Friday, May 29, 2009

Why do Women Cry ?

I believe that the one who has been blessed with the power to give birth to a new life, can be anything but weak. Just because their tears can flow easily, one cannot say that women are weak, or they can easily give in. The reason behind those precious drops of water rolling out like pearls, have the power to smoothen strained emotions and thus conceal a big reason behind their prompt nature ...and the reason is this.....
A woman is possessive about her emotions, though generous when comes to nurturing them. She nurtures them all her life with loads of love and care. That is why whenever she has to let go of them, be it in the case of extreme joy or sorrow, her emotions roll of her eyes in the form of tiny pearly drops known as tears.

I nurture life in my womb,
and emotions reside in my heart,
though well aware of the ways of the world,
I have a secret abode thats full of love,

You might think its my weakness, to be at the brink of tears,
But what looks like a tear to you,
Is but a drop of emotion, that I had nurtured with care,

I reap my emotions with my soul,
and grow them on insurmountable love,
but when its time to let go,
for me it becomes a bit tough,

My tear is not my weakness,
Its but a part of me,
Its my love that flows out,
for those in whom I believe.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Its a choiceless choice

You might have countless choices in life but its not always easy to choose from them. We human beings often feel the pull between three things... our desires, our goals and our duties.
You might desire something, but you need to achieve certain goals first, and then your duties pull you away from your goals because they demand immediate attention. In such situations what remains in our hand is a choiceless choice...many options to choose from but we're tied in such a way that it seems impossible to pick one .
Sad but true...thats how life goes. But isn't there anyway that can help us decide????
There indeed is!
God has given us a brain to think, but it so happens that sometimes our brain just confuses us even more, this is when it needs a bit of the P.M. needs his cabinet, our brain needs the heart, both the things together make a great team..excellent results have been witnessed when decisions have been made both from our brain and our heart..while the brain gives our decisions a feasibility check, the heart helps us decide whats closest to us...something that'll command selfless devotion which'll come naturally as a song comes to a bird, since our heart is the tool that pushes away the material and brings in the eternal!
Thus whenever we are confused ..we should choose the one thats closest to our heart with a bit of analyses from our mind..."this is what I like..will it be a good idea"...and you'll get your answer.
Its a fact that God is omnipresent and has his own mechanisms to fulfill our prayers...He works both from our mind and our heart:) Remember one thing..dont ever get so confused that it makes you ignore your present, plan your future but live in the moment :) rest would go with the flow!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Each being is but a lesson in disguise

There are people in this world who are just so awe inspiring that one can't help but get mesmerised by their persona. They are indeed amazing. Every person whom we meet or get to know in life has something different about him/her, there's always a lesson to be learnt.While we talk about bad people there are innumerable good ones that just line up, leaving us speechless.
They say that in this day and age miracles are rare. Miracles are a way through which God reminds us of his presence and guides us whenever we go wrong, certain non believers start believeing in God when such miraculous incidences take place.
Some people believe that miracles have become minimal because the world has turned into an abode for evil, which is true to some extend, but thats just a little part, the reality is that God has ingrained certain qualities in each human being, when we get to meet new people, we come across this beautiful gift of God within them, which is no less than a miracle as it makes us wonder at his creation.
Some people are exposed to loads of hardships but stand strong and teach us how we can always keep our faith intact, coz even after going through so many hardships they never chose the wrong path.
There are people who win our heart with their courteousness, they'll go out of their way to make you feel special.
Some people might be complete strangers, but when they walk past, a simple smile from their side makes our day,they teach us that irrespective of how well you know the other person, you can always bring a tinge of joy in their life.I've also come across people who appeared to be quite stern, but turned out to be the ones with the most beautiful heart.
Yes, miracles might be rare, but God has his own way to put the word across. Even when things get worse, he has his way of sprinking a bit of his magic spell here and there and voila! You fall in love with his ways!
So Friends pay heed and feel the magnificence in his creation, it would leave you speechless and would beautifully mould the journey of your life:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The most fragile part of life

