Thursday, May 21, 2009

Each being is but a lesson in disguise

There are people in this world who are just so awe inspiring that one can't help but get mesmerised by their persona. They are indeed amazing. Every person whom we meet or get to know in life has something different about him/her, there's always a lesson to be learnt.While we talk about bad people there are innumerable good ones that just line up, leaving us speechless.
They say that in this day and age miracles are rare. Miracles are a way through which God reminds us of his presence and guides us whenever we go wrong, certain non believers start believeing in God when such miraculous incidences take place.
Some people believe that miracles have become minimal because the world has turned into an abode for evil, which is true to some extend, but thats just a little part, the reality is that God has ingrained certain qualities in each human being, when we get to meet new people, we come across this beautiful gift of God within them, which is no less than a miracle as it makes us wonder at his creation.
Some people are exposed to loads of hardships but stand strong and teach us how we can always keep our faith intact, coz even after going through so many hardships they never chose the wrong path.
There are people who win our heart with their courteousness, they'll go out of their way to make you feel special.
Some people might be complete strangers, but when they walk past, a simple smile from their side makes our day,they teach us that irrespective of how well you know the other person, you can always bring a tinge of joy in their life.I've also come across people who appeared to be quite stern, but turned out to be the ones with the most beautiful heart.
Yes, miracles might be rare, but God has his own way to put the word across. Even when things get worse, he has his way of sprinking a bit of his magic spell here and there and voila! You fall in love with his ways!
So Friends pay heed and feel the magnificence in his creation, it would leave you speechless and would beautifully mould the journey of your life:)


Ayesha Parveen said...

Really beautiful. Sana, you have rightly stated that God teaches us lessons through people.

Best wishes.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha, youve been a constant source of inspiration and motivation:)
Bless u

Joseph Pulikotil said...


You have expounded in simple words the existing reality which most of us refuse to see in our day to day existence on account of our ego, prejudices, preconceived ideas, fear, ignorance, self righteousness, lack of wisdom and understanding, closed mind and our mad rush to amass wealth in this competitive world.

We are wary of people and we look at them with distrust. We don't realize they are also God's creation just like us, very special and very unique and with as many good qualities as we are endowed with. Every individual is as good or as bad as we are. We always think that we are the only people with good qualities and others don't have them. With this kind of attitude, how is it possible to see the miracles, goodness, the greatness, the magnanimity, the generosity, the kindness, the love in other people or things in this wonderful world.

This brings to my mind a lovely song by Louis Armstrong -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. I don't have the full lyrics. Here are two stanzas:-

I see trees of green, red roses too.
I see them bloom, for me and you.
And I think to myself... what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue, and clouds of white.
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world...

See if you can listen to this song. It should be available on the internet radio.

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is the story of Job. The devil tests him in every possible way. First, his family is destroyed, then his property is lost and then he is afflicted with dreadful diseases and people throw him out of the town. To make matters still worse, his friends come and make fun of him. Yet Job hold on to his faith in God. He says-GOD GAVE ME EVERYTHING AND HE TOOK IT AWAY. NOTHING IS MINE. I TRUST IN HIM. Of course, this story has a happy ending. God restores everything back to him many fold.

I think I should stop now:)

I enjoyed reading your post which is educative, informative, useful, inspiring and thought provoking.

Wish you a bright and beautiful day:)

A New Beginning said...

Thank you Joseph for this enlightening post:)Its great to have such a educative and awe inspiring comment, which is like a mini post in its own way!Thanks for th song, will definately hear it. All the very best to you too, and have a wonderful day ahead!

Rush said...

beautifully said..there are no coincidences in life, each being a lesson in disguise !!

Vivek Patwardhan said...

I heard you say that the creator is to be seen in his wonderful creations, I will remember it for a long time.

Enjoyed reading your post,


manivannan said...

Great thoughts shared in a simple way...Just wonderful sana. Miracles always do is for us to perceive it. For great persons, even a flower is miracle and for the dumb(i mean one who is closed to life) something really magnanimous should happen, for him to accept it as a miracle!

But God is graceful enough to make everyone, one day or other, realize His greatness :)

Praseem said...

Beautiful post, u've really pointed out whats the best thing about human beings

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Rush, Vivek, mani and Praseem for coming by and leaving your precious comments:)