Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An eye on one and all

Some people love to talk, they put in such effort in talking, that it turns them into great orators of everyday life. Such talkaholics can be encountered anywhere and everywhere, the best thing about them is that they are great time killers, you never get to know when your time has bid you goodbye and made its way out of your life while you were busy listening to the moving mouth uttering loads and loads of words, sans punctuation.....specially a great lack of a full stop.
But its a fact for sure that God has made a balanced world, with silence on one end and a flow of words on the other. I know of a couple who are a fine example of such a balance struck by God. The master of the house is a man of a few words.......very few indeed, he believes in monosyllabic verses, while the lady loves to breath on varied utterances, until and unless someone volunteers to put a full stop to them (she is the real master indeed, winning each verbal war time and again)......... the mouth opens and a storm is released till the nerves of the listener's brain breath their last.
I think life would have been tasteless if there was no one to make it a bit more spicy, its remarkable how a simple incident is presented in such a decorative manner by our talkaholic friends, that by the end of the narration you wish that you were a part of the scene, which in reality is nothing but a "nothing" blown out of proportion.Until its a harmless talk it seems a great piece of art, but once a wholly of blows enter the scene , one should be wise enough to make a move, discouraging the act of putting an absent party on the fire of words. For instance until the beauty of ms. so and so's house is being discussed, one can be a part of the discussion, the minute the discussion comes onto the deserving factor (if the person in question deserves it or not) one must be wise enough to take a flying leap. That's called real life editing:)a healthy way to live and let live.
Well that's life, a bit sweet and a bit sour.When we are in the right frame of mind we tend to appreciate things and try not to judge them, but when we tend to blow out of proportion, "God save the world".
Everything is interesting and worth noticing if we have a cool mind and a thirst to observe life. By the end of the day it really helps, we get to know how God made each indiviual unique, uniquely explorable, with a touch of elements that each one of us share in small or big proportions, its just that we tend to make ourselves so aloof that we are never able to explore what lies within, let alone around us.
Sometimes just noticing people makes us realise our faults and helps us to make amends, so that we atleast are not seen in a similar situation.
I believe that there is something special in all of us, something worth noticing, its just a matter of giving it a thought:)


KParthasarathi said...

I liked this sentence of yours.'Sometimes just noticing people makes us realise our faults and helps us to make amends, so that we atleast are not seen in a similar situation.' Even the talkative,the intolerant,the rude and the negative are our benefactors.They teach us how not to be.We can learn both from good and the bad.
I like the way you weave your article effortlessly and elegantly.I wish I had half your skill.Great job,Sana

A New Beginning said...

Your comments are a boost to my writing. Thank you so much.

manivannan said...

I can so well relate to this post. Personl experiences, you see :) Like the couple you had mentioned, I had a grandpa who never talked and my grandma was exactly the opposite...I used to think that her non-stop talk made my grandpa to remain silent... He must be a person who learns from others mistake :D

Good thoughts! Cheers!!!

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mani:)

Rambler said...

The part about balance is soo true.I am not much of a talker, and somehow have always been surrounded by people who love to talk!