Childhood is the most fragile part of human life, and unfortunately the most mishandled.
A small scratch of negativity on the innocent mind gets engraved forever, giving the person repeated jolts time and again.Whenever people encounter anything related to the unfortunate incidents of their childhood, a shock wave runs through their nerves giving the mind a sudden jolt. Such is the effect of paranoia, that it just clings on like a leech forever.
The adult world celebrates the tag of maturity, but when it comes to handling a child they just lag behind.Its children who are much more mature than the adults, they are sensitive to their pain.Even a small little child can sense, if something goes wrong in the family, you try to cry in front of them and you'd see how they give you the warmest hug, but if a child cries he/she is been shouted at, in many cases without finding out as to what might have gone wrong with them, this situation occurs with parents who are stressed out and neither have enough time nor patience for their family.
Parental fight is the worst tool of destruction for an innocent mind, it destroys a childs faith in relationships and leaves a disrupted future for them. Its because of such fights that a child is never able to confide in his/her parents, leading to cases of child abuse, since there is so much of tension in the family that the child thinks that he/she might be wrongly judged and the blame might come on them. Its a sad situation and has been happening since ages.
Grandparents have a great role to play in the life of their grandchildren, even if the parents are away or cannot take out time,the grandparents serve as an anchor, giving stability to a childs life.
Its but unfortunate that people are not sensitive towards their children, they love them but dont understand what they actually need, its not the toys that would give them perennial happiness, toys are just an instrument through which they explore their emotions, its quality time that a child needs the most, they need someone to answer the innumerable questions they ask, they need someone to play catch em catch, they need someone to celebrate their dolls wedding, they need someone to tell them unending stories, not many but very few teeny meeny wishes, just barter your time with them and they'll give your life a whole new meaning:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A wish fulfilled

Radha was quite contented with her life, she was a woman of fifty and wasn't very well off. Nevertheless she had a home to live in and a husband who unfortunately remained unwell most of the time.Belonging to a society, where women who had sons were considered quite superior than those who had daughters, Radha was quite a queen with five sons to adorn her status.But what no one knew was the fact that Radha longed for a daughter, who if she had, would have been her companion and her best friend.
Time passed and so did the circumstances. Her husband died and she was left with her five sons and their respective wives. As they say destiny spares no one and thus it let down a brutal blow on Radha. She became a burden for the children whom she had nurtured with her sweat and blood, as her husband had been bed ridden for a long time, Radha was left to fend for her family when her kids were quite young.Bringing the little ones up was quite a tussel for her, and now when the time had come that she could enjoy the fruit of her hardwork,she was thrown out by her sons who felt that she was no longer fit to live with them, as old age had made her very irritable and unfit for a family life.
The depressed and worn out Radha left the house and was found by the people of an old age home, where she stared living with no taste for life anymore.
Days passed but there were no signs of improvement , her depression was taking a toll on her health.Unwilling to talk to anyone, she choose a secluded corner and spent her days sitting there with down cast eyes, lost in the painful memories that had wrecked havoc in her life.
The old age home had many regular visitors, these were the people who spent time with the inhabitants who were mostly homeless and in many cases left by their so called families.
Many such visitors tried to talk to Radha but she never responded.But there was a young girl, who inspite of knowing well about Radhas state came and sat next to her and talked for hours on end, despite of the fact that there was no reply from the other side.This went on and became quite a routine.
One day the girl just came and sat next to Radha, she wasn't her usual chirpy self.Tears were rolling out of her eyes,"I lost my mother in an accident and todays her death anniversary, why did she ever leave me alone in this world!Why!"The girl started crying bitterly, she didn't expect a reply for obvious reasons, but this time her conversation found its cord.
"How can you say that you've lost your mother, when I am sitting next to you"!The girl was taken aback, this was the first time that words had left the caged persona of Radha.
Her joy knew no bounds, she hugged Radha with an elated shriek of happiness,"Amma, youre back!You can talk to me!" Yes, my child," came the reply,"I've finally found the daughter I had always wished for."

