Sunday, November 29, 2009


There was a little girl,
With soft, brown eyes,
and rosy little cheeks.

Her mother used to tell her,
after every filling meal,
thank God my girl, for he is the one,
who gives us everything to eat.

A believe so strong had been engraved in the little ones heart,
She thanked God whenever she ate to the contentment of her heart.

once it so happened, that the mother went away on some work,
she didnt realise that back home she was leaving a hungry girl.

the girl woke up from her sleep,
and rubbed her rosy cheeks,
and called out to her mother,
who was no where to be seen.

The girl cried that she was hungry and wanted to have some food,
no one was there to hear her call, no one to serve her food.
then she remembered what mother had said and prayed to God in a jiffy,
and there came a delicious plate, filled with the tastiest delicacies.
The little girl opened her eyes and thanked God for his blessings,
she enjoyed each morsel in the plate and was as happy as she could be.

A worried mother returned back from work, thinking how hungry her daughter must be,
she hasn't had a thing since early morning, oh how terrible it must be.
She opened the door and found the child playing with her toys,
happy she looked, a contented soul and flashed a beautiful smile.

I am sorry my child, that in my hurry, I left you hungry at home,
tell me what would you like to eat, it would be made in a go.
Oh thank you mom, but today, I directly asked God for food,
since you were not there to take it from him,
he gave it to me without you.

Such was the faith of the little girl that she made a miracle happen,
a shocked mother could not understand what her child had eaten.
She bowed down in prayers and thanked the Lord for all his wonderful blessings,
Its faith and a strong one that got their life going.

So my friends, its important to believe and keep the belief alive,
God is there to watch over us, throughout our blessed life.


SindhuBhairavi said...

that was so sweet Sana.. yes faith keeps one going.. the description was very nice.. especially of the kid..

keep writing..

Whirlwind said...

Faith holds forte and truly brings in miracles. A beautiful poem.:-)

Antarman said...

bahut accha...Its faith and a strong one that got their life me also faith is very important.

Shimmer said...

very nice :)

Rush said...

did u wrte this?? amazing woman.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Sindhu, Im happy you liked it, when I was describing the girl I remembered the poem that I had learnt as a little kid ".....teachers pet? is that you..?"lol

Very True Shwetha:)

@Antarman..Shukriya :)

Thanks for coming Shimmer, I would visit your blog soon:)

Yup sis :)your skills are contagious...eagerly waiting for your next post.."eagerly is the word"!!!!!!


Hey Sana,

Thanks for the comment to my post ['THIS ONE'S FOR YOU BONNY], but actually ... i could not accept it... there has been a misunderstanding...
She is not dead, very much a;live & there with me... I just got committed to her sometime back... we knew each other for a long time and she stood by me in all my good and bad times equally... and now we got with each other...
And the poem was for her... This is her birth month... so a little gift...



Well, its a wonderful work Sana, you are a natural talent..
Keep them coming...

Being Pramoda... said...

hey..nice one..before being watched by any one, we know what we it must be the way how we r true to ourselves and how we believe in others..well said..

RGB said...

That was a very sweet story. Reminds us very subtly, the power of faith.

A New Beginning said...

Hi Arin, have left a message for you on your blog. There was a confusion I guess!

Thanks Pramoda :)

Arindam Dey said...

Thanks Sana... I saw and approved it... but somehow it didnt publish... may be some server problem... never mind... do visit again...
And take care... :)

Margaret Cloud said...

I really enjoyed this poem, we have to keep the faith and believe in our lord everyday. Thank you for coming by and leaving a kind comment.

The Holy Lama said...

Beautiful poem and eternal truth. Faith delivers, always.:)

Zayida said...

A Nice one about faith in is the ultimate strength!

Princess said...

belief is the strongest and 'I believe' is my motto :D