Friday, March 6, 2009

The Assorted shades of life

Yesterday I witnessed two shades of life, black and white, and the one on which I stood was a shade of gray, observing the petals of the flower called life , as a single petal drops another takes its place, the same way as the first ray of the sun shrinks the darkness of the night into a corner, to regain its position once the day comes to a break, the same way as life is countered by death and the vicious circle moves on.
He did not speak much, though his eyes were full of words, questions and a world different from the one we live in. We had grown up playing, but even his childhood was a world of his own, deep, sunken and maybe dark, because no one could ever come to know what was going on in his mind. Some said that it was a result of a strict parentage , while the others were unaware of his existence. I still remember the day he came to our house and had accidently broken the handle of a serving bowl, the fear in his eyes, and the way he curled away from us unveiled another face of his personality, the one that was scared. That was his last visit. Though he tried to blossom but it seemed that he shrunk away from the bright lights of the world, he had a world of his own. No one ever got to know what his ambition was in life, though one could observe his inclination towards cricket, but cricket in the world of strangers...................I heard the news which left me numb, he took leave of the world, maybe in a place which he would consider his own. I feel that hes happy , happy to be out of his depression, as we may put his state in words, happy to be somewhere where his heart, mind and soul are at peace. On that very day as I witnessed the dark shade of life, a death , a funeral, I got to know that its an inevitable performance , a life swallowed by death and then one fine day a new ray of hope, a new born and new desires, a longing to stand on its feet and witness the time as it passes by. I saw the two things on the single day, as I made my way to my little cousins place who would be celebrating her birthday tomorrow, she was booming with a contagious smile, which uncreased a lost expression that had layed itself on my face as I had bid my friend a farewell. Walking with unstable step the little one came and hugged me with both her hands, as if she was welcoming all the happiness that ever resided in this world. That's when I witnessed another shade of life, the one that was bright enough to scare the darkness away.Life comes in varied shades, some are dark and some are light, though the darker ones may seem to take time to pass by,but the sunny side of life stays besides us, reminding us as often as possible that life is like a perinnial river, where stagnation can never grow its roots , coz the waves of light are so strong that no amount of darkness can stand in its place for too long.


Ayesha Parveen said...

Beautiful writing, yet again. Life and death walk hand in hand. It is like two rooms adjacent and souls keep moving from one to the other.

Thanks Sana.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha for yet another encouraging comment:)

KParthasarathi said...

I was spell bound by your writing that comes so naturally without ant affectation.

A New Beginning said...

Thats a big compliment from someone who is the master of the field.
Thank you Sir, keep encouraging me, it relly helps:)