The pricest bonds are those that run deep, irrespective of the lashes of time. They act as an anchor to give comfort in the turbulant phases of our life:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Fear of the "Unknown"

It has often been observed that we humans get scared of things that are unknown to us.We are scared of darkness because we do not know what we might encounter,if we try to explore the dark hidden realities of life.We become apprehensive about our future because we are unaware as to what it has in store for us. Every turn in the road makes us slow down our pace so that we do not collide with something that might just come unexpected.....
Why is it that the unknown is more scary than the known?Is it because of the way we think?
Our present is still in our hands but if we talk about the future, we can only handle it when it comes our way, however much we might prepare for it,somehow things don't always turn out the way we want them to.But there is indeed a way to get a good hold on our apprehensions.."Think Positive".
Tomorrow will come wrapped in the folds of indeed will.
Darkness will give way to indeed will.
Every unexpected turn on the road will lead us to indeed will.
Every positive thought would help destroy the negativity in our indeed will:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

A lesson remembered

When I was in fifth grade, we had a chapter in our english reader. It was about a boy who wanted a cute little puppy for his birthday. When the day came, his parents took him to a place where dogs were kept and taken care of. There he witnessed something that changed his decision. A big ferocious dog was being killed since it had been creating quite a havoc in the shelter, and was thus rendered insane. There they thought that it was best to put the dog to sleep (by killing him). The boy looked at the dog and felt as if the creature wanted to be taken home, though the thought of a cute little puppy sparkled in his mind.
The boy released himself from his parents grip and slowly came closer to the dog, he gently held his leash and the dog started following him to everyones amazement.
Love can pacify the greatest anger, its love that heals the biggest wound, its love the brings people closer and its love that can cover the longest distance and build bridges where there were none.
In the story the dog had been so brutally treated by its previous owner that now nothing made sense , the only thing that seemed familiar was hatred, but when the creature saw the love in the boys eyes, all the wounds that ever existed felt the healing touch of pure love.
We often wonder, what difference would it make if we would spend sometime with our loved ones, since while living in the same house, you get to meet each other every now and then! Well the answer is , it does make a difference, it would definately make a difference if you hug your mom and tell her that shes been amazing with all that she has done for you, it would make a difference, if you go out on a walk with your father, and talk to him about anything at all, it would make a difference if you sit with your grandparents and share your worries or joy with them, if nothing else, their blessings would guide you throughout your life, those who have kids should take out time for them, it feels amazing when our parents indulge in the activities we enjoy, making them even more exciting, your spouse would feel good if you keep reminding how much you love him/her, even if the person gets irritated dont worry, it definately make one feel elated ;)
Love is too strong a word to be described in a few lines, it has so many aspects to it, that sometimes one is just left amazed at its power, it has the ability to change the world, it resides every where , its we who forget about it..... but not for long, it keeps reminding us about its existence, a few words or just a little smile brings it back, pumping our heart and igniting the emotions within!
Its a secret jewel that each one of us has been blessed guys !its time to show off;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Greatest Story Writer

If we talk about the art of story writing, I believe God rules the charts. As one of my friends once said ,"God is the greatest story writer, he has a different story for everyone and what's remarkable is that none of the stories are similar". I totally agree with him. Each one of God's stories have different characters, different plots,and yes a different and amazing ending. But what's more important is the moral of each story. The lesson that we get to learn from someone elses life. Are we imbibing whats best in them? or are we just smearing ourselves with whatever comes our way.The latter stands true for most of us .
When we see someone whose really successful, enjoying his/her life to the hearts content, we wish to be in their place,but never try to know what the success might have cost them.
We all need shortcuts in life, but are unaware of the fact that even to use a shortcut on needs to know ones destination.
A new story, a new character, a new moral, leading to innumerable chapters, uniquely different from each other.How well versed are we in these lessons? What have we learnt till date? Some of us claim to be quite well versed andwell read, satisfied with the knowledge that we gained from the mortal pages written by one of us .But do we ever try to gain the first hand knowledge that God has left in everything that he created.

We sing, but do we ever try to sing like a bird.A little creature who doesn't just sing, but spreads happiness in the hearts of its listeners.

We try to look good and do whatever it takes in order to achieve our goal. But did we ever imbibe the beauty that nature has been blessed with . So simple yet so soothing, a treat to the eye.

