Monday, August 23, 2010

Drench My Soul

I thought for a moment but my thoughts left me,
How do I describe you, dear rain and your beautiful mysteries,
You drench my soul and still I’m dry,
May be the thirst would never die,
You pour in your blessing and still we seek,
a little more of your beautiful bounties..
You drop in a river and make it shine,
The sun takes a break and gets a bit mild,
The flowers fill their cups of morning tea, sipping each drop so delightfully,
A bird sings on my window sill,
The trees dance by joining in ,
and what do I say about the little leaves, They gather your drops and play with glee,
and I seeking company join the gang, and sing to the lovely nature’s song.
Oh rain do visit us every year,
we wait for you in an anticipated fear,
and when you drop by generously.......My heart tunes in to your mysteries! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence is a huge responisibility:Respect it!

Independence means a lot, it's something that we as a nation achieved after innumerable sacrifices, the number can not even be recalled. It makes our independence extremely precious.
On this Independence day, a thought is knocking at my door...does independence mean that we get a licence to do anything we want??Does it give us a license to say anything we want to? Does it give us a right to present ourselves in anyway..even if it might or might not be a very comfortable thought for others!What does freedom to express ourselves actually mean?What does freedom actually mean?
I came across an act of self expression that did hurt a lot. I can't really describe it but this act is a representation of the behaviour that most people become a part of, without realising how it may affect another person.
We are free to live, free to be happy and free to spread happiness, freedom comes to those who care for it...we got independence because our leaders cared for our well being, they knew how important it is for our country, to free itself from the clutches of an alien rule!
Respect your freedom and that of others, don't waste it by indulging in acts that are a disgrace to our society...if you hurt someone, it doesn't mean that you expressed your free will by doing fact you've strangled yourself in the clutches of darkness. Do not act in an irresponsible way .
Honour your independence and that of others..
A Very Happy Independence Day to all!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thankfully Blessed!

When a new phase starts in ones life, everything seems a little different, or maybe its just the heart that observes and enjoys the positive change.
I got engaged yesterday. It was amazing, surrounded by the whole family,immediate,extended, friends and no foes :)It was just out of the world, everyone seemed to be in a chirpy mood!It felt as if my family was waiting for me to grow up and give them a chance to enjoy themselves...and yes they did enjoy!
A day before the occasion, my aunt came to me with a beautiful present, a lovely Saree made with the most beautiful colours....she had tears in her eyes...she hugged me as if I was about to leave at that very moment...I too was in tears. There are so many things that give us a reason to thank God, the people who love and care for us top the list!
It's good to know that there are people who love us so much that they try to do everything under their control to make us happy. As I received my present, I thought about the maid who works in our house and her daughters impending marriage...she has no one to make even the simplest arrangements for her, she requests the people she works for to help her during the occasion...Her daughter has no one who can gift her a beautiful one who can make lavish arrangements for her marriage..yet she's happy...happy about the fact that she'd start a new phase in her life and looks forward to it...God has given each one us a portion of his choicest wealth..he has bestowed the poor with the gift of contentment..they live happily with whatever they have and try to adjust in every situation...I won't say they are really happy with the fact...but you wont see them cribbing 24/7 , unlike us who even crib about the colour of our dress, the fact that we are fat or too thin, the fact that there's a bit of a problem here and there....In all this cribbing and crying we fail to notice that God has bestowed us with the things that other people crave for..while we crib about the colour of our walls, a person somewhere prays for a little shelter that would just save him from the harsh showers of nature!
Sharing what we have and thanking God for all that he's given us would definitely make us a better human being...that's precisely why God didn't make everyone equal....he wanted us to level the world with love so that each individual enjoys the gift of love and affection .
So share the love that's bestowed on you and make it a chain reaction!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Setting the Right Example!

Yesterday while stuck in traffic, I wondered why all of us are in such a hurry that we literally just want to fly over everyone else, irrespective of the problems that our irresponsible behaviour might cause.
I was really angry at the man who went on honking, without realizing that there were thirty other cars ahead of me who were stuck in the same traffic jam!!
All of a sudden a big car stopped in front and a well dressed man came out and started lifting up an iron board that had fallen in the middle of the road.
As the board was really heavy he asked one of the other car drivers to help him, the reluctant car driver started unlocking his seat belt, when a man on a motor bike quickly got down and the willingly gave a hand!

Both the gentlemen lifted the board and secured it in such a way, so that it doesn't fall again....
Everyone around stopped honking.....a precious example was set for everyone else to follow.
Both men drove away after clearing the hurdle that was causing the jam!

It was a great deed indeed, for those who understand its importance, it was an example set for everyone else to follow.....instead of just honking, a little patience and good deed just made everyones day!

Wherever the two gentlemen are....I salute them for the great endeavour!!!