Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Children's Day!!

I often think, what would it had been like if my parents would'nt have been there for me. My mom brought me in this world,My dad held my hand and taught me how to walk , they taught me the value of education, of love, of peace and most importantly the value of respect, respect that I should give others and respect that I would get in return
On this Children's day, my mind feels restless at the thought that, what would it be like without parents, what would it be like for the kids who are left alone when they are very young and are not cared for at all.
Life is a teacher, the wisest teacher from whom one can learn a valuable lesson each day.A lesson that would help us learn to respect and value those who have always been there for us and love and care for those who have no one to care for them.
How difficult is it to smile when we look at someone, we never know whose heart we would touch by doing so, healing innumerable wounds that must be within them.
Its not difficult at all to spread love and happiness among those who have nothing and no one to call their own. It doesn't take long to wipe a tear when it comes rolling down from a bleeding heart, coz the moment you wipe it, you help someone smile.
It doesn't take long to say "I care" , be it anyone, even someone with whom you spend most of your time, sometimes small words lead to the strongest bonds.

On this children's day I send my love to all the kids who have been brought down on the soft feathers of angels. May their tears be wiped by a loving heart and may their life be full of happiness and contentment.
May a beautiful smile settle on their lips to adorn them forever.
God, where there is darkness, help us to spread light!


Whirlwind said...

A very thought provoking post. Happy Children's day!!

manivannan said...

So be it!

hbsp said...

gosh..i'm so glad i landed here..loved ur blog!! totally! completely!

Princess said...

hi friend,

happy children's day


Margaret Cloud said...

Thank you for posting such a touching story. There are so many that need love and taken care of. Thank you also for coming by.

issam said...

I join you in your prayer...
May God bestow his bountiful blessings on all..

Anya said...

Lovely written :-)
Happy childrens day !!!

SindhuBhairavi said...

Sana.. take it from me.. it was very touching.. a tight hug to you on writing a sweet post as this.. the language is simple yet powerful.. ur posts make one feel so positive.. and u spread this positive feeling among us all.. May God bless you abundantly..

Being Pramoda... said...

hey..happy childrens day..belated..

Well done..i wondered abt ur nice thoughts..

RGB said...'s a gentle reminder of the blessings and all the good things that we've got, and a wakeup call to how we can spread the goodness around! A touching post...

A New Beginning said...

Hi Shwetha, thanks and have a great week ahead!

Yup Mani! Thats the spirit :)

hbsp, thanks for dropping by, do come again:)

Thanks and same to you Aiz :)

Indeed Margaret:) Have a great week ahead!

Amen Issam.

Thanks Anya, same to you :)

Thanks Singhu,and same to you :):)

Thanks Pramoda, Im glad you did that :)

Thanks for your visit RGB :)
I wish all my friends here a great week ahead!!(and to those who are not here ;))

wildbees said...

I am a bit late to update.Really warm post.Musing u are simply superb!!!!