Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence is a huge responisibility:Respect it!

Independence means a lot, it's something that we as a nation achieved after innumerable sacrifices, the number can not even be recalled. It makes our independence extremely precious.
On this Independence day, a thought is knocking at my door...does independence mean that we get a licence to do anything we want??Does it give us a license to say anything we want to? Does it give us a right to present ourselves in anyway..even if it might or might not be a very comfortable thought for others!What does freedom to express ourselves actually mean?What does freedom actually mean?
I came across an act of self expression that did hurt a lot. I can't really describe it but this act is a representation of the behaviour that most people become a part of, without realising how it may affect another person.
We are free to live, free to be happy and free to spread happiness, freedom comes to those who care for it...we got independence because our leaders cared for our well being, they knew how important it is for our country, to free itself from the clutches of an alien rule!
Respect your freedom and that of others, don't waste it by indulging in acts that are a disgrace to our society...if you hurt someone, it doesn't mean that you expressed your free will by doing fact you've strangled yourself in the clutches of darkness. Do not act in an irresponsible way .
Honour your independence and that of others..
A Very Happy Independence Day to all!


KParthasarathi said...

Brilliant Sana
Happy Independence day to you

anilkurup said...

Well laid plea.
But will people heed???

Many have not seen or understood may be even don't care that freedom is not carte blanche but it goes with responsibility.

SG said...

Super post. Happy Independence Day to you Sana.

A New Beginning said...

A very Happy Independence day to you too gp :)

I guess ones duty is to pass the message , the sensible would atleast think about it...and maybe then they take a step never know Anil:)
Happy Independence Day!

Hey Sg, Thanks, A very Happy Independence Day to you too!

The Holy Lama said...

A positive not and a message. Happy I Day.:)

Samvedna said...

well said Sana!..your thoughts are always so good to read.

Whirlwind said...

Very thought provoking and well said.

Amin said...

Happy Independence day to You!

lostworld said...

Your title says it all. Apt!

ps- Sorry bout my absence. My laptop was virus infected & I was changing projects at work so couldn't manage time to post or read yours :(

A New Beginning said...

Thanks everyone for your generous comments and lost world, you did visit my blog and thats what matters the most!:)

Margaret Cloud said...

This is a wonderful post, very well put. Have a nice weekend and happy Independence Day to you.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Sana:)

I agree with you that independence has a lot of responsibility attached to it.

Yes, we got independence from foreign rule but we are misusing it in every possible way.Probably this is because we are new to independence and unlike US or Britain our democracy is new.

We have freedom to spit on the road, we have freedom to throw waste on the road and other public places,we have freedom to block highways for hours because we want to redress some grievance, we can hold political meetings in public places and thus obstruct traffic, we can take out political processions on busy main roads and and create traffic jams,we can damage public property in the name of strikes,bandhs and hartals.Well we exercise freedom without least responsibility. Our Common Wealth games is already under a cloud on account of corruption and misuse of government funds.

I suppose we will take a long time to understand the meaning of freedom.We have been living under foreign rule for centuries first under Muslims and then under the British. Therefore our new found freedom gives us the freedom to vandalize public propery,accept bribes,indulge in corruption and throw chairs and mikes at each other in Parliament.I don't think I have exhausted the list at all.

Your post is very thought provoking and each one of us have to examine our conscience and see for ourselves how we are respecting our freedom and how responsible we are as free citizens of the largest democracy in world.

This makes me wonder at this juncture whether we deserve freedom and whether India is succeeding as a democratic country in world.

I really don't know the answer.

Best wishes Sana:)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Margaret :)

@Mr. Joseph.."We have been living under foreign rule for centuries first under (Mughals) and then under the British."
Yes Mr. Joseph thats very true, whith such rich diversity and years of being ruled by foriegners, we have come a long way...but There are both negative and positive aspects to it :) we can say that we have made progress in different fields..but a lot still needs to be done for sure...we need to realise that as good citizens we can achieve a lot more than we already have...its just a matter of feeling a bit more responsible.
Thanks for your valuable comment Mr. Joseph, it's always very inspiring!

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

VERY WELL SAID.. I hope every youngster reads this and takes up the responsibility...

we have to respect it else we will soon go down the drains again as such we are running towards our downfall

hope you had a good day ...