Monday, February 1, 2010

Wish to be a Wild Flower

I saw a wild flower and felt it belonged to me,
or was it me dancing in the soliatay breeze,
trying to touch the endless sky,
kissing the sun that nurtures my life.

I wish I were a wild flower...wild and pure with untouched serenity,
away from the bustling city life,
thriving in a beautiful countryside.
The winds would have blown through me,
lifting me away from all boundaries.

Oh! How I wish, I could talk to the sun....
to the the the motherly earth,
Oh how I wish I could just be me!!

As it is true that in this day and age,
you find yourself lost in the societal haze,
But one fine day your dreams come alive,
and turn you into a wild flower under a new sky :)


Kiran said...

Ah! Sana - The wild flower taken by the wind :-)

Whirlwind said...

Really beautiful!!

Himanshu said...

nice one but i dont want to be the flower its steady and anyone can pluck it
i love to be the wind or clouds or a bird or parshuram or some one with free wings

A New Beginning said...

@ Kiran :)

Thanks Shwetha:)

Ya Himanshu, its not steady coz its wild and free :)

Zayida said...

Just like you..i wish i were the wind that can touch the ocean,the sky and every beautiful,natural thing on this earth..and wander by..

far away from this self created world..i would love to live with the nature,my own way!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

This wonderful poem reminds me of the song--CHOTI,CHOTI ASHA. I am not sure whether my spelling is correct. It was actualy a Tamil song--CHINNA,CHINNA ASAI.This song was quite popular. You must have heard this song.

We all like to be a wild flower,talk to the sun,sky and river.

I had many dreams and some came true. I suppose if all our dreams come true then we won't be humans with our frailties and shortcomings. It is always good to have new and new dreams at different stages of our life. New hopes, new ambitions and new goals. We have to scale higher and higher peaks of performance as long as their are higher and higher peaks to climb. I remember reading a book under the heading-SUCCESS IS NEVER ENDING AND FAILURE IS NEVER FINAL.

The only problem is not to have a dream and not to work for it.

Amazing composition with beautiful word pictures. I can visualise you dancing in the breeze, talking to the sun,sky etc. I can see the beautiful country side contrasted to the bustling city life.

Have a nice day Sana:)

A New Beginning said...

Hey Zayida :) Yes each one of us try to break free..

Yes Mr. Joseph have heard both the hindi and the tamil version...loved both, it's one of my favourite songs from Roja...great movies for sure:)
Thanks for a heartwarming comment ait truely got me thinking!!
Have a great day :)

Margaret Cloud said...

This is such a nice poem and so beautifully said. Thank you for coming by.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for appreciating it Margaret:)

Princess said...

beautiful as always.. u hv a way of inspiring and kindling the deepest beautiful dreams of the soul :)

Issam said...

Very nice... reminded me of the shepherd in The Alchemist, transcending heights to be able to communicate with the forces...
How wonderful would that state be... away from the madness and craziness of the artificial world we get to see all around..

A New Beginning said...

I'm glad you liked it Aiz :) Have a great week ahead!

Yes Issam it would have been wonderful, but I think its possible in our scenario as well, sometimes we can just let ourselves be, by giving ourselves some time and silently reflecting on our wishes and dreams, it can atleast give us the peace we long for...Have a great week ahead :)