlwind said...

Isnt life quite strange? It provides instances which shake the faith out of us completely and others which restores the lost faith in us so as to render help to others. Its like two sides of the same coin.
Well expressed. Best wishes.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks and all the best to you too.

manivannan said...

Indeed you've have stroked the right chord... that's brave of you to let a stranger in your car...good. But in this turbulent times we definitely have to think twice before we help others...because kindness is always misused...but am happy that person was in real need.

it's faith and trust that keeps our life moving... Well written...


Ayesha Parveen said...

A nice message conveyed in this write-up. Thanks Sana.

KParthasarathi said...

In the hot sunny afternoons when I stand in the bus stops waiting for the never appearing bus, there have been many an instance of male motor cyclists stopping the vehicle offering a lift.Age was on my side and hence the small mercies.But there was one occasion of an young girl in her car stopping by to give me a lift.Discretion is better part than valour especially in these bad days.Even old men can be wicked.
You write as always very well.

A New Beginning said...

Thank you Mani, Ayesha and Mr. K.P. for your encouraging comments:)

DUBU said...

true! at times, we want to help but the lack of trust on people stops us from doing so. at times, we do, like you did. it's quite unpredictable, like life is.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.All the best to you:)