Friday, March 20, 2009

Listen to your heart

Whats that sound all about?Is it the traffic? don't think so. Is it the music blaring out of the neighbours window? Nah! But then what is it thats trying to speak out ? Leave it! life is too busy to concentrate on such things.
But then when I paused for a moment, blocking all that was going around me, I could here it again... it was pumping heavily as if trying to suggest that this is not the way to live life, every second that's passing by, will never come back.
It was none other than my very own heart, which was making me aware of the maniacal race run by humanity, with time for none...not even for oneself. I was indeed warned well in advance coz I chose to listen to my heart, as a result each day brings a new ray of hope for me to look forward to.
How many times do we listen to our heart or let me put it this way, how many times does our diplomatically maneuvered rational mind let us take certain decisions, which may not seem practical but result as a blessing.
We have indeed stopped listening to our heart, it pumps and tries to keep its pace with our life and when it gets an overdose thats when it just gives up, landing us into an unexpected mess, which we had never thought about, coz when it tried to stop us from crossing our limits , we din't have time for it and when it could not take it any longer, we cursed it for being an unfaithful partner.
God has given us our senses so that we can be guided toward the right path, but he also blessed us with a heart, so that we can draw our attention to the things that we tend to ignore in the race to win, to teach us that its important to pick someone who falls and gets hurt, however busy we might be, it'll still make us the winner. Its important to understand that failure too is a part of life , since its something that'll make our steps even more firm, so that we don't trip the next time. Who would make us realise that its good to think beyond oneself..well its the same old friend, our very own heart!
Now I know why kids keep brimming with joy, they hold hands with their heart when they venture out of their homes, kissing the morning with a new dream each day!
We have indeed stopped listening to our heart, but if we start doing that we would get to now that life is not that bad, its just that we are unable to realise the best in it and waste most of our time fearing the worst.
Listen to your heart, it'll take you places:)


Prerna231 Group said...

Wonderful write... Gr8...

Ayesha Parveen said...

Beautifully written. Listening to our inner yearnings makes life meaningful. Best wishes, Sana.

KParthasarathi said...

I will assume,Sana,that you mean conscience when you refer to heart.It is an alarm in our system that guides always.It tells the mind what to do or what not to do.It is never loud and is always in whisper.Conditioned by habits, we generally choose to ignore the voice of conscience.If only we pay heed to the muted voice from within our personality would be transformed for the better.Once it is repeatedly neglected, conscience becomes silent as in the case of a hardened criminal.
However socially or othewise it is inconvenient,it is a good policy always to listen to our inner voice which always speaks the truth.
A nice writeup

A New Beginning said...

Yes our heart is very much our inner conscience:) Thank you Prerna, Ayesha and Mr.K.P. for you consistent encouragement.