Monday, February 9, 2009

A flight towards maturity

Birthday : the day one on which one was born and linger on to till the last day of his/her life. Its a new year for a person , a year that has come after crossing many such year with or without changes. It can't be without a change because theres something or the other that changes with each passing year, but if nothing has changed in reality, our perspective of looking at life and things around us definately does.
The usual group of friends seem far off and busy with their lives, the messages shift their timings from 12 at night to midday......or end of the day;) ,a big bar of choclate first thing in the morning gives way to a big mug of coffee, the casual day off from school gets changed with a hurry to leave for work. When one is in their twenties and at an age when a new life awaits, there is a constant anxiety, that maybe this is the last birthday one would celebrate in the house that has been an essential part of ones life.
But there are things that never change and the most important among them are the blessings that our parents and loved ones shower on us. A warm hug from mum early in the morning feels like the most precious token of love, the greatest gift one can ever get.The old memories become all the more precious with each passing day, an ignorant youth welcomes a mature mind . The child within cuddles in a corner and springs out when ones heart is full of joy, though the times ahead make one a bit apprehensive, the times that have passed leave a contented smile.
Yes its an essential day of ones life, and the most essential part of it lies in the fact that whatever challenges we had to face, however good or bad the times might have been, we have dealt with them successfully and at this point of time can be proud of ourselves for our consistent efforts.
Age gracefully, like a bird flying towards the sky, there is a lot that it has left behind but the love of a new tomorrow gives a new born strength to its wings, a new born year, a new sunrise and a fresh shower of maturity with a sprinkle of innocence garnished on it .......... that's a happy birthday, a day that invites a beautiful tomorrow !


Subuhi said...
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Ayesha Parveen said...

Dear Sana, this is a great write-up on the significance of a birthday. Thanks a lot and have a great day. Do check your mail today.

With the best wishes and much love,
Ayesha :)

Subuhi said...

'H', 'A', 'P', 'P', 'Y'
we are happy why not try,
a wish, a smile that makes your day
HAPPINESS is here to stay.
This was one of the rhymes that i'd heard when i was a kid... and it played in its full glory whenever i get to wished someone very dear- a Happy Birthday.
And it still does.

I'll still maintain what I'd said earlier... you're wise beyond your years, and may the years to come make you grow wiser yet the child within you springs back to life.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha and M. for the best wishes!Thanks so much:)