Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Confusion . Does it have something to do with the way we think or its just that its there for no rhyme or reason…this sentence too seems quite confusing:) When are we actually confused? Well in my opinion people are generally confused when they cannot take certain decisions. I’ll tell you about another confusion..i.e. to be confused about the confusion you have!Sounds familiar?;)
Sometimes we just wonder, why are we so confused about something, everything is clear, nothings vague, but we still are quite confused. Confusions are a way through which God tends to give the reins of life in our hands.” Go take the decision yourself”, though we very well know that in the end he’ll be the one to solve it, but this is a way through which he likes to test our belief in ourselves…the choice between this and that, or just a confusion about life in general.We are most confused when we do not know where our life is heading, it’s more of an apprehension, its more to do with the way we perceive things, its more to do with doubts, its more to do with the attempt to do the best for ourselves, its more to get least involved in risk factors…….Finally , its more to do with something you are trying to reach out to, but are unable to find a way….its something to do with life, that often turns a new chapter for us and leaves us confused and transfixed, uttering just two words,”now what”!
Confusions are a part of life, they are like a puzzle we indulge in.
It gives us a better understanding of life, because its when we are confused that we think the most:)


Ayesha Parveen said...

Well-written, Sana. It is confusion that makes us think.

Best wishes :)

Margaret Cloud said...

Living in this world today will confuse you about a lot of things and the biggest confusion of all is our government. I think it don't hurt us to be a little confused, keeps us from being cocky. Thank you for coming by.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha and Margaret for your lovely comments:)