Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Let's saddle up and ride"

"No matter how bad things are, you can always make them worse. At the same time it is often within your limits to make things better."Through the whole ordeal I don't think we ever said to each other, "this isn't fair. We kept going . We recognised that there were things we could do that might outcome in positive ways...and we did them. Without saying in words, our attitude was, Let's saddle up and ride."The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch

What would we do if we are told that we don't have enough time to live, would we prefer going into self dejection, mourning about the calamity that has struck, or would it be right to make use of the time that we have and enjoy it to the best of our abilities!
The last lecture is a novel based on a lecture given by Randy Pausch, a computer science professor and a highly experienced person who was diagnosed with terminal
cancer . Pausch decided to give a lecture that would be his last and a way to be remembered by the people he cared for...the lecture is not about his terminal illness but about "Achieving ones childhood dreams!"
Some people have this great positive energy about them, it's not that they don't feel unhappy, but they know how to make themselves happy with whatever limited reasons that they may have.
How easy or difficult is it, to generate positivity within oneself?....it sure can be difficult in situations like the one Randy was facing, but is it good to let go of the "now" and crib about something that might happen tomorrow...
As Robert Frost said, "life goes on", and therefore it's in our hands to make our journey as happy as possible. All of us go through our share of pain, all of us go through our share of discomfort and all of us are blessed with happiness as well, it's our decision as to what we concentrate on, the most.
In one part of the lecture, Randy describes " a way to understand optimism", he says that "my personal take on optimism is that as a mental state , it can enable you to do tangible things to improve your physical state. If you're optimistic you're better able to endure brutal chemo, or keep searching for late-breaking medical treatments."
Optimism is a key to a healthy life...life that smiles at you while you stand with open arms to embrace it, as and when it comes with different hues, that oft change our perspective and show us a new opening every time.
He sums up the lecture with the greatest truth behind a good life;
"It's not about how to achieve your dreams.It's about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself.The dreams will come to you."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stepping Ahead!!

Wrapped in a soft cloth with eyes open wide , when God had just whispered life into me and I was an epitome of innocence as much as can be, when the soft sound of Azan entered my ears, I knew for sure that I had arrived where I was meant to be .
The world, a place that would witness my deeds for life and God would keep an eye on me for sure....
"I'll be watching over you!" were the last words I heard on my way to the world of mortals.
As I was pushed down from the heavens, I let out a cry and on opening my eyes found myself upside down, hanging from the hands of the woman whom I'm sure had something to do with my tears. She handed me over to my mother, who I had been told was a door to heaven, and yes she was, coz it was for the first time, in her hands, that I was introduced to the feeling of love, in its purest form...Life seemed beautiful and the road ahead a little bleak but steady, coz I was sure that she would help me learn to walk on the right path.
Today I am at a point of time in my life when I can see the road ahead quite clearly ...Hopefully I would start a new phase in my life and a new life would toddle ahead, when my journey would seize....
Life cannot be measured with the number of days you've lived but by the number of moments that have painted it better and have made it look nice!
Today as I step into another year of my life, my treasure chest full of memories looks happy and bright :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wish to be a Wild Flower

I saw a wild flower and felt it belonged to me,
or was it me dancing in the soliatay breeze,
trying to touch the endless sky,
kissing the sun that nurtures my life.

I wish I were a wild flower...wild and pure with untouched serenity,
away from the bustling city life,
thriving in a beautiful countryside.
The winds would have blown through me,
lifting me away from all boundaries.

Oh! How I wish, I could talk to the sun....
to the sky..to the river...to the motherly earth,
Oh how I wish I could just be me!!

As it is true that in this day and age,
you find yourself lost in the societal haze,
But one fine day your dreams come alive,
and turn you into a wild flower under a new sky :)