Sunday, November 22, 2009


Have you ever felt like, drilling someones mind and filling it up with some sense till the brim, so that the next time they can differentiate between right and wrong.
I have....
Early in the morning, when a senseless being brought his car from the wrong side and stopped in front of mine and then gave me a big stare.....
Yeh! The common stare that women drivers often get after being seen through the global perspective that says "women cannot drive". Let me tell these people that there are bad drivers in both the categories both male and female, so they can stop blowing their trumpet...and what's that sans audacity, sans shame, sans everything STARE for...firstly you commit a mistake and then you portray as if the whole world is wrong except for you....from when did the govt. give permission to drive on the wrong side??????
We all make mistakes, there is something called an apology which if difficult to be poured out can be seen through the looks..... but no..... why should one even look apologetic when one has the universal, "I am the King" kinda "stare"....Sorry but that stare just makes me think of one thing, "brake those headlights!!!"
Oh God!!! May be I'm just over reacting, thanks for bearing with me friends but this is quite a sorry state when one comes to think of it. Thousands of people are killed in road accidents, a majority is killed because of someone elses fault, because such people don't take driving seriously...I see kids on bikes, driving at top speed......the people who are to be blamed for it are the ones who allow their kids such liberty, they don't even understand that this liberty can cost an innocent his/her life.
We blame the government for everything that goes wrong, but do we have a count of how many time we break the laws made by the same government for our own good.
Every person takes up a big responsibility in their hands when they drive, a responsibility not only for their safety but for the safety of all those who are there on the it other cars, pedestrians, animals or anything that they encounter...if they can't drive responsibily, I request such people not to drive at all!
I still remember what my friends grandma who too was a great driver told her when she started driving,"think that you are the only responsible person who has to save herself and everyone else on the road, drive with such a thought in your mind, you'd be alert and won't let problems come your way"...but again when others are so irresponsible that like superman they come out of no where and land in front of you and gave you that, "Oh! God!She doesn't even know how to drive kinds look" what do you do....Well nothing much..JUST STARE BACK AT THEM....Grrrr....Hmmmmffffff!!!


AJai said...

I can totally empathize with you. Happens all the time. Though I still feel most women are lousy drivers. ;)

But on a more serious note it's high time that ppl get serious abt road safety and the plice enforce rules strictly. already there is chaos on the roads. it's only going to get worse.

Antarman said...

even I tell my fmily that drive as if all others are novice and dont know driving, only then you can be safe.

Whirlwind said...

I don't blame you. Sometimes you just want to take all the senses in the world and shove it down somebody's brain as they appear to be thoughtless many a time. They don't realize that their rash ways affects more than one life. Wish they realize it sooner.

SindhuBhairavi said...

hmm :) i can imagine.. now cool down dear.. some people are soo weak n sick tht they dont have the ability to understand or admit their mistakes.. dumb heads!! lets dedicate this GRRRRRRRRR to all such dumb heads..

take care..

Rush said...

HOLY CRAP...first time i have seen u ranting off...and for a good reason.
What happened after that?? did u point out to the dimwit that hes on the wrong side of the road...baaap ka sadak samaj ke rakha hai kya, u shud have given him one fatka!!

A New Beginning said...

Hey Ajai, u gotta change that perspective, not all women drivers are bad...
ya! Laws can only work when ppl abide by them..not like mr.jerk!

Yes Antarman, thats the kind of attirude we all your soul and you'd save others aswell:)

Lets hope Shwetha..changes are quite low:(

Bulls Eye!!!! You made my day Sindhu...grrrr to all the road duffers..he he!

No nothn happened sis, he just kept staring and drove away....I mean look at his audacity....yeh you're right , haven't gone to such extremes...and mom who was sitting by my side asked me to keep driving :(

Kay said...

Hello Sana. It's so nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind visit to my blog. I was surprised to see that you have at blog with the same title! We are like sisters.

Anya said...

Very funny post :-)

A New Beginning said...

Yeh, we share the same title Kay :)
I'm happy that you dropped by! Do come again!!!

Funny :) ya may be but I was really angry at that time.

San said...

It's too easy to take driving casually, since we do it every day. But, yes, it's a big responsibility that calls for complete attention. And yes, women are very good at shouldering responsibility and paying attention.

RGB said...

It's truly annoying. And there are these other morons who think you are only supposed to drive straight, they don't let you cross the road. And if you do, they give you that stare that you described in your blog, I feel like socking them every time they do.

A New Beginning said...

Hi San,
Hope more people start thinking like you :)

Very True RGB,lets do that next time ;)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

You are absolutely right in getting upset. Actually most of the accidents are caused by men who drive rashly. Women are known to be good drives and they follow the rule. It is men who beak the rules with impunity.

You have said very rightly that if someone cannot drive responsibly,he should not drive at all. Many people get licences by bribing.

Very often when a person breaks the traffic rule, the best thing to do for him is to look as though he is in the right. I suppose that is why that man gave you a stare which you didn't like.

Very informative post about how traffic offender behave when they break the rules. It is always better to keep your cool. I am sure that man will meet with an accident sooner or later if he doesn't follow traffic rules.

I have never seen you getting upset so much:)

Have a nice day Sana:)

A New Beginning said...

Hi Mr. Joseph,I really hope that doesnt happen, if something happens to us, its the whole family that suffers. I wish God gives such people some brains :)

Princess said...

yes, men make me angry many times ;)
they should learn to look up at us