Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Right Parametre

Beauty is what lies within, deep inside. Many people think that they qualify in the art of analysing what being beautiful is all about, all of us know what the common analysis says, but today I'd like to explore what true beauty looks like.

A dirty child, sitting on a pavement, with her mother working on a construction site nearby, the child unaware of her surroundings, picks up a piece of rock that she finds and starts scribbling something on mud, a faint smile appears on her parched lips, which lights up, contagiously making the onlooker smile.......that's called beauty. A light that makes one so transparent that the other can see our soul smile with all its heart.

A person crossing a road, comes back midway and helps an old woman cross. The old woman holds the strangers hand confidently and completes the task successfully, which otherwise would have been a gruelling affair. The smile of gratitude that appears is a sign of understanding beauty thats amazingly humane.

A little kid, ready to embrace the night, caressed by the innumerable stories poured over by an angel that brought him in this world,what can be more beautiful for the child than the source in whose affectionate cradel his imagination leaps with joy.

A heart filled with love, closed to what others think about its exterior, happy with itself, climbs up the pedestal of positivity, is indeed an epitome of true beauty, coz its thoughts reflect on the mirror visible to all.

Yes, true beauty is what thrives within, it's what makes us feel beautiful, its about the way we feel...true beauty cannot be analysed by what people think about us, it can only be measured by the way we feel about ourselves and others, it reflects in our endeavours and paints our life in the mutiple hues of happiness.


Whirlwind said...

Very well written. Agree with your views. The saying goes 'Love yourself and everything else falls into place'. Your post reminded me of it!!

A New Beginning said...

yes swetha, everything falls in place:)

Rambler said...

Beauty is as beauty does..Nice post.

manivannan said...

This is really a beautiful post sana :-)

Your views are impressive...I agree with you...True beauty lies within.

Very well-written, as always :-)

D.A said...

Personally, I've done a whole research on this :P The culmination is always the same - Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Period. :)

A New Beginning said...

Hi Sheeba!! Thanks for the visit :)

Thanks Mani! Have a great day!

Hey D.A., Thanks for the visit, a whole research on the topic..sounds really interesting :)

Sorcerer said...

thats pretty neat and well said.
:) wow!!

Amritbir Kaur said...

Hi Sana, I really liked your post. It was a very meaningful one...people don't look for beautiful hearts, they are only concerned with the external beauty. I was reminded of Shakespeare's line: "Goodly apple rotten at heart". So its actually the heart that matters.
Good work, keep it up!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

Very interesting post with wonderful examples of beauty. Beauty can be inner beauty and outer beauty. Outer beauty will last only for a limited period and then it will vanish whereas inner beauty will last forever. An outer beauty can be a very ugly person inside but inner beauty however the ugly the person on the exterior will always exude a charm and radiance which cannot be explained. An outer beauty can be cruel to others but inner beauty will always spread happiness.

Aiswaria Roy is recognized as a world beauty but in our own life time we will see her beauty fading away. I have seen this happening to Vijayanthi Mala who was a beauty ruling the Bollywood a few decades back. But Mother Teresa can never be considered as an external beauty and she never won any glittering crown on the world stage but her beauty will last forever in spite of her wrinkled skin, famished look and sunken eyes. Her fame will last till the end of the world whereas Aiswaria Roy's will be forgotten soon.

Well, these are some thoughts which came to my mind on reading your thought provoking post. So it will be worthwhile to cultivate our inner beauty and not worry about the outer beauty which is only temporary.

The girl in your photo is beautiful.

Many thanks for the interesting comment in my post.

Have a wonderful day Sana:)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Sorcerer,have a great day!

Thanks Amrit,thats a beautiful quote:)

Hi Mr. Joseph, I totally agree with you, once again you comment is thoroughly enlightening:)

Margaret Cloud said...

I believe as blogger D.A does, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The one I really like is "I over looked an orchid while searching for a rose". I sure do like your post today, you make all of us set back and take a look at ourselves. Thank you for coming by and leaving such a nice comment.

A New Beginning said...

I'm glad you liked it Margaret. Have a great week ahead :)

Princess said...

hi sana,
beautifully said, beauty is such that when there is love in heart there is a smile in face and that is called beauty.