Monday, December 21, 2009

A Lesson Everywhere!

Each day ends on a thankful note and settles down in peace, looking forward to a beautiful new beginning. Another page in life, packed with surprises, some that bring a smile and some that make us frown, but there's a surprise hidden every time we turn a new page in life.

A gentle shower of rain, smears our surroundings with love, joy, peace and happiness...nature has a selfless way of showering numerous blessings...blessings that we should be thankful for...nature teaches us that no matter what happens, life is a responsibility and we have to be responsible enough to make it worth while and to thank the creator for all that he has blessed us with, taking up good examples every day.

Nature teaches us to be like a rainbow, that glows after a heavy shower, like the grass that looks greener or the tree that holds on to its roots even after being lashed by heavy rains.
Examples are not only set by great human beings but also by our surroundings, coz God has left hints everywhere. Even a tiny little sapling teaches us the greatest truth of our life, i.e. "what we sow, we reap."

Life is a journey, travel in such a way that it runs smooth and your company makes it a beautiful experience for those travelling with you.

We all are companions in this journey called life, let's make it a beautiful experience for each other, let nature be our teacher and God our guiding light.

May Everyones life be filled with peace, joy and contentment. Amen


Whirlwind said...

Its amazing as to how much one can learn from nature. Beautiful post Sana!!

Issam said...

beautifully said sana.. We have so much to learn from by just looking around... To the thinking soul, it definitely is a miracle... How everything in our setting goes about in perfect harmony while we human beings wreak havoc amongst ourselves...
very good pictures as well... :)

Amritbir Kaur said...

what a nice depiction of life..and your pics added more depth to your words..
Life still remains a mystery ..not matter how much we try to understand, the more evasive it becomes..
thanks for sharing such a thought provoking post..

A New Beginning said...

Yes Shwetha, its actually amazing, it's just a matter of giving it a athought :)

Thanks Issam, just captured some moments with nature at its best :)

"Life still remains a mystery ..not matter how much we try to understand, the more evasive it becomes.." Thanks for the beautiful lines Amrit :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

It is true nature has a lot to teach us provided we are willing to stop and see and learn. You have beautifully expounded the various lessons we can learn from nature.


Today I happened to attend a Christmas carol in Infant Jesus Church. There Santa came and distributed gifts to children. I think the gifts were purchased by parents without the knowledge of thier children and given to the church for distribution to their children by Santa. I could see the excitement, thrill and happiness in the little childrens faces. They hopped and skipped with delight as Santa gave away the prizes.

When I came out of the Church I saw a poor man in tattered, dirty clothes sleeping on the pavement. He has no Christmas celebration. There are numerous people like him all over the world and this clearly shows how priveleged we are.


Princess said...

hey Sana..

stunning pictures and beautiful words..
Nature and God leave hints of wisdom everywhere we look..

beautiful post. :D

A New Beginning said...

Merry Christmas Mr. Joseph, your words are like important lessons in life, a beautiful christmas present for me indeed :)

Hey Aiz, Merry Christmas,thanks :)

Princess said...

how was your holidays Sana?
Thankyou for the wishes..
you have iphone eh? :D


D.A said...

awesome pictures! I love the rain..the miss the rain. but u know what! Snow is better! :P

Margaret Cloud said...

You always seem to say it right, a very nice post. Have a Happy New Year.

A New Beginning said...

No holidays for me Aiz, would get one on the 1st :)

Hey D.A.!Ive never seen snow :( would love to see snow fall whenever I get a chance to :) But I love the rains, everything seems so beautiful and green :)

Thanks Margaret and a very happy new year to you too!!:)

Ellen said...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Sana! :-) And may all your dreams come true in the coming New Year. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

P.S. This is a lovely piece. Have read it twice.

Kiran said...

Hi Sana, Its so long I have been here.
So you are a good photographer too.

You speak so positive about everything, its a positive vibration web space.

Let the good work go on..


Antarman said...

amazing post ! really loved it..if we want we can learn from everything.

Sorcerer said...

really wonderful post!

Margaret Cloud said...

Where are my manners, I wanted to thank you for the surprise, when I went to the link. I joined her site and also posted a comment and thanked her for mentioning my blog site. Thank you so much.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks you for all the lovely wishes Ellen, its a blessing to have a well wisher and a great blogger friend like you :)Best wishes for a great year ahead to u and your family :)

Ya long time, but its good to have you here, thanks a lot and best wishes to you too:)

Yes Antarman, it's just a matter of giving it a thought :)Best wishes!

Hey Socerer, thanks and best wishes for a great year ahead..2 more days to go :)

Thats alright Margaret, youve been a great blogger friend, thanks for everything and Best wishes for a great year ahead!:)

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful thoughts and the pictures are wonderful. As in life God speaks to us through many things, nature is by far the greatest example of divine creativity and kinship with Him and each another. Thank you for stopping by my humble place.