Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Follies and Foes

Live and let live, a line used by many but followed by some. In todays competitive world, though we are able to struggle hard but sometimes we just lag behind when it comes to competing with our emotions. Jealousy, hatred, and what not crops up for no rhyme or reason, leaving us even more defeated . How can one compete with an unhealthy attitude, one is bound to lose, as the maximum part of the energy is been used in being jealous of anothers success, igniting the blood and making it boil till it ceases to provide any kind of positive boost.
I have observed cases where the former although unaware of the existence of the latter is been envied by the other, for reason as inane as can be.People in the gym have a healthy competition , they want to burn out the crap as much as possible in order to lead a healthy life, but our dear old jealousy crops in and makes their blood burn more than their fat; " why is she a regular here, she doesn't need to lose anymore", "Why is he pumpn iron! while all I can pump is my breath which falls short as soon as I try to pick up minimal amount of weight" or in the corporate world, " why is the boss happy with him' whats so exceptional about his work"," Huh! wanabe, always at his desk day and night, who is he trying to impress"..............Oh God! Even an animal doesn't bite without being hurt!
But how can I forget, civilisation is fast reaching the animal world, leaving us humans to play in the muck, afterall tolerance cannot be everlasting , it retaliates when excesses make a breakthrough.Why is it that some of us cannot bear to see the other happy, has it become a trend in the modern world.
Though most of us claim that we have a very broad attitude towards life, but when it comes to practising what we preach or can say advertise, we crawl and curl up in our mean mentalities.Its time to streach and face the sun, may be it would help us to get rid of the germs we've been nurturing in our mind.
Today I got a mail from one or my colleagues, he wanted to celebrate his birthday in the old age home we've been working for . It indeed felt as if a fresh bright morning has made its way into the stale windy night, a night like the emotions with tolerance for none.
There are two sides to a coin and I thank God they don't face each other, the darker side can be turned down whenever the world needs to be cleansed......... and thats when we can take a sigh of relief. Maybe if every metal was gold , we would never have realised its true value. Isn't it folks:)


Ayesha Parveen said...

An extremely thought-provoking post. Thanks Sana.

manivannan said...

True. Very very true. Practice before you preach... I very much agree with you. Before we venture to clean the outside world, we should cleanse the despicable qualities that we nurture within ourselves, right?

Well written!


A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha and Mani for your precious comments.All the best to you.