Whenever we come across a hawker selling things on the streets or a rickshaw puller, are we ever inspired by them, and try to put in the kind of hardwork they put in their work in order to make a living.
Procastination seems a much better option, cribbing, fussing about minor things, blaming God for the workload and a life hes given us. Are we ever thankful for what we have ?

We have been blessed with a life wrapped with the best one can ever think of, its just like a beautiful new toy that parents give their kids, but like most children we ruin it and then cry for more.
The innumerable stories , with innumerable lessons attached to them..Lets make an effort to discover something good about life each day, giving a bit of time to the stories that it narrates . I am sure by doing this, our story will have a complete, content and a happy ending,that would inturn lead to a new beginning:)
Though the story of our life might not have a plot of our choice, but being its characters, we have the ability to turn it into a Blockbuster!!!!!!!!:)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The lasting journey

There are innumerable journeys that we take up in our life, some rough, some happy and other filled with new hope.Each journey brings with it a new day, a new phase and something that we were unaware of. The journey called life is quite strange.Though we are aware of it, still it seems new every time. Its a continuous process, theres a journey of love, a journey of relationships,of care,and then a journey towards the ultimate. Though we both enjoy the journey and resent it at times, it is in our hands to make it seem new and exciting,with each passing day.
So light up the spirit in your journey and look forward to what it has in store for you with a big smile.The more positive you become about life, the better it becomes for you:)
May your journey be most fruitful and enduring:)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Confusion . Does it have something to do with the way we think or its just that its there for no rhyme or reason…this sentence too seems quite confusing:) When are we actually confused? Well in my opinion people are generally confused when they cannot take certain decisions. I’ll tell you about another confusion..i.e. to be confused about the confusion you have!Sounds familiar?;)
Sometimes we just wonder, why are we so confused about something, everything is clear, nothings vague, but we still are quite confused. Confusions are a way through which God tends to give the reins of life in our hands.” Go take the decision yourself”, though we very well know that in the end he’ll be the one to solve it, but this is a way through which he likes to test our belief in ourselves…the choice between this and that, or just a confusion about life in general.We are most confused when we do not know where our life is heading, it’s more of an apprehension, its more to do with the way we perceive things, its more to do with doubts, its more to do with the attempt to do the best for ourselves, its more to get least involved in risk factors…….Finally , its more to do with something you are trying to reach out to, but are unable to find a way….its something to do with life, that often turns a new chapter for us and leaves us confused and transfixed, uttering just two words,”now what”!
Confusions are a part of life, they are like a puzzle we indulge in.
It gives us a better understanding of life, because its when we are confused that we think the most:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Be a drop in the ocean

"Each drop makes an ocean", well, sounds reasonable to me!Lets assume that one day all the drops in the ocean have a fight. Each one has its own reason for not residing in the ocean any more. God! now that becomes a problem. Slowly the drops pack their bags and leave, what we see next is utter calamity...The ocean dries up and the sea creatures breath their last.
But somewhere theres a ray of hope, one of the drops decides that the ocean has been its home, since time immemorial,its a duty for one not to desert it this way!So the drop jumps back into the sea and lands on a fish that was about to die."theres hope", cries out the creature,and hearing her voice the other sea creatures try hard to recover..looking at the miracle happen, the other drops decide to jump, two, four and many last the sea gets full of the drops and the ocean comes back to life.
Most of us crib about the fact that our country is not in a good state, but have we ever tried to become a drop in the ocean and make a difference.."Why Me, what difference would it make if I don't", if each drop in the ocean assumes the same , it would take no time for it to dry up.Its important to understand ones duties and its even more important to perform them, one such duty that we should perform is to vote!That one vote of yours will make your country, your home a better place to live in.
"Nothing ever changes, we say", well! Nothing ever would, until and unless we take a step forward.Though the Mumbai terror attack has the worst memories attached to it, but somewhere there was something really positive that happened in reaction to it, "it ignited the fire within us", the fire to say no!To put a stop to the evil that exists, the strength to come forward and take the reins in our hands, its we who would decide whats good for our country!Yes!Its time to decided, its time to choose the best for our nation, its time to welcome that one drop that would give us a ray of hope.
Its time to vote.