Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Greatest Story Writer

If we talk about the art of story writing, I believe God rules the charts. As one of my friends once said ,"God is the greatest story writer, he has a different story for everyone and what's remarkable is that none of the stories are similar". I totally agree with him. Each one of God's stories have different characters, different plots,and yes a different and amazing ending. But what's more important is the moral of each story. The lesson that we get to learn from someone elses life. Are we imbibing whats best in them? or are we just smearing ourselves with whatever comes our way.The latter stands true for most of us .
When we see someone whose really successful, enjoying his/her life to the hearts content, we wish to be in their place,but never try to know what the success might have cost them.
We all need shortcuts in life, but are unaware of the fact that even to use a shortcut on needs to know ones destination.
A new story, a new character, a new moral, leading to innumerable chapters, uniquely different from each other.How well versed are we in these lessons? What have we learnt till date? Some of us claim to be quite well versed andwell read, satisfied with the knowledge that we gained from the mortal pages written by one of us .But do we ever try to gain the first hand knowledge that God has left in everything that he created.

We sing, but do we ever try to sing like a bird.A little creature who doesn't just sing, but spreads happiness in the hearts of its listeners.

We try to look good and do whatever it takes in order to achieve our goal. But did we ever imbibe the beauty that nature has been blessed with . So simple yet so soothing, a treat to the eye.

Whenever we come across a hawker selling things on the streets or a rickshaw puller, are we ever inspired by them, and try to put in the kind of hardwork they put in their work in order to make a living.
Procastination seems a much better option, cribbing, fussing about minor things, blaming God for the workload and a life hes given us. Are we ever thankful for what we have ?

We have been blessed with a life wrapped with the best one can ever think of, its just like a beautiful new toy that parents give their kids, but like most children we ruin it and then cry for more.
The innumerable stories , with innumerable lessons attached to them..Lets make an effort to discover something good about life each day, giving a bit of time to the stories that it narrates . I am sure by doing this, our story will have a complete, content and a happy ending,that would inturn lead to a new beginning:)
Though the story of our life might not have a plot of our choice, but being its characters, we have the ability to turn it into a Blockbuster!!!!!!!!:)


Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Sana,

You have expressed the concept of life beautifully. It is true that we often do not know how much of pain lies behind a 'success'-story.

Best wishes :)

Mad Blogger said...

Beautifully written!!! Makes a whole lot of sense

A New Beginning said...

thanks both of u for your lovely comments:)

Margaret Cloud said...

You are right God has written the greatest story ever told. In his words we can find peace and joy, he inspires the worst in us. I like this post, you are also a great story teller. We do go on living each chapter of our lives and yes' along the way we do question God's word, sometimes it is hard to believe, especially when things go wrong, this is when prayer helps. we have to learn we can't have everything we want. Hope your Mother Day was a nice one.

manivannan said...

Wonderful questions asked...beautiful Sana! God is the greatest storyteller of all time, I agree.

And I loved the ending :-)

Very well written...Cheers!

meerasworld said...

"Though the story of our life might not have a plot of our choice, but being its characters, we have the ability to turn it into a Blockbuster!!!!!!!!:)"

agree with you totally:)

A New Beginning said...

@Margaret, thanks so much, yes my mothers day was great,tried to cheer up my mom as much as I could:) hope the same for you!
@Mani, thanks for your kind words.
@Meera, cheers to you too and thanks for visitn:)