Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dance in the Rain :)

" Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning to dance in the rain."
What do we do when we go to the market? We buy things that we need. Can anyone force us to buy anything we don't want to? No one can do that, because we know that the things we do not need would be an unnecessary burden for us, a total waste of time, money and efforts, isn't it?
Life my friends functions on a similar pattern, like we can't choose what all a market would have when we go out for shopping, in the same way we can't choose what life has in store for us, but like we can pick the good things in the market, thinks that we need, things that would be of use , in life we can pick the things that make us happy and by doing so we can make our life worth each while. Unnecessary stress, negative thoughts and apprehensions are a burden, they make us feel heavier and stop us from enjoying our stay in this world.
Like unnecessary things make our shopping bag heavy in the same way unnecessary negative thoughts pull us down and stop us from living life to the fullest.
It's a fact that we all face tough situations in life, but it's important not to be bogged down.
Cheer yourself up, do something special for the people you care, think out of the box and make life stress free, afterall we do enjoy dancing in the rain ;)


Hema said...

A nice post.Good one.
There are situations in life when you are left with no choice but to Accept them. Grin and bear them.
One cannot wait for the waves to subside to take bath in the sea.

Whirlwind said...

A very sweet and a thought provoking post. Very well written. Agree to your views.

Mind Writer! said...

Hmm... it might be really interesting to dance in the rain if we can overcome the fear of catching cold!

SindhuBhairavi said...

the post title was tempting..! caz rain is one of my weaknesses.. good pictures too.. and yes.. what u have written is so so true... a good lesson to find the way to happiness.. thanks sana.. it was a pleasure reading it..

this word verification.. hmm is it really needed? :) caz sometimes it takes a lot of time to figure out what those letters are..

Princess said...

wow friend,

neatly said, it is always about our choice, whether we take it as good or bad, whether we see it as happiness or otherwise..

lovely post and made my day,
thanks so much,
much luv,

Rush said...

reminds me of the day i and my best friend resh went out and played football in the rain...cannot do that now, wud be too shy...but thats one day in life i still remember and cherish !!

manivannan said...

Guess your journey to the market has borne fruit, eh? :-))

WOW! You've come up with really inspiring thoughts...beautiful Sana! Yes, life is all about choices we make...it's always up to us how we approach life.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful post! Your title is really contagious :-) Will dance in the rain for sure :-)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

Very beautifully written words of wisdom. I agree we have to learn to dance in the rain so that when the storm comes we are in a position to face it boldly and courageously. Most of us avoid dancing in the rain and we look for shelter from the rain. As a result we become weak mentally and live in perpetual terror of the impending storm. Any small problem crops up we are unable to face it and tremble like a reed.

We can choose what we want to do and if we choose wrongly we will have to face the consequences and we cannot blame anyone else. Most of us spend money on unwanted things because we don't think well before we buy. I have bought so many things without thinking and they are accumulating dust. What a waste of money!

Negative thoughts are our constant companion and it requires special mental capability to think positive. Perhaps I am a bit of pessimist:)But if I go by my own experience negative things rarely happen in real life but they prevent us from being happy and cheerful.

Amazing post on self improvement and crisis management. The photo is gorgeous. I wish I could look so happy in the rain:)

Have a nice day Sana:)

Ria said...

came in thru a friend's blog. Really loved the post. Definitely made me smile and look forward to life. :)

Zayida said...

very nice post sana...Never make life a burden!Just enjoy it as it comes...:)

AJai said...

you've seriously never bought something that u don't want? seriously?
i accept that taking stress/tension are not merited. but wouldn't life be quite boring w/o it. u need both.. the good and the bad. life is a balance. like the buddha's middle path. i'm just trying to philosophize here. :P

A New Beginning said...

Hi Hema,indeed, but thats when you have to get a grip on yourself, in order not get get swept away with the negative tide:)

Thanks shwetha :)

Indeed Shoemitha, give it a try ;)

same here Sindhu, the rains lift up my spirits:)

I'm glad I could do that Aiz, have a great weekend:)

Hey Rush, give it a shot!!!Anil will give you company for sure :)

Yup, do that Mani, you'll have fun:)

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful thought Mr. Joseph :) Really inspiring!

Im glad I could do that Ria:) Do come again!!

Thats right Zayida, I totally agree with you :)

Yes Ajai, the middle path, where nothing overshadows, a balance is struck..but as an exception joy can overshadow pain:)

The pale observer said...

I love that saying! Dancing in the rain is really living.

Great blog!! I love your photos as well.

Please also visit my Ramblings